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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. oqvist
    Felt like a standard opening F1 race. Max out of shape more then usual though. McLaren can stop claiming they have the best chassi now. Apparently they haven´t but now they are fighting at least where they should with their budget. Probably the right move ditching honda seeing Toro Rossos luck. A shame it would be nice to see a new bar honda beomes brawn event happening :)

    Hoped to see more from Alfa Romeo but I guess Toro Rosso is the only team they could possibly beat as they have the worst chassi on the grid. It´s still over weight haven´t fixed that from last season.
  2. oqvist
    Season ramping up better then in a long time. Alfa Romeo Sauber in the points even. Toro Rosso and Honda getting a 4th beating all Renaults after the Red Bulls and of course Kimi is stricken by bad luck. DRS a bit to powerful perhaps but at least there was some overtaking and it appeared like Bottas would get a fair shot at it. Maybe more DRS so it really is a con to lead a race would lead to more Nascar tactics to pass on last corner. It could even out the drawback of hunting another car quite well as and put more strategy into play. Be able to run in undisturbed air would still be beneficial so may still be incentive for drivers to really push if they believe they could build a gap.
  3. voxie
    Force India to struggle this year .
  4. Hutnicks
    I feel bad for FI this year. Still they have not sunk to the dismal depths that Williams is probing. Wonder how Teflonso feels about the Honda powerplant now that it is 6 places up on him with a chassis which is apparently nothing to write home about.

    We are living in interesting times:)
  5. oqvist
    Now we have the recipe for an exciting f1 race :)
  6. Muinarc
    Best race of the year so far because all the whiners did poorly! Congrats to Ric!
  7. Hutnicks
    I hope for more to come. It would be nice to see a real title fight amongst 4 or 5 drivers this year.
  8. Muinarc
    I was preying for rain during that race. Ended up being a bit of a snoozer after the fun at the start with Roman "Don't call me schitty" Grojean doing one of the most bizarre moves I've ever seen in F1.

    Its going to be really funny at the 3/4 point of the season where half the teams take 10 spot penalties for engines every race. This sport is really broken right now imo.
  9. oqvist
    Actually it wasn´t Grosjeans fault this time. It was Marcus Ericsson :p

    Seriously though Magnusson lost his car a bit Grosjean had to take evasive action mid corner and could not do anything but spin out. There was a point where he could make sure to spin out of the track and not back into it but it goes super fast so can´t hold it against him.

    Free engines and the disparity among the teams with budget and those that lack budget will grow.

    LeClerk is probably sitting in a Ferrari pretty soon.
  10. Muinarc
    Grojean could have just stayed on the brakes like any normal person would after spinning a few turns into the start of a race, he might have ended up in the gravel by doing that but the paved run off was pretty big there and his whole car was basically off track. I've never seen someone floor it to do a donut-turn IN traffic before. The results of him doing so were as expected. If you're thinking he hit the gas to turn into the skid..... he's not a newbie, he was way too far gone for that to work out.
  11. oqvist
    He has to keep the motor running that is why he got on the throttle. Sure if allowed doing it prepared in a simulator he would do a better job of course
  12. Hutnicks
    BS Squared, They have anti stall built in so that excuse aint gonna cut it. He floored it hoping for a miracle move that even Schumacher would never have attempted in traffic. To make a come about on an escape road, sure but in first lap traffic? That is pure and utter madness. I have no clue why folk defend Grosjean so vigilantly, he is and always has been a second rate hack. With all the talent available right now Haas has got rocks in their heads to keep him in that seat.

    Other than that seems to be a repeat of last season where Vettel loses his early season lead to Hamilton. I wonder how tight the battle will be this year?
    jimmers likes this.
  13. Hutnicks
    Certainly is. I love that the drivers are becoming more vocal in critiquing the powers that be. Lose 1.5 seconds a lap in order to facillitate passing. Maybe Vettel is right in saying that possibly they might actually want to consult the drivers on other methods.:)
    Then you have all the engine makers po'd over the loss of the MGUH which has already been developed so potentially could be purchased by any new engine manu.

    And the friken halo. They were dead wrong on that in thinking no one will notice it's there after the first few races. It's there all right and it's ugly and I wonder how much they paid sky to make that graphic which covers it over on the cockpit shots?
  14. oqvist
    There is cars that stalled this season. Quite clever putting the hud on the halo but the onboardcamera should be in front of it. I would love it mounted in the nose.
  15. Hutnicks
    Well I think Warwick's assessment and subsequent 3 place grid and two point penalty is accurate if not more than fair to the driver here. I can only hope Grosjean hits the race suspension mark in the points and Haas is forced to put in another driver so we can see what that car is really capable of when it is pointed in a straight line .
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