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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. oqvist
    They have been up to about 140 kg! I believe it was during the mega slick era. Haven't seen any more up to date numbers. Now they are helped by intense g-forces to hold it but with my wimpy legs I had to stand up and push against my cockpit to achieve what was supposed to be in that ballpark. Its just ridiculously stiff :)
  2. Hutnicks
    Yeah. I remember Alonso being interviewed last year and saying "Would you like me to put my left foot on your chest and press." Strangely no takers for that one:)

    I seem to remember it was Villeneuve, coming from CART where LFB has been the norm for ever on ovals setting the new precedent in F1.
  3. oqvist
    I just watched Superswede. Apparently Ronnie thought Niki Lauda how to left foot brake. Lauda didn´t understand why he braked with the left foot in his mercedes it´s for the clutych??? Lost all respect in Lauda now in the Hunt movie they make him up to be a master in setting up the car? But if he has any engineering talents why don´t understand the benefit of separate throttle and brake controls? Why the idea it´s best to just do one input at a time and a big pause in between where you are doing nothing?
  4. Hutnicks
    Well back in the day when thousands of gear changes were the norm during a race the benefit of LFB was nowhere near what it is now. The semi auto transmission changed all that. Bear in mind that those were crash boxes which required double clutching .
  5. oqvist
    Prelook of the onboard cams of 2018?

    Don´t appear to bad. Haven´t tried it myself yet.
  6. Hutnicks
    Halo smalo, I'tll be gone in a year after indycar the oh sooooooooo poor cousin of F1 now adopts the sheild and embarasses Liberty into some common sense. 14 thousand quid a pop for a halo????????????? In a sport crying about reducing costs?????????????? How long will that last when a 200 buck chunk of lexan will do? BTW personal experience here. an inch of lexan will stop a 357 magnum slug at less than a metre, and in its GE variant it is more transparent than optical glass. Now as long as they don't employ the clowns who did the Porsche 924 hatch glass to make it, it would seem to be the way to go Hope Dead Bull has the patent on that one:)



    Pick up a copy of Priestly's "The Mechanic" (If you are still reading this and not the book you are doing your grey matter a disservice:)

    More than Matchetts Mechanics Tale, Priestly delivers insight into the pilotes of his tenure. As such it is an indsisbensible tome on the personas of Hamilton and Alonso, so much so that I would say, as a "pundit" he has almost lost a bit of his edge in insight by ignoring his own experience (or perhaps Sky had put the clampers on him).
    The gestation of careers made and careers thrown away are here in this book and watchers of this era could do no better for insight into this current conundrum, that to take a night by the fireside with this volume. Wanna know why the next years play out the way they will, this is a great place to start.
  7. oqvist
    In a week I may have translated that :)

    Is this the solution they are going for indycar? I guess it´s just on the drawing board? Not sure it would have saved bianchi but maybe:)
  8. Hutnicks
    Nothing would have saved Bianchi. That is just an organizers wet dream.
  9. Hutnicks
  10. oqvist
    Slowly and steadily going through neweys biography. Love his double standards. His loopholes are okay every single time but not brawns. Very dubious gamemanship using loopholes all of a sudden.
  11. oqvist
    Sirotkin faster then Kubica and took the Williams seat.

    Went through Neweys biography and well it´s not that good. Why just messy drawings and no proper pictures of the cars if you try to make us interested I made a tunnel here etc. You essentially must be an engineer yourself. Despite that the most depth is about the development to the car but the entire deal is extremely shallow besides the technical drawings.

    Will see if Ross Brawn and Adam Parr entertains more
  12. Hutnicks
    If you did not like Newey's book, Brawns will probably leave you cold as well. It is more a strategic doctrine than a bio.

    Sirotkin has Putin money behind him. No one has any doubt Kubica is faster given exposure to the car. Williams is desperate and is simply hiring the biggest money that can fill the seats without being a road hazzard on the track. Thus far it has not worked out very well for them. I suspect they will drop another spot or two in the championship this year.
  13. oqvist
    Yeah will see I like the preface of it.

    Sometimes drivers loose it. Like Schumacher on his comeback but of course it would not surprise if they went for the money. Afterall it´s the car that win championships not the drivers in F1 so going for the money is seldom wrong if you are running short.

    But reading Neweys biography why don´t go for major rule changes every single season as he say it´s the only way to caught the big dragons out that has so big organisations it can be hard to change tracks :)
  14. oqvist
    God they are so fake. No mention about Benetton getting caught using launch control but no admittance they just cut after FIA not finding anything on the first try and taking the black boxes in again :p
  15. Hutnicks
    Did you actually expect anyone to come out and say in print that blatantly and knowingly circumvented the rules? Better luck getting Trump to admit he's a racist on national TV:)
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