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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. oqvist
    Hope they walk to Alfa Romeo and Sauber. Hope Marcus can get a decent car for once which he isn´t overweight in.
  2. Hutnicks
    Santander is out of the sport period. As AR is part of the SCUD group I can see no positive there whatsoever.
  3. Hutnicks
    ...And thus begins the (even more) silly season. Hamilton dissed for not mentioning Ric as a rival next year. The grand fromage's of F1 to attend the roll out of the Saube/Alfa project tomorrow. Anyone else see the obvious here that if in fact the SCUD pulls out, that tie up lets them remain in F1 at a much reduced cost? Wonder if they get legacy status as well seeing as Alfa is where Enzo started off.

    Brawn, seemingly having a RonDennis moment touting Aston, Porsche AND Ramblerghini as potential teams coming into the sport. Ghini being owned by the VAP group and so small they barely make a dent in anything I find a longshot. Not to mention that their last outing in the sport was less than stellar. Aston, well as they are part owned by Merc and using AMG in their new road cars for engines might not be a far stretch. Wonder how that would work? Do they give Cosworth a kick at the can or just go with the in house AMG unit and call it a day. You say Alfa, I say Ferrari, you say Aston, I say Merc type of thing. The last F1 Cosworth turbo effort ended up on the dyno as something you could pull corks with. Let us also remember that despite the great work Ilmor does on some engines Merc did not start wining until they took it all in house from them.

    Realistically they should be approaching KIA or Hyundai and bring some new life into the whole exercise. I mean really, could any of them do worse than Toyota did? It would be tres cool to see a KIA duking it out with Force India for 3rd or 4th in the constructors. If Korea's olympic (read Archery) training system were implemented you can bet that with in a year they would have a Verstappen class driver on the grid.

    Be interesting to see who Sauber lists for drivers tomorrow. But the real question is what kind of deal Ric puts together. He is no stranger to Mark Webber and I can bet his contract is going to have some huge clauses protecting him against the team favouring the other driver. May well wind up with a Vettel type exit option, just in cast Scudland or Merc happen to have a vacancy. He is definitely in the cat bird seat of the drivers market right now. Having Max extend his contract so early gives him a large stick to swing right about now. Hope his management is savvy enough to use it.

    I hope someone at the press conference tomorrow can explain the new Kentucky Fried F1 logo to us all.
  4. oqvist
    Hard to see how Ferrari can make more money out of f1 with just alfa Romeo. I think they want an even larger share. Will be interesting to see what happens with the legacy bribe money next season.
  5. Hutnicks
    Well considering it "only" cost them a hundred meg to be in the sport after all the payouts go through, it would be hard to see how they could lose money. Their sellout flagship cars de jour pay that off leaving pretty much any other thing in production as profit. Jumping to Alfa as the F1 staple would simply lower costs and increase revenue. I am sure what Haas pays them per year more than likely covers most of that 100 meg outlay as well. Win win win for the SCUD.
  6. oqvist
    But if they go out as Ferrari and only run the Alfa they will loose their big bribe legacy money share for a smaller one? I don´t see why they would get any legacy money as Alfa Romeo and other teams like Mclaren will now be the biggest bribe legacy receivers?
    Hard to see how F1 can be such a bad deal for Ferrari unless the new owners decide to cut down on the legacy money. Which they really should :)
  7. oqvist
    Marcus Ericsson and LeClerc cleared for Alfa Romeo Sauber as expected. Will be really cool to see now they will get the funds to build a competitive car for mid field.
  8. Hutnicks
    Good to see Ericsson hanging in there. Now he finally gets a chance to show off some talent.

    Amazing what getting rid of Monisha has done for that team.

    Alfa is one of the original participants in F1 so they easily have as big a claim to legacy money as Renault or Merc. Whether Liberty will move to eliminate that fund and resdistribute the money across the points winners is another matter.

    The deal sure bodes no well for HAAS though:)
  9. oqvist
    Reading Newey biography he suggests he rfb in the fw15? That can't be right or what any of the race drivers would do at the time? They only used clutch at the start.
  10. Hutnicks
    Possibly. The FW14B was the first car to introduce the semi automatic transmission, then everything got banned the year after along with active suspension so perhaps.
  11. jimmers
    I think the 1994 FW16 was the first return to non-active, FW15 was active 1993 championship winning car.

    I stalled a WRX STI.
    I was in a dealership car park, cars crammed in at all angles,
    I didn't want to leave black marks right into the nearest car so I was gentle and it just coughed and stopped.
    Embarassing much?
    I thought it would have some low-down torque, apparently not.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
  12. oqvist
    Yes but they must be LFB because rfb without need for clutch is slow :)
  13. Hutnicks
    Did Newey not mention that drivers were slow to adopt the LFB technique due more or less to old habits dying hard?

    @jimmers. Better the embarrassing stall then the other option:)
  14. oqvist
    I am a slow reader so hasn´t got more then into T1. But yes that seem to be the case. I don´t know what brake pressures they dealt with back then but I would imagine it would not be less then they deal with now so might be a case of just not having the muscle strength in the left leg as that do take more time to build up then muscle memory for the braking itself. I mean with my pedals and I have not calibrated them for the 135 kg brake pressure not even close. Run them on a 500 kg loadcell :wink:. If I try to brake with my right foot nothing happens lol. But it´s so much easier have one legs muscle memory calibrated for braking feel and one calibrated for throttle feel it´s just hard to fathom how they can´t adapt. That plus of course you eliminate all waiting time and get another level of control over the car in corners. I mean you can´t be a successful racing driver if you are not able to adapt to new conditions quickly there is no room to be conservative... I will read on and see what drivers I will loose all respect of lol
  15. Hutnicks
    There was the issue of power assist just coming into play for the front brakes as well so the pressures may well have been higher than they are in current cars. I do not recall if the pressures are actually discussed specifically in the book but I think he never puts numbers to them.
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