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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. Herueyes
    Vettel took off a huge chunk of Ham's rear diffuser on the right hand side... It's not as if he hit Ham from the side... He pretty much rammed him... But hey there's always next year... "Mama Mia!!"

  2. SteveOliver
    Spa 2014 was a good example, Rosberg vs Hamilton "Nico hit me". Hamilton retired and Rosberg finished the race in second place. If that had happened yesterday then the championship would have gone on to Brazil. Rosberg also got front wing damage but as it was a longer lap distance the consequences for Hamilton were worse.

    IMHO Vettel hit Hamilton deliberately, as already stated above, he had nothing to loose.
  3. Hutnicks
    Well in the aftermath of Mexico, all I can say is Liberty has gone americano tabloid with its press management. Lewis to Ferrari, really guys, you are going to have to do a lot better than that one. A million a week to drive for Merc and win as opposed to going to the glamourous losers and Alonso'ing his career? Must be a tough decision. I'd see him in a Renault before he wore red coveralls.

    Furor about the new engine rule proposal. And really it makes a whole lot of sense to keep the same engine format but just change the deployment methods. Huh??? Here's one for you guys, get with the program, show us all that F1 Leads and make an open source engineering hub that posts up all the data and specs for the last years engine. Pushes the front runners to innovate and gives the back markers who cannot afford the half billion RD effort the benefit albeit a year later, to play catch up. We want the field levelled, but not levelled too much:wink: Besides, it eliminates the unofficial (read Stealing of data) that is the worst kept secret in F1.

    Two races to go and really all we have to look forward to is Williams driver selection and the new kids at Renault and Torro Rosso making an impression. Who knows, if Vettel and Lew slack off Mad Max might make a trifecta of the last three races. Then he might be in an option for the SCUD, cannot believe he resigned with Dead Bull without a Bill Gates Pre nup type contract that will let him freeagent himself for something as small as a hangnail on the crew cheif. Then again. Max's mom is the astute member of the family and I think her advice might sway him into sticking it out at the Bull while Daddy is pushing for him to fulfill his dreams. Gee dad, I made more money this year than you did in your entire career, oh and how many times were you on the top step of the podium??

    Coolness abounds and the driver market is now controlled by none other than Danny Ric. Good on ya mate! Press hard and make it hurt. He is in the exact position Hammer was when he ditched Mac for Merc. I wonder how it shakes out in the end.
  4. gr8soundz
    No way Ham drives anything w/o a Merc engine behind him. I doubt he'd go to another team instead of retiring from Merc (someday) but, if he did (assuming the other team has or changes to Merc engines), Ferrari and Renault (by default) are the only teams he'd never drive for.

    Doubt Max will win again anytime soon. Mainly because Red Bull can't further demote Kvyat.
  5. SteveOliver
    I can see Hamilton driving for Ferrari one day, why not? Every F1 driver wants the "world title with Ferrari" badge, don't they?
  6. Hutnicks
    I think those days are almost past. The SCUD having really made a mess of things since the Brawn/Schumacher days are now more percieved as a place former WDC 's go to lay their careers to rest:)
  7. oqvist
    You would be surprised. Just about every f1 driver on the grid want to drive the red car.
  8. gr8soundz
    Hamilton is the exception there but some of that may be Ferrari's fault. He mentioned that Ferrari is the only team to never inquire or reach out (in the past) about driving for them. We can only speculate why, but with the yearly silly season in F1 there's few excuses why any team would ignore one of the top drivers in the sport's history.
  9. oqvist
    No Hamilton is not an exception. He has never been offered a seat. He has said it himself he wants to drive for the red team.
  10. gr8soundz
    I just think it's strange that Ferrari seems averse to having Ham as a driver. Making a simple inquiry is different than being offered a seat. Unless both seats are permanently filled, for a team that claims to be all about winning that makes no sense. It's not unprecedented though as Senna never drove for them but that might have been different had he lived longer.
  11. oqvist
    They think they got better drivers? When Alonso got in the car it would be hard to get Hamilton in as a second driver. Then of course hard to get him out of that mercedes and Vettel is just as good.
  12. Hutnicks
    Well, simply put WDC winners are generally not a stupid lot these days and they realize they have a limited time to make the money and run. Simply stated, with the exception of Schumacher, the list of WDC winners who went to the SCUD and managed to secure another title there makes for very short reading. OTOH the list of WDC winners who went there and saw their career take a nosedive is fairly extensive and encompasses some of the greats.

    The history and respect the Marque has in the sport means very few will ever speak ill of them publicly so the picture you get of everyone wanting to drive for them is somewhat illusory. "Glamorous Losers" is still the best quote I ever heard for them:wink:
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  13. Hutnicks
    So Massa retires, again. Good decision on his part if he sticks to it this time. Rumours of Kvyat to Williams persist. I am guessing that is solely from the Russian press though. With the depth of new and proven talent out there it would seem ludicrous to employ a driver with his stats.
  14. Hutnicks
    For those with an interest. Just finished reading Adrian Newey's autobiography "How to build a car".

    If you have an interest in the tecnical side of F1 and want an insight into how the teams run the design system as well as the deployment side of the car as well this is a fascinating read. Newey has his own views on everything and the book really reflects the intensity of his commitment to the work effort as well as the strain it caused in his personal life. His work with Williams as well as McLaren is well described and really telling about the structures of the old guard and their entrenched ethics. He makes it very easy to see why his collaboration with Red Bull turned into the runaway success that it became after joining a team that still largely thought of itself as "Jaguar" Oddly Newey throws no stones at Renault in the book, instead he praised the effort they put into their engines to make the blown systems workable. His views on the current state of the motor lay more toward assigning the overall troubles with the rules changes than with the effort on the manufacturer.

    Brilliant design, creativity block, early success and outrageous monetary offers are bookended with heavy drinking, the destruction of Horners front lawn, the impact of Senna's death and the fallout and still non conclusive reasons for the accident are all here. His opinions on drivers as well offer some very decent insight into the types of personalities on the grid and the effect they have on his ability to evolve a car. (Particularly the Webber / Vettel pairing and how it was the feedback from BOTH drivers that let to the winning cars design)
    Evolve is the word here as while a lot of his work is revolutionary he takes pains to demonstrate that evolution plays a much larger part in his way of life.

    This, and Ross Brawns Total Competition should be on everyone's bookshelf. Two very different personalities and work methods that have resulted in massive success in their field.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
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  15. Muinarc
    Sounds interesting. If I stop being to lazy to take time to read a book, I'll definitely look into these.
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