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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. jimmers
    Wow, thanks for that.
    Didn't know about it - a must have, I think.
  2. Hutnicks
    It just came out last week I believe so it is fairly current. Ending with the tale of the Aston Martin Valkyrie. I would not claim it as the best written book, but the content more than makes up for any literary mis steps. Trully fascinating and particularly in the ending where he questions the future of F1 and his desire to participate in it. Is it entertainment, a technological exercise or a test of athletic abilities? I judge a good book much like I judge a film, by it's ability to provoke thought. This one scores an easy 10/10 for that. Whatever you think of Newey himself, each chapter will have you pausing and thinking.
  3. jimmers
    Just ordered my Hardback Version, delayed gratification coming from the other side of the world :)

    Read the intro excerpt on Amazon, I wished I had a dad like his :frowning2:
  4. Hutnicks
    He certainly comes from an interesting background to say the least.
  5. oqvist
    Half decent race again I think. In regular fashion I fell asleep. I can´t remember last time I watched an F1 race and didn´t fall asleep. It´s not a bad thing I need it but the engine noise is so calming :)

    Harsh penalty on Grosjean maybe because he confessed to drifting out? Wonder if he would do as they regular do put all the blame on the other guy if he would get less of a penalty?
    Should work the other way admitting you could do things better less penalty rather then harsher. That seem to be a solid 5 second penalty or a race incident even.

    I watched this race with the swedish commentators but they are just as biased and one eyed as the british. I had a lot of fun with the mystery they got with Wehrlein finding time in the second sector and it been all the same all weekend long. It´s the tecnical sector it´s where you loose or gain time depending on track knowledge and car control. It´s the same for me I can keep up with the aliens in simracing on the straights so I somehow often loose a tenth or so there as well lol. They should focus on Marcus still being overweight in the sauber if they want excuses.

    Anyway last time I use viaplay because they rob me 50 Euro per month so back to skysports I guess.
  6. Hutnicks
    Kind of hard to fault Romain on that one as he had nowhere to go. Magnussen gets nothing for his antics and he gets the same penalty as a guy who deliberately rams a car. The whole penalty system really needs some serious reviewing in the near future. It just becomes more of a joke race by race.

    I feel bad for Bottas in that one. He should have done a lot better in that race, but Vettel is a missile off the line. Hammer did a remakable job to get on Kimis tail for DFL. Pity he smoked the tyres to soon.
    Love Verstappens fastest lap ever, that record stood for so long it was begining to look like it would never fall. That'll teach the pit wall to argue with him about boxing.
  7. oqvist
    Pit Wall now have to pay a bonus to max and they lost time I believe so they had their reasons I guess lol
  8. Hutnicks
    Really no reason given he claimed the car as undrivable and had more than a pit stop and a half in hand timewise to Ric. Dead Bull cannot be that cheap that they would try and worm out of the fastest lap bonus at this stage of the game. Cripes the money they save by not having Vettel on staff alone would pay both drivers salaries and bonuses for a good 5 years.
  9. oqvist
    Max tires was not that bad he just wanted fun and boost his ego and bank account setting fastest lap on new fresh tires. He did get his wish through :)
  10. Hutnicks
    Horner is claiming that the setup was eating tyres horribly in the slipstream.
  11. Hutnicks

    Please let it be true, and for gods sake do not let Tilke within a thousand miles of any of the classic tracks. If Liberty does one good thing for F1 it would be to "retire: Herman from track design.

    On another note, curious as to what the opinions are for a Kubica return. I see it as a double edged sword. Immensely talented driver, who no doubt would have won a WDC (he almost did it for Sauber/BMW for heavens sake) but should anything go wrong, even if it is not his fault, the backlash may well be too much for the sport to bear.
  12. oqvist
    What would go wrong has he suffered concussions before? Zandvoort is a nice track but wonder where you overtake in a f1 car
  13. Hutnicks
    Well, any incident he may be involved in is going to raise the question of his right arm strength

    Nothing really has changed:) There are actually some decent areas there, depending on where they set up the DRS zones.
  14. SteveOliver
    That's a busy pit lane.
  15. Hutnicks
    Made for interesting racing back in the day when things like suspension arms could be fixed with a hammer and no in car comms made for some interesting trips into the lane:)
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