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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. gr8soundz
    Rain or no rain, the current nature of F1 is also to blame. Ham and Vettel are the fastest drivers and their cars are very close this year but even with ultra softs Vettel couldn't get close enough. He got caught by the same dirty air that plagues Ham whenever he ends up behind a Ferrari or Red Bull.
  2. Hutnicks
    OK kiddies now alltogether. Dear Being X please visit upon the Italian venue the rain is so richly deserves to provide us with a gripping race for which we will all be dully thankfull:)

    Obviously Ocon taking the new mandate to heart and having none of the play nice with your team mate nonesense. Time to stretch the legs and make a career in one race. Stroll, I am still unsure about. I don;t think he has the race smarts to trully capitalize on the fortune handed him here. I would love to be proved wrong though.

    The home team has it's work cut out for them here. This could be the make or break race for Vettels championship hopes. Lets see how the SCUD manages this one.
  3. oqvist
    Yes Ocon outqualifying perez with 2 thousands of a second. I hope they race :p
  4. Hutnicks
    Smart move is to start like a madman and then feed Perez to the Ferraris. Simple truth, Ocon is the smarter of the two pinkies and this is the race to put that stamp down. The fly in the ointment here is Stroll is not known for his lightning quick starts so either opportunity or complete mayhem may ensue.
  5. oqvist
    How would he feed perez to the ferraris? I would not trust Perez not to race him. Better trying to get away :)
  6. Hutnicks
    C'mon man you are a racer:)

    The Stroll factor is in effect here. Perez has proven, ad nausem that the only way past is to push him out of the way and that aint gonna cut it from here on to the end of the season. Much as I like Chico, he refuses to mature as a driver and that is going to kill his career. Ocon, will take the smart route and at worst if threatened let Perez make an azz of himself. Long story short, ALL he has to do tomorrow is beat Stroll into the first corner and the whole complexion of the race changes. He sucks Hammmers exhaust as long as he can, Stroll, desperate to make an impression hold Chico at bay, The raging red cars desperate for points on home turf come a charging up the road and by lap 3 or sooner you have a 5400 horsepower juggernaut just waiting to alleviate itself at the first opportunity.

    BTW. Am I the only person on earth who actually thought ahead to what the bleedin Halo is going to do in the rain. It aint pretty by any means. Three plane airfiol at 200mph in front of the drivers face with rain. Ya Think!
  7. jimmers
    I don't know why they call it a halo, thong would be more descriptive of it's shape.

    no, I meant this kind.

    Calling it a Flip Flop just doesn't sound safe.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
    gr8soundz likes this.
  8. Hutnicks
    I am guessing Le Veuve or Guillotine was less than appealing.

    Seriously, having driven open and closed cockipit in the rain and worked in 3 space in a personal aircraft, I simply cannot believe they are going to implement that sonofabitch hoping for the best. I mean even a flip flop traps sand under the straps! :)

    Maybe their next iteration should be inspired by Crocks :)
  9. Hutnicks
    Loved this particular race. Shure it really shows the delineation of the teams but....

    The Radio alone is worth watching for . Alonso completely out of his mind. Kimi being Kimi. Verstappen just about having enough of the whole "The Management is always right" thing. Bottas vying for the new king of cool moniker. Palmer holding a grudge. Magnussen bewildered and looking for someone else to inhale his private parts.

    As for the race. Well, I can hardly wait to hear Villenuve rip Stroll to pieces over this one. The kid was clearly outclassed and really anyone who expected a better performance than he delivered is most likely delusional, particularly when you look how well his vastly more experienced team mate did. He is no Verstappen for sure but put in about as big a performance as you could expect.

    Ocon. Team orders, threats of race bans, and no less the potential that Merc can only supply the new motor to one car per team in Singapore have lit him up. I like this guy. He drives like he's broke and wont eat unless he gets points. His team mate on the other hand seems to be decaying. Singapore may well be the final test for FI and truthfully I would not be at all surprised if Perez is not in that seat come next year. Personal wish would be for Kubica to take that chair:wink:

    The SCUD on home turf pulling a complete Ferrari. Obviously they were sleeping over the break and got it all wrong. From early season parity to a 30 second (and that with Merc putting their motors into park halfway through the race) shows some serious problems that I suspect will take more than a few races to iron out.

    Ricciardo. Really what can anyone say about this guy that has not already been said. He buried Vettel at Dead Bull. He can take a pig of a car and run it up the grid. Small wonder Horner won't let him go but really, what are his options. Vettel has him plugged at the SCUD as no way would he allow him to come in there and sweep the floor with him. Merc might have been an option but Bottas is working out oh to well.
    The Perennial fly in the ointment is Renault. They are used to winning and really do not have the staff to exploit a first class car should they be able to build one. If they could Ric might just be the answer to their problems. Unless Mac gets its act together and that would take a miracle and even at that no one except a guy coming up from the lower formulae would want to be on a team with "Mr.Poision, Teflonso"
  10. Muinarc
    Even with the exciting stuff you mention @Hutnicks , that race was still a real snoozer for me. Of all the classic tracks I probably enjoy races at Monza the least, there are better tracks in Italy imo.
    Hutnicks likes this.
  11. Hutnicks
    Sure are but those track have not had the official seal of approval Tilke makeover. Getting rid of the banking was simply a tragic mistake.

    Lets face it. F1 is no longer about challenging tracks it is about adapting the venues to the current formula. It is as exciting as watching a board meeting on wheels and that is exactly how they want it. The new owners may harp about the show and making things more interesting but they have not a clue as to what was the essence of the Formula that made it the spectacle it once was. It is now perfect in what is actually is, a microcosm of the global workplace at 300kph. The most resourced corps dominate, the up and comers stay in their place and the employees (drivers) vie for the rare positions which will let them live out their dreams.

    Global economy utopia has been achieved. Now they whine that it is not entertaining enough.
  12. Hutnicks
    So, after all the whitewashing from Horner about Sainz being in the Toro Rosso for certain next here, he is going to be in the yellow car within a few races. Interesting move by Dead Bull to double down on engine suppliers. They have little to lose with TR going with Honda and potentially something to gain for the 2021 new engine formula. Lets see if they announce an engine deal for Singapore.
  13. Hutnicks
  14. SteveOliver
    Most people say, now, that cockpit protection isn't required, what will they say next year or in following years if the death of a driver could be proven to have been preventable by having a halo device?
  15. Hutnicks
    Indeed. What will they say when a hastily deployed halo fractures and kills a driver?
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