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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. Hutnicks
    I love a good laugh early in the morning.

    From Motorsport.com

    And finally: The headline we didn’t dare to run…
    McLaren used to be indecisive about its engine choice, but now it’s not so sure
  2. Muinarc
    Lol that's pretty good.
  3. oqvist
    The typical F1 race pretty much. Mercedes still have some power advantage how the Ferrari just died when going out of the slipstream was telling. Honda seem to have good juice for midfield but it disappears after two laps?

    Great to see Force India battling it out with eachother. Sadly I don´t believe they will be allowed to continue like this. I would hate to see everybody doing the smart thing.
    Wonder what contract Max have signed for Red Bull is Ricciardo really getting first driver treatment all crappy parts to Max? Maybe he is just totally rough on the car but managed to keep it together last year?
    To bad hearing Wehrlein may get out of F1. Done a good job deserve a better seat then the Sauber but whoever keeps track of the backmarkers performances?
  4. dgindlespergerd
    You know when Shumacher drove for Ferrari he was unstoppable.
  5. Hutnicks
    Yeah well that was in the days of unlimited testing and Ross Brawn at the helm. Different formula now and the SCUD is still playing catch up. Love the drivers room conversation. Vettel: "Wow that was close"

    Hamilton "I was lifting". Seems if you are not in front only bad luck or brilliant pit strategy is going to get you into the lead.

    Force India is finally realizing they have a management problem. Pity it's cost them a million points to figure it out. I had high hopes for Perez this year but unfortunately he is just proving the points the other teams made when they fired him. He refuses to mature as a driver and just does not get that you are not racing your team mate but trying to bring the car home in the best position possible. I would be surprised if he retained the seat next year unless he gets his ass to a sport psychologist and gets the mental errors ironed out.

    The big surprise here was Bottas and Kimi not being able to chase down the dead bull. Something really wrong there given the pace of the two front runners.

    Worse of all was Weber's podium interviews. I lost a large amount of respect for him in the way he handled that altogether.
  6. wuwhere Contributor
    68 poles to tie the record and more coming.
  7. gr8soundz
    I'm starting to think the better drivers experience more failures than their teammates perhaps from making the car work too hard. Hamilton in 2016, Max in 2017, and Alonso (seems) like forever.

    That surprised me as well. Ham was 13 seconds ahead of Bottas after the first 10 laps of the restart.
  8. Hutnicks
    Makes one wonder particularly if Hamilton really was lifting in the corners and I have no real reason to suspect he was not. Have to wait for the press tomorrow to see if Bottas had a problem or if it is all due to dirty air syndrome.
  9. wink
    Ricciardo came third.....:ksc75smile: Now, he needs a better car........:L3000:
  10. oqvist
    If Hamilton was chasing Vettel I am sure he could motor past on the straight with help of slipstream. Of course I don´t know if Ferrari went for more downforce but then why so fast in third sector it should be fast in second sector if so. But yes without these superlong straights where slipstream really plays a factor it take quite a speed differential to challenge.

    Don´t start with the statistics I don´t understand why Skysports went totally bonkers with it. Almost as bad as american commentators that do nothing but count statistics. I guess they are trying to show off with their epic knowledge or something but why would I care about it being the 66 grand prix and nobody ever won from 4th or 68 pole for Hamilton. Hamilton has never been on second or third spot on podium.... Who cares about all that.
    I usually think it´s the opposite. Inexperience in how to take care of car cause for more breakages. But modern f1 maybe have so many driver aids it´s next to impossible to trash the car. Same in simulators I can go faster by using more engine braking or overrev but to much and I will break the car eventually.
  11. Hutnicks
    I am all for stats and really wished they had more of them. Forced vs Unforced errors for an example.

    What I am in agreement with is Skysports constant injection of nonesense numbers to apparently fill time. These guys are fed those numbers live from staff researchers so they do not have the omniscient knowledge they would like you to believe. Between that and Bumbledoors grid walks where everyone is diving for cover to avoid him their coverage is unbearable.

    Interesting article here and goes a little ways to explaining the diff between the performance of the two Mercs.

  12. oqvist
    Bottas has to adapt to Hamiltons driving style I believe is the issue. Wonder if that is what Hamilton mean with an ally Bottas is not allowed to challenge for the championship where Nico got more of an equal treatment?
  13. Hutnicks
    I took that article to lay out that the Merc is a very tricky beast to set up but a delight when you get it there. Bottas does not have the experience yet to get it there as quickly as Hamilton does. If in fact Lewis is having to make adaptations mid race then there is really no way to share that info with a team mate as it is all feel. Toto has mentioned that he likes the pairing becuase Bottas is very much the technical driver and his feedback reflects that where as Lewis is more drive by feel (Hence his comment "I can't feel the car under me.") I believe that allows Lewis the adaptability to find the part of the envelope where the car comes to life much faster than Bottas can.

    Or in heAD Fi terms. Lewis is more into the subjective experience where Valteri is an objective driver.:)

    Then of course you have the incredible oscillating Pirelli factor to boot.
  14. Muinarc
    Worst part of that race was that Mother Nature let me down. I knew we were looking at a wire to wire win for Hamilton, all we needed was some rain to make things interesting :)
  15. oqvist
    Removable wings. They must run half the race with no wings :D
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