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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. Hutnicks

    Now this is really interesting. Emergent here seems to be the fact that Merc is not the only Diva on 4 wheels on the grid. The new aero shenanigans are apparently taxing the limits of the SCUD as well with them needing an all nighter in the sim to get it all sorted. The development wars have moved from the track to the sim and that cannot be too pleasing for the new owners. Hardly condusive to increasing the spectacle of the show.

    That being the case I can well see the regs getting a thorough going over in the near future. Then again it sure makes a test driver's value go up .

    On that note I wonder if Renault has that in mind for Kubica. Win win for them. If he cannot make a full return then they get arguably the best set up artist on the grid to shake out the dev for their next car in the sim. (Still wanna know what happened at the Dead Bull sim with him before Hungary:))

    James Allen on the Motorsport.net conglomerate. Sort of sad to see his independence gone, but good on him for making the blog into what it is today for autosports.

    Hype the Halo time as Merc junior Russell raves on, then makes a minor comment about needing a step for ingress and egress. Sure that would not be a problem at all in the event of an off track mishap
  2. oqvist
    I think it´s really cool they can use simulations now for so much. It helps keeping costs down and not incorporate stupid upgrades that don´t work as often. I can absolutely see how it improves the show with more teams able to compete on a low budget.

    It may be a way to get the best drivers into F1 as well and the point of being rich not as crucial as it currently is. Computer simulations don´t lie everybody run the same car with the same physics and only your knowledge in setup the car plays a role. You can simulate the exact same conditions and compare apple to apple. Then there is of course a question of cojones if you dare to do irl what you do in sims but if you have the talent the rest is much easier then find speed when you have no talent. For me it´s impossible to get within 2 seconds of the real aliens most of the time. Don´t matter if I do 3000 laps :wink: I will find time but it´s in the hundreds of a second :p
  3. Hutnicks
    Except now we are seeing that the simulations are being used to fix the stupid upgrades that do not work.
  4. oqvist
    As I understood it the upgrades worked but it was a problem with the drivers not trusting it and it was to hard to drive on the limit. Which they fixed with the setup? Imagine the time and cost to do all that for real :)

    I assume they use simulations to produce upgrades as well to a larger extent. Maybe soon there is no need for wind tunnels. Now that is cost saving.
  5. Hutnicks
    That is rather my point. All the CFD'ing in the world does not seem to be producing a driveable package for either Merc or the SCUD in these instances so back to the sim it goes. I really do not know the cost of running a simulator by the hour but if it is anything like in aviation it ain't cheap by a long shot.

    I would have thought that if they tested the upgrades in the sim beforehand the problems would not have occurred. So either they are missing what is emerging as a vital point in the process or there is something else afoot when it hits the real world.

    Lets see if Dead Bull runs into the same type of scenario in the second half of the season.
  6. SP Wild
    The other day I was scrolling along on facebook.... It seems like cars, more cars and more cars... Funny how facebook can tunnelvision your view of the world. Because my facebook is mainly filled with work acquaintances, it feels like everybody is into cars, contrary to my pre facebook perception that young people don't get into cars like in the old days anymore? I dunno which is the more accurate perception?

    Anyway, back to my point. Scrolling on facebook, and up comes footage of V8 Supercars racing, drifting more like, in the wet. Soooo exciting as my heart picked up its pace as I imagined myself behind the wheel in these conditions... Everyone was sideways on every corner... Jostling for race position.

    There is no sound in facebook as you scroll, as I was excited by the silent footage and so I tap the screen so I can full screen it and hear the action.

    Upon hearing the commentary team I was shocked... Their casual conversation tone killed off all the excitement and they managed to make the whole affair a snoozefest.

    Impossible, how on earth could you f... that up! The commentary was disgraceful. They failed to deliver the knife edge emotions the drivers are feeling to the viewing audience.

    Murray Walker, had he seen this footage would have gone off like a fire cracker was shoved up his arse!

    What is it with these particular Englishmen and commentary? Murray Walker, Sir David Attenborough, and that manner in which they deliver to the audience.

    Murray Walkey could make the sport of grass growing sound exciting, and Sir David Attenborough can make the common housefly seem extraordinarily interesting.
  7. Hutnicks
    Lets not forget the days when James Hunt was commentating either:) He put new meaning into the term colour commentary
  8. SP Wild
    Before my time. I remember watching F1 as Schumacher arose... I remember Senna's death on the media, but cars hadn't completed its stranglehold on my life at this stage of my life as a young teenager. It's apparent I started watching F1 at the closing of a great chapter and the emergence of another one.

    The only thing I know about James Hunt was when I watched that awesome F1 movie with that Aussie actor (Thor dude) and directed by that top director (red head) ... Names elude me this late at night. But that was a brilliant movie and I could imagine a character like that being colourful in commentary also.
  9. Hutnicks
    He sure was. The Beeb could not keep up with the bleeps on him:)
  10. oqvist
    Hamiltons headrest issues explained
  11. Hutnicks
    In the no surprise whatsoever category the SCUD resigns Raikkonen again. Love that team. Whip him all season long, call him a laggard, then sign him up.

    At least that is going to shut down a lot of the silly season rumours. Alonso must be wholly distressed right about now. Bottas looking like a fixture over at Merc (and lets be honest here this is the first non contentious team mate Hamilton has ever had so that pairing is looking good for a while at least) The only possibility for the Teflon man is Renault and that is only marginally a better seat than the Mac and they may have their eye on making a huge pr splash with Kubica.

    Better hope than Honda's sudden epiphany that testing the actual V6 rather than the monocylendar on the dyno pans out, and quickly.

    ....There's always Sauber, right?? If they become the SCUD light team then...:)
  12. Muinarc
    Have any links about this dyno testing? Sounds interesting.
  13. Hutnicks

    I do not have the link but it was on Motorsport.com
  14. Muinarc
    Geez @Hutnicks giving me homework......

    I found mention of it in this article.
  15. Hutnicks
    I saw that one. There was in fact a previous article where Hasagewa said they were going to the full V6 on the dyno now as the single calendar was not giving the results they require. I wonder how much Illmor has to do with that.
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