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Focal Utopia General Discussion

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Allanmarcus, Jun 14, 2016.

Has your utopia needed repair from your dealer or Focal, either under warranty or not?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I prefer not to answer

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  1. guguplex

    Reference bass, for my personal taste of course, is the HE1000s . So, is Utopia bass in that level? That is the question ........
  2. murphythecat
    here a review by someone


  3. yates7592
    With all due respect I don't think that Stax setup could be considered as realising the best sonic qualities of the SR009.
  4. smodtactical
    Yup... should get a blue hawaii on that thing.
  5. phase0
    Are there little 1/4" Single Ended to 4-pin balanced converters available out there somewhere? Not with the intention of converting SE to balanced magically but to be able to plug the Utopia into a Balanced amp like the V281?
  6. Allanmarcus

    nope, you can't go that way. You can convert balanced to SE, but not the reverse. 
  7. phase0
    Yeah that's what I mean, I think? Utopia SE 1/4" into the balanced 4-pin plug on the V281? That would be a balanced output to SE headphone.
  8. Allanmarcus

    right. you cannot plug or convert a SE plug into a balanced output
  9. phase0
    Thanks, then it will require getting a balanced cable for the Utopia. The V281 has SE outs but that's not where it sounds the best.
  10. Allanmarcus

    Or reterminate (or have reterminates). See http://www.head-fi.org/t/811273/focal-utopia-a-little-elear-impressions-and-discussion/240#post_12829849
  11. isquirrel
    Have a Utopia on its way for evaluation, I will be using the new DHC Prion4S balanced cable, with 2 x XLR 3 Pin plugs.
  12. meomap

    Best of both worlds.
    7 to 8 grands total?
  13. inthere

    a blind test with original cable vs the DHC would be legendary.......
  14. isquirrel

    Will be doing that ss well as comparing to the current DHC Flagship the Silver Spore4.
  15. snk8699
    First off I would like to say Happy 2nd Anniversary for Headphone.Guru.  I am a huge fan of your reviews and your overall level of humor, detail, and passion.
    Are you going to be conducting your review with both the stock cable and the DHC cables mentioned above?  I know most reviews are always conducted with the stock cable as a baseline, but if other cables are used they are often noted in a small sub section.  I'm a huge fan of Peter's cables, so I would be excited to know your opinions.
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