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Focal Utopia General Discussion

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Allanmarcus, Jun 14, 2016.

Has your utopia needed repair from your dealer or Focal, either under warranty or not?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I prefer not to answer

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  1. Soundizer

    I agree 100 percent. And many people may only purchase 1 headphone for all application usage so they are looking for the best to them, rather than purchasing multiple headphones and compromising due to budget constraints.

    So to ask in a headphone forum for opinions on an all rounder headphone would seem to be sencible and prudent before spending 1000 USD. Or in my case £800 which took me 10 months to save. I was previously considering the LCD 2 which is the same price, but very heavy.
  2. Allanmarcus

    Any good headphone will meet that need. Like asking if a sedan is good for driving to the market, the library and school. Any sedan can do that, but if you have 6 large kids, might not be so good. What are your needs?
    Do you like heavy bass? Heavy treble? Soundstage? Imaging? Do you need closed headphones for sound isolation (both in and out)? Too many factors to say if the Elear will meet your needs. Even if someone said it would (which it would), only you can determine if you like it. 
    If you have heard other headphones that you like or do not like, and can express why you like or don't like them, that will help to determine if the Elear (or any other headphone) might fit your needs.
    As for @smodtactical 's comment about "best" vs opinion, I don't agree. Words express thoughts and ideas. If you use the wrong words to express your thoughts and ideas, and the words are all we have, then we cannot know your true throughs and opinions. "Best" means "of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality." Is the Elear the best overall HP under $1000. The answer is simply no. Is it one of the best? Yes. Is it the best for @Soundizer? Only he can say. 
    There are some headphones that are considered the best. Stax makes the best electrostats (so far). The Utopia is possible the best dynamic headphone (so far). The Dave might be the best headphone DAC there is (debatable). In my opinion, the original HD800 is the best overall headphone under $1000, but some people will not agree. If I say "it is the best", sure, that is my opinion (or is it?). By stating it that way, I'm stating it as a fact. No way for you to know. If I state, "IMHO it is the best," then you know my intent.  
    Words matter.
  3. Soundizer
    Words do matter and I choose a polite tone of words.
  4. inthere
     HD800 is under $1000 now?
  5. Allanmarcus

    Yep. Many places that sell it for 999 with the caveat "open box"or factory refurbished, but essentially new with warranty, sometimes even unopened. Also, easy to pick up an HD800 used for ~$800.
    here it is at Crutchfield for $999
  6. smodtactical

    Stating something is the best can only mean it's the best to that person. We are dealing with a very subjective Hobby. There is no objective best of any kind. So someone stating that something is the best would presumably mean the best to them. Anything beyond that would simply be untrue and false given the subjective nature of audio.
  7. Svatopluk
    I'm sorry you misunderstood my response. I actually agree with Allanmarcus.
  8. gnarlsagan
    Would anyone care to share a quick photo of their custom cable plugged into the headphone? I'd really like to get a peak at some non-stock connectors and how they fit.
  9. Audio Addict Contributor
    Wywires Platinum terminated for Audeze but using Norne short Elear adapters.
  10. gnarlsagan

    Oh nice, so you can use an Audeze cable with Elear adapters? Very cool.

    Anyone else like to show off their Elear or Utopia cable? Preferably plugged into the headphone.
  11. Funsucker

    Check out this thread:
    post #240
  12. Allanmarcus
    Ok, back on topic. How does the Utopia compare to an $800 HD 800?

  13. james6333
  14. gnarlsagan

    To me this is an amazing pairing. Been using it every day and couldn't be happier. Overall sound is smooth and a clear as a bell.

    Would you mind posting a photo of how those two cables look on the Elear/Utopia? Super interested in replacing the stock cable.

    There's really no way for the pads to NOT affect the sound on any headphone. Look at the pads of the HD800, and all the work people put into adding dampening to lessen the ~5k peak. There's no escaping the affect pads have on the overall FR.

    That said, it would be nice for the Elear pads to impart a more neutral FR like the Utopia, but I very much enjoy the Elear as it is as well. And I am a devout Etymotic fanboy. I don't find the Elear to be further from neutral than the HD800, but of course this is pretty subjective, and accounts for how sensitive one is to different peaks and valleys along the FR.
    james6333 likes this.
  15. james6333

    Pretty accurate statement that a lot headphones have an issue with upper mids. It is probably like how most rooms have issues at 50hz.

    It is a very real dip on the Elear but whether it bothers you or not will probably depend on what your used to hearing. If you currently listen to headphones with this dip (TH900, HD800S, etc) you probably will not even notice.
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