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Focal Utopia General Discussion

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Allanmarcus, Jun 14, 2016.

Has your utopia needed repair from your dealer or Focal, either under warranty or not?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I prefer not to answer

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  1. TimeLord

    Haha, now I see what you're up to. May I suggest HGH to address your issue? It's not as tasty, but it gets results. Just ask Barry Bonds. :D
  2. traehekat
    So this is kind of a general cable question, but I'm buying the cable for my Utopias so I'll ask here anyway. I'm looking at picking up the Silver Dragon. Right now I have the Valhalla 2, and I have a ZDS on order, so I don't really expect needing to go balanced but, you know... **** happens. So should I go with a balanced Silver Dragon and get a single ended adapter, just in case? Or would I be better off going single ended for some reason and re-terminating down the road, if necessary? 
  3. MacedonianHero Contributor
    That's exactly what I have with my Utopias...a balanced Silver Dragon + TRS adapter. Can use it out of my GS-X Mk2 balanced or straight out of the DAC3 HGC with the TRS adapter. Covers all your bases.
  4. BunnyNamedCraig

    I love being able to go balanced and have an adapter on it for single ended if need be. It's too easy to do it that way. We have a heimdall 2 on the Utopia now and it's balanced. We have like 3 different adapters we can put on it to fit any situation. People are going to say "you could be loosing quality by using the adaptor...." but honestly it's not enough for me for the sake of convience it gives. My 2 cents
  5. manpowre
    Focal made a separate thread here at headfi asking for improvements to both Elear and Utopia, anyone know if there are any news about improvements from Focal ? Im in the market considering Utopia, but kindof want some adjustments before purchasing.. I know they already started shipping a shorter cable for instance.
  6. bigfatpaulie
    Seems so, they made the cable shorter.
  7. Fredfung93
    I will get my converter plug for the prion 4 on Monday, I hope I could get that one and do a test or a review on the prion 4 with utopia. However, my utopia is only in around 100-150 hours run in time.
    My system now is optimized win10 with hqplayer to Emm labs Dac2x with Gsx mk2.
    Will get back here soon when I get the cable. Thank you for people who answer about the gain on gsx mk2. I havent tried the high gain, I might want to try it right now. 
  8. JohnnyCakes
    is it just me, or is it ANNOYING and NON-SENSICAL to have two threads devoted to the Focal Utopia, going in two different conferences?
    just join them together!
    have a Utopia thread in Summit-Fi, and have an Elear thread in regular head-fi.  done.  
  9. Exidrion

    Where do I get this covetted 4-pin XLR to SE Adapter?

    Yeah, it makes no sense. The Preview thread should be closed or something.
  10. paul2qute
    Told my mate from work about my focal utopia headphones,they always before anything else ask how much they are and when I told him his jaw hit the floor, I said its a bargain but he couldn't get his head around it,also told him they are open headphones and I just got weird looks,all my mates think I'm a weirdo for spending money on hi-fi,when I buy new kit I've got no-one to share the buzz with,it's quite a lonely hobby at times.My nephew who is extremely bright,tall, good looking I hate him wants to listen to my focal utopia headphones,he doesn't think he is gonna hear a difference,I've told him you can listen to them but I don't wanna know about price,all I want to know if you think they are crystal clear,it's my business if it's worth the outlay not his
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  11. JohnnyCakes

    lots of hobbies are like that.  don't let the haters get you down.
    another hobby of mine is high-end and vintage fragrance.  i have something like 80 bottles.  my most expensive being $1,750.  when i tell you that, how do you react?  do you think i'm stupid for spending that much money on a bottle of cologne?  do you judge?  or do you not care at all?  important to be sure we aren't being judgmental ourselves.  
    but it's fun and brings me a lot of joy, like my headphone hobby.  my brother digs on toy trains (expensive).  my neighbor restores muscle cars (very expensive).  a coworker is into riding horses (extremely expensive).  
    at the end of the day, you get one go-around in this life, so enjoy the amazing things available to us, while we still can.  because this ship is going down soon, let me tell ya....  
    i feel far sorrier for those who make fun of others' hobbies, and have none of their own.  so when i pour a scotch tonight and put on the legacy edition of Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, slip my Utopias over my head and drift off into a bliss i can't even put into words, i again will give nary a thought to those who think i spend "too much" on headphones.  
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  12. paul2qute
    wow what a reply thank you for that,it makes perfect sense to me what you are saying
  13. pofdstudios
    My hobbies are vast. I make handmade tobacco pipes, into audio, making Chinese bells out of old nitrogen tanks, straight razor restoration as well as being a painter. Here are a few of my paintings. 3.jpg
  14. Exidrion
    I wouldn't judge no, I like photography and watches too. I am curious as to the appeal of 80 bottles of fragrance. I've never heard of that hobby :p

    I bet it's the girls.
    DocBass likes this.
  15. paul2qute
    I'll be totally honest I'm very open minded and each to their own and respect other ppl s hobbies,but when I think of fragrance bottles I don't see it just like ppl don't see it with hi-fi with me,so I must be judgemental myself,I'm knocking your hobby btw,it all fascinate s me.I've been paying a fortune on lynx hoping for the lynx effect put nothing
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