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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. teknorob23
    Sorry I was responding more to @Beagle ’s question just for some reason the quote didn’t insert :)
  2. Beagle
    I was considering an upper bass/lower midrange accentuation, that can be pleasant, in that it can smooth out rough edges in the upper mids and treble and act as a 'glue' to hold everything together musically, but can also limit dynamics and clarity in the bass range.

    I also consider the asking price of $3000 and would expect a non-sculpted response, because after a while, it will just end up sounding like a similar 'flavor' headphone that you paid much less for. I've been there too many times. For $3000, try and rid the phone of all possible resonances, distortions and colorations without adding new ones. And make it seal properly on all heads. I realize that's a lot to ask for but you are asking a lot of money for your product. Not unreasonable to expect a lot for the money.

    For $300, you can have an original HD600 that does not trip over itself (with regards to the above) like too many expensive flagships do. Not perfect (nothing is) but it's still a good reference. Sometimes I think most headphones are just various EQ settings with housings.
  3. up late
    the hd600 is an open-back can. whereas closed-back cans produce back waves, which present an additional challenge for headphone designers to overcome, regardless of price.
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  4. Beagle
  5. mixman
    Yeah trying to figure out should I look at the Verite Closed, Eikon or go straight to the Stellia. The thing that bugs me about the Stellia is the in your head soundstage.
  6. doboo57
    From my memory (I sold my Eikon a couple of months ago), the Eikon's soundstage is maybe a bit wider than the Stellia, but the Stellia have more depth, better layering and a lot better imaging.
    By the way, Stellia's soundstage is not bad at all (to my ears). Its soundstage is comparable with some respectable open-back models I've heard.

    From my experience, Eikon's wooden-cups gives a sweet and natural tone to some recordings, but it can also bring some odd resonance to others (it also depends genres you listen to). The wood can also play a role there (mine was Camphor). From that standpoint, I think the Stellia could be a better all-rounder bet.

    Didn't hear the Verite closed, so I can't comment on it though.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
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  7. up late
    does it have a "sculpted response"?
  8. Admiral Kolchak
    My new Stellias... Beautiful from every angle...
    I'm love with that leather & copper!!!! :)

    Image-3.jpg Image-6.jpg Image-5.jpg
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  9. gto88
    nice pictures.
  10. jooonnn
    So bokeh-y ❤️

    What did you take the pics with?
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  11. GreenBow
    I like the Stellia's looks. The very first time I saw them I was a bit like 'what'. Pretty much straight away after that though, I warmed to them.
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  12. adcustom
    Beautiful photos, Admiral Kolchak!
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  13. Admiral Kolchak
    Thanks! Nikon D850 and Nikon 50mm 1.4G

    I took them handheld with my nightstand light. Quite improvised. I need to get a macro lens to really get close.
  14. Admiral Kolchak
    Not sure if you've seen them in person, they are really stunning, and so is the case.
  15. Beagle
    no, similar balance to the hd600, with more midrange detail.
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