1. QwertyQmin

    [SOLD] [US-TX] Focal Elegia great condition

    Hi! I recently bought an Elegia as a part of a campaign to find the perfect closed backs to work with. Although this doesn't meet the strict guidelines I have for elimination of external noise, I thought it'd be best to talk about the sound objectively, as there are many conflicting opinions...
  2. cuiter23

    WTB - Focal Clear

    Looking for a pair of Focal Clear headphones shipped to Canada. Condition is not too important as long as it is in perfect working condition. Let me know if you guys have any for sale. Thanks! Kevin
  3. S

    [SOLD] Focal Elegia (Like New) + extra cable - $599 shipped CONUS

    Hello, These are pretty much new. I sold my Elex to fund buying these (as can be seen in my post history), and now found out I actually prefer the Elex after all. I'm making a full circle back to where I started. I'm mad at myself as I type this :) The Elegia's were burned in for 40 hours...
  4. S

    [SOLD] Focal Elegia

    They're in excellent condition. Only 3 months old, barely used, absolutely smoke-free environment. Comes with an aftermarket cable, as the stock cable is absolute rubbish. Selling because I no longer have the need for a closed-back headphone, but nonetheless, they are absolutely brilliant...
  5. neogeosnk

    SOLD: Focal Elegia

    Sold Focal Elegia. Very low hours on it, near mint or very good. Free shipping conus and ppl fees included. No trades please, have too much stuff. Pics
  6. FourT6and2

    FS: Focal Carry Case for Elegia, Elear, Utopia, Clear, Elex, etc.

    Mint condition. $125. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Includes original box (not shown)
  7. Preachy1

    SOLD Focal Elegia - Gently Used

    Selling my Focal Elegias. Bought new just one year ago from World Wide Stereo. I used them a lot for about 2-3 months, but then I switched teams and signed a long-term contract with ZMF. So these are now just sitting idle. These are in near-perfect condition. I can find no blemishes at all...

    Seeing whats out there for future buy: Final Sonorous VI, Denon D7200, Audeze LCD2C or Focal Elegia

    Whats up Headfi Gang, Not buying quite yet, for I have more gear yet to sell off...but I'm real close. I want to know who out there has some super good deals on the following cans that handily beat online prices: 1. Denon D7200 2. Audeze LCD2 Closed 3. Final Sonorous VI 4. Focal Elegia I'm...
  9. R

    [WTS] Focal Elegia Closed-Back Headphones

    Want to sell a Focal Elegia which is in great condition. Price includes PayPal fees. Shipping would be dependent on buyer location. EU buyers would be preferred but can discuss shipping outside EU. Pictures would be uploaded soon. PM me if you have questions/offers.
  10. Benz-Fi

    Focal Elegia Closed Back Headphones - SOLD

    Used a few times but in perfect condition. Never left the house or mistreated. Comes with original box and all original contents AS NEW. (Never used the original cable) - Always kept in case, in the box. Price: $700 Buyer pays paypal fees, I'll cover shipping in the US. Any questions, please...
  11. HoodedHoodlum

    Focal Elegia in great condition - interest check

    Hello everyone, I'm considering selling my Focal Elegia. The headphones themselves are in excellent condition, with no scratches, nicks, or blemishes. The case itself is in great shape with only a bit of rubbing on the Focal logo (pictured in the photo album). I have an aftermarket cable because...
  12. chungjun

    1.5m Original XLR Cable - Focal Stellia, Elegia, Clear, Elear & Elex

    For sale:- 1 x original Focal Clear cable (customized to 1.5m for desktop use). Okay to ship anywhere. Local Singapore pick-up can be arranged. Price does not include shipping and PayPal. Compatible with Focal Stellia, Elegia, Clear, Elear & Elex (i.e. with 3.5mm mono plug) Suitable if you...
  13. TsKen

    Closed Back headphone for Digital Piano for under $500?

    What would be the best closed back for a digital piano(Kawai ES 4) for under $500? I've searched everywhere but I couldn't really find any clear consensus. I've found the DT 1770 and Shure 1840 to be worthy of consideration. I heard the Focal Elegia should be considered if I can stretch my...
  14. louderup

    WTS: Focal Elegia (mint, with warranty) [SOLD]

    SOLD Selling a mint condition Focal Elegia. Purchased in February of this year. Price: $550 shipped. No longer looking for trades. PSA: Focal now assures warranty on used headphones as long as the original receipt is provided from an authorized retailer (and it's still within the warranty...
  15. K1030

    [SOLD] Focal Elegia

    Second owner but very little use. Purchased last month to try them out. Headphes are in mint condition and come in original box and case. PayPal accepted. All fees included.
  16. iPaintCode

    [SOLD] FS: New in box Focal Elegia Closed-Back Headphones

    Selling a brand new pair of Focal Elegia in the original sealed Focal shipping box to fund other pieces of gear; pet/smoke-free. Price is set firm at $675.00 which includes free UPS ground shipping in CONUS w/tracking (signature on delivery) and PayPal fees. CONUS sales and shipping only...
  17. bgbkt

    Focal Elegia (SOLD)

    It's pretty new and lightly used (less than 50 hours). Used in pet/smoke free env. Price: $600 (includes PP and shipping within CONUS) I'm the first and only owner/user of this. I have original box. Local pick up (30005) gets $30 discount.
  18. casper3127

    [SOLD] New in Box Focal Elegia Closed Headphones

    On behalf of a good friend of mine, I'm coming back to you with the following sale. "For sale my Focal Elegia I would say that with less than 8 hours of use. It is impossible to distinguish them from new ones. With spanish store invoice, I love his sound profile and the truth is that I want a...
  19. iPaintCode

    [CLOSED]FT/FS Brand New in Box Focal Elegia

    Hello Head-Fi'rs, I have a brand new pair of Focal Elegia that I'm looking to trade for the following headphones like new condition only trades, basically well taken care of, pet/smoke-free. No IEMs. Order of priority WTT: 1. Campfire Cascade 2. ZMF Atticus or Eikon 3. Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd...
  20. John Blackshear

    SOLD! PRICE DROP: Focal Elegia, Pristine, $600

    I am upgrading to the Stellia and do not need two pair of closed headphones. I am letting these premium headphones go at a very good price.
  21. jude

    Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

    Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video. We take a look at Focal's new flagship closed-back over-ear headphone, the Focal Stellia. We interview Focal's Nicolas Debard who tells us what went...
  22. Focal Elegia

    Focal Elegia

    FIRST HIGH-END CLOSED-BACK HEADPHONES BY FOCAL To enjoy an incredible listening experience in total privacy, without worrying about a noisy environment disturbing this moment of pleasure: this is the promise made and kept by Elegia. In these high-end circum-aural closed-back headphones, we have...