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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. Bambule
    Anyone listening to the Elear directly through QP1R? Is there something lacking, or does this DAP drives them to satisfaction?
  2. GU1DO
    Found it here
  3. Headphone4Life

    Well then I might just have to sell a couple of headphones so I can buy a pair :wink:. Really though even if I think the LCD-2 is as good I wouldn't get one because the Elear is truly perfect for me.
  4. Imusicman

    Hi, that's how I am listening to mine at the moment until I purchase my desk top Amp & Dac. I can tell you there is absolutely nothing missing using the QP1R/Elear combination. I did get a new Black Widow cable though as the standard one was less than ideal for portable use.
    In high gain mode I am listening between 25-30 and as you know the unit goes up to 60. As an experiment I put it to low gain and I still didn't go past 40. I would say its a great pairing but then the QP1R is great with lots of different headphones IMHO
  5. Headphone4Life
    I use my Fiio X5II & K5 setup until I get the Schiit Jot. The K5 has plenty of power and I've always liked the X5II sound signature and I think the Elear sounds great with this combo. Now when I get the Jot amp/dac that will have more power plus the balanced capabilities so in turn sound quite a bit better I presume, but for now I'm fine with my little Fiio setup.
  6. Bambule
    Good News, Thanks.
    Maybe another open headphone you would recommend (even more than Elear) with this combo?
  7. Imusicman
    Honestly I tried loads and they all sounded really good. My other 2 favorites where the Beyerdynamic T1 then probably the T5 both 2nd generation. I never experienced 1st gen so I can't comment on them.
  8. Bambule
    Man, I just can't make up my mind whether it'll be Elear or ether flow for my QP1R. And until now there's no chance for me to audition. The Elear is around in one shop here, although sold out at this time. The flow is around, but only for buying, not testing
  9. Imusicman
    I will probably be be slated for saying this but I thought the Ether Flow and the Ether Flow C where a little underwhelming when I tried them. They did nothing wrong as such but both sounded a little polite for my tastes. I don't know if they were fresh out of the box?
  10. Headphone4Life
    Comparing my HD700 to the Elear they sound thin and I never really thought that before. They have similar sound signatures to me but the Elear sound much fuller and true to the music.

    Besides the LCD-2 I'm going to compare the Elear with one other hp I was thinking of getting was the Edition X, I'd like to see how they stack up as well.
  11. heliosphann
    I decided to keep either my Edition X v2's or my Elears and ended up keeping the X's.
  12. Coccis
    Switching between low/high (2.5/6.5x) gain on my O2, I notice a clear difference in sound. In high gain they sound fuller, more "body" in lack of another word. Sadly there is bass distortion in bass heavy music, but the parts that is clean sounds quite, eum, interesting? Different if nothing else. And it has me kind of intrigued... Sounds damn good in low gain, but still makes you wonder whats on the other side, so to speak ^^
  13. DarktoreS
    This morning I tested the Luxman P-700u with the Elear and the Utopia! Superb amp, beautiful rendering with 2 headphones.
    I took advantage of having a Utopia available at my local dealer to exchange the pads, for me it is worth to get pads from Utopia. The rendering is clearer, more accurate it will be necessary to remain cautious with the type of amp but there is really pleasure to take. I think I will buy without hesitation up to 100 € ! 
    50/50 leather and synthetic
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  14. oqvist
    How do you remove the earpads. Just clipons but mine don´t budge and don´t want to use force.
  15. DarktoreS
    This is almost the same as the Oppo PM1 and PM2 headphones. Simply grasp the side by the inner part and pull it upright. It is reliable and very well rated, not fifty times a day but there is no risk in testing this if careful [​IMG]
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