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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. ForceMajeure
    Have you had the chance to compare the Elear with Utopia pads to the Utopia?
    Are they sounding close one to the other?
  2. DarktoreS
    To give a simple idea of my feeling the Elear:
    With original pads : hight 30 / medium 35 / bass 35 //  balanced / sub impact is good / good for all 
    With Utopia pads  : hight 40 / medium 35 / bass 25 //  very hight clear / more detail / not for all, but is very good for classic , jazz, vocal
    impression :
    For me the Utopia pads is not good for all, this change gives a greater transparency effect to the original pads. But they are not Elear a Utopia like magic ... The style is clear, precise, detailed but can give too much strength in the high frequencies for some users depending on the amplifier used. My hybrid Forza Audio cable makes the Elear a little brighter than the original. In the end I think that the pads of the Utopia can bring more clarity, and allow more versatility depending on the source that one has. But one thing is certain, I contacted Focal that day to ask for availability on the pads, clearly it's not on the agenda for now !
    Finally, I think that the change of the pads can please but that the Elear is very well of origin. I think a hybrid or copper cable will suffice to give a trend to adapt a style can according to the users. For me it is with the Forza hybrid HPC on the huggo TT!
  3. Headphone4Life
    Since I mainly listen to electronic music I need good bass and sub-bass so the Utopia pads wouldn't work for me.

    Also the more I just listen to the Elear the less closed in it sounds. The soundstage width sounds fine to me now, granted its not wide but it doesn't sound as closed as it did when I first got them. Depth being as good as it is makes up for the lack of width as well. I've always been a fan of a wider soundstage but with the Elear the lack of soundstage width doesn't bother me at all.
  4. b3wannabe
    Thanks, mate.  I listen to classic rock, blues, some jazz. I like to hear the bass but am not a 'basshead' and dislike it when the bass gets too boomy and muddies the mix. I've heard the Fostex at a meet and really liked it for what short exposure I had. Bass was very good but I'm less sure about the uppers. I'm now in Florida (Tampa Bay area) and know of no meets or retailers in this vicinity. I've not had a chance to hear the Elear. I like the reviews that suggest both the Fostex TH900 and the Elear are "fun" and "musical" - which fits my preferences. I currently have an assortment from HD600 to LCD2 to HE-500 and many less expensive models. What I covet are "presence" and "magic" which are subjective, I'm sure. What I have are nice enough but I dream of having that "wow" factor on a more sustained basis across music genres. I am not much for EDM. When the 'V' shape is too V-like, I miss the lush mids and am not keen on hard upper-range frequencies. I like a tight, well-defined, bass. Anyway, I appreciate your comments very much. It will cost less to just buy a set than to travel to CanJam or somewhere like that. One remaining question - in terms of ears getting warm - how are the micro-fiber pads on the Elear compared to the stock pads on the Fostex? Thanks much for sharing your impressions. The purchase decision will be between the Fostex which I know I like (from a short listen) vs. the Elear which is getting many great reviews. I've been in the boat before, though, where the reality of a listen fell short of the impression I got from reading reviews. I won't mention particular brands because everyone's prefs are unique to them. 
  5. blablablack
    Yes, i'd like to know this as well. How different is the Fostex from the elears? @Aornic review made me want to go grab these immediately
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  6. JWahl
    Got my Elear in today and have been doing some listening out of the Chord Mojo. Absolutely loving it so far. New toy syndrome is possible. But I think I may have finally found my "Goldilocks" headphone that doesn't make me miss having the HD800. I still want to play around with parametric EQ, to maybe improve the 4 Khz dip, though. I'm really picky about headphone value, but I feel like it was worth the money to me.
  7. DarktoreS
    Remember, the burn is very important for the Elear, 100 hours for real quality [​IMG]
  8. Headphone4Life
    I know I've found my end game headphone. I'm selling my other headphones except for my Nighthawk because I still like them a lot and they're perfect for when I'm in the mood for bass.

    As far as burn in goes I've had about 25 hours or more on mine and I hear no difference. I was never a believe in burn in until I noticed it with the Nighthawk but with the Elear I haven't heard any change. That's not a bad thing as they've sounded great from the jump.
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  9. rhull1973

    I also have a Nighthawk and HD 700. Keeping both along with my Elear. If I had to pick one it would be the Elear. I like the HD700 for its soundstage.
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  10. Sonic Defender Contributor
    You might want to also consider the TH 610. I owned both the TH 900 and TH 600 and felt the TH 600 gave me most of the TH 900 with a little less polish. Just throwing that as a possibility, but from what I'm reading the Elear is a serious piece of kit, but do consider trying the TH 610, particularly if you can buy and try and return if you don't think they do it for you. Ideally you can buy both and return the one that is least to your taste.
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  11. YtseJamer
    I had the opportunity to try the Elear and the Utopia yesterday and they are both very very good.
    To my ears, the Elear are not far behind the Utopia but it's clear that the Utopia are slightly better.
    I'm only listening to Hard-Rock and Metal music and I'm wondering if the upper mids dip of the Elear is a real issue or if the negative comments are exaggerated ?
  12. JWahl
    The dip is noticeably but depends on the mastering as well.  For instance, Lamb of God's album Ashes of the Wake sounds probably the best I've heard it out of the Elear.  The combination of the transient speed while retaining bass presence works well for metal music IMO.
  13. YtseJamer
    From what I heard the dip is not an issue with modern music.
    So you like them with Metal music ?
  14. oqvist
    Stay away from the Fostex TH-X00. It booms like nothing I ever heard in a pair of headphones and it totally drown the mid range. 
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  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Makes sense, so much modern music is less tonally detailed in the midrange so a drop there is well tolerated anyway.
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