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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. Jalo
  2. Wildcatsare1
    That’s why I asked that question, from the charts in the Articles it appears the Clear’s have the superior bass.
  3. Ojisan
    Very nice. Wish I had known about your site before.

    I forgot which track I was listening to but I did notice something ringing around 10kHz which I thought was a static noise (like "shhh"). It was actually cymbal or crash that went longer where it should have been quiet. So I did a test tone sequence and heard a dip around 4k and peak at 10k. The highs do (audibly) taper off quickly beyond 10k compared to HD800. Really enjoying the full body tonality of Clear so far. Maybe slightly fatiguing... not sure if it will mellow over time.
  4. iAudio365
  5. Jalo
    I don’t know about superior bass as the the chart cannot show that, but starting from100 Hz down to about 10 Hz, the chart clearly shows that the Clears has 1db to 5 dB more bass than the Elear. So all the impressions that say the Elear has more bass than the Clears are not consistent with what the chart shows. I am hoping that the chart is the correct one as I like the Clears to have more bass.
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  6. ribosradagast
    Happy Thanksgiving all!

    Yeah that chart sure does show stronger bass than the Elear. If that's the case, I'm very interested.

    Also, anyone know of any deals on these this holiday season? The headphones, not the chord
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  7. donlin
    The stock cable is very good. It sounds noticeably better than my Nordost Blue Heaven which was a nice improvement on other phones.
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  8. Ekul61
    Just will have to take a listen. hopefully much greater bass than the 800S. The low bass clinical sound can get boring.
  9. SHAMuuu
    Not sure if any of this information was mentioned prior, but i could not find certain information and was digging for it. In Utopia the surround material was stated to be 70 microns thick, and i couldn't tell if the dome material Beryllium was 70 microns as well in this article it didn't say http://country.focal.com/get.php/media/homes/casques/Whitepaper_Headphones_PC1281.pdf . But in this video he says it is only 20 microns thick :xf_eek: . It was something i looked for and couldn't find. Maybe my searching skills are bad. Also he speaks on the magnet differences of Elear having one neodymium ring vs 6 segments on the Utopia, which is heavier overall the magnet structure than Elear which results in higher magnetic flux. This is reason for carbon fiber use in headband vs aluminum in elear. Wonder what is on Clear? Also the excursion of 10% (4.5mm excursion on 40mm) of total diameter of loudspeaker diameter, which he says is nearly impossible on loudspeakers in general. This was new to me, maybe not for all. If this has been stated, please ignore. The 135mg vs 150 mg loudspeaker mobile assembly weight differences have already been mentioned. I am looking for details on any differences with Clear if anyone has them. I am assuming the magnesium/aluminum material is also close to 20-30 microns, it was not directly stated, nor the magnetic flux rating. If anyone has numbers please share. If this video is repeat, please ignore :)

    basically all after the 5 min mark... if anyone is interested in the info i mentioned.

    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
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  10. paul30d
    I was wondering the same thing. The graphs seem to show that:
    • The utopia and elear have exactly the same bass response (10-100Hz). But the basic selling point of the elear (other than price) has always been that it has more bass than the utopia. Maybe the elear just sounds like it has more bass, due to the reduced treble?
    • The clear appears to have more bass than either the utopia or the elear.
    I guess you cannot read too much intp these graphs. The treble measurements seem consistent with people's listening impressions though.
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  11. jude Administrator
    To my ears, the Focal Clear definitely does not have more relative bass than the Focal Elear.

    As for measurements, following are our measurements of the Focal Clear (from our audio measurement lab at the office). The first are the three frequency response measurements (Elear, Clear, Utopia) overlayed as-is (one view uncompensated, the other with KEMAR diffuse field correction applied):

    Frequency Response RAW - Focal Clear - Elear - Utopia.jpg
    Frequency Response DF - Focal Clear - Elear - Utopia.jpg

    Following is a different view of the above measurements. For these measurements, I picked an alignment point (5.612 kHz) to give an alternate view, which I hope (in combination with the ones above) gives you a better understanding of the relative measured differences in overall frequency response between the three models:

    Frequency Response RAW - Normalize 5.612 kHz - Focal Clear - Elear - Utopia.jpg
    Frequency Response DF - Normalize 5.612 kHz - Focal Clear - Elear - Utopia.jpg

    The audio measurements in this post were made using:
    I don't have any information about the measurement system used to make the measurements you were discussing. (I'll look later.) Based on what I'm seeing (when comparing the graphs), we're likely using different setups. Following are a couple of links to discussions about different measurement setups and different results:

    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
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  12. paul30d
    Those graphs are much more consistent with the various listening impressions and descriptions that are around for the Clear.
  13. Wildcatsare1
    The Clears are in the House, other’s have posted about their good looks, and they were spot on! It makes the HD800 look like a tinker toy. Letting them warm up to room temp, then I’ll start burning them in. Packaging is very good, not LCD3 Wooden Case good, but again superior to Sennheiser.
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  14. donlin
    Had mine for a couple weeks now and just about ready to pack them up for return. They definitely have some good qualities but just too fatiguing for me. I find my ears in pain too often.
  15. Ekul61
    Just returned the 800S , audeze 3 will be here mon. Never ending journey.. If they dont work im buyng some $500 cans and be done for awhile.
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