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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. happy hopping
    How would you compares the Focal Utopia vs. the Ultrasone Signature Pro? I have the Signature Pro for 2 year, I really like it. 1 of the reason I go w/ that is because it's portable. The Focal Utopia is not portable but it does comes in a box. So I'm really interested in knowing how's the sound quality difference?
  2. endressth
    Hello happy hopping,

    I have to admit I am not a big fan of Ultrasone (and i guess you are...). My house is only 230km away from their manufacturing location and I basically tested all their product lineup.....especially the more expensive ones....which are...yeah...not that great considering the price. I dont remember how the signature pro sounded to be fair and honest, but you should check the measurements from tyll and compare them with the utopia. Even here in Germany, Ultrasone has a rather bad reputation....

    As is said, I ended up with the Clear, because to me, these are the best bang for the buck . The clear is not cheap, but you get what you pay for. And this sentence cannot be applied to every high end over head earphone ^^, often you spend a lot of money having huge expectations and in the end the only feeling you got is disappointment.
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  3. Raphael DeLaGhetto
    When the Clears were in stock did the price come down a bit like the Elears or did they stick around the $1500 MSRP?
  4. TheMiddleSky
    Focal Clear, Focal Elear, MrSpeaker Aeon Open, and Audeze LCD 2C in front of me right now. Had use all of them for the last few days.

    Technical wise about micro detail level, soundstage quality, separation in sound, definitely Clear in top position. Elear is still as good as ever, but Clear really step up the bar and I feel it's really more mature headphone compare to its sibling (both sound quality and build quality wise). Biggest improvement in term of neutrality, micro detail, soundstage, and definition of each instrument/vocal notes.

    Both planar remains unique in presentation compare to dynamic brother, Aeon for its warm and inviting sound, LCD 2C as the prince of darkness.

    For now, based on my taste and my song selection, I think have Clear and LCD 2C would be the best option.
  5. happy hopping
    I like Focal and their customer service, they are excellent. I bought Ultrasone 1 to 2 yr. ago, and the street price at the time is about $1600 for the signature pro. I also look into Sennheiser at the time, but the deciding factor is: a product made from a good country, such as UK, Italy, France, Germany etc. and it has to be foldable, because I'm using it at the gym only.

    So I end up w/ Ultrasone. I'm interested in this Focal Utopia because it's Berylium based. Other than that, it's members here at the Ultrasone Signature Pro thread that highly recommend the Signature pro
  6. endressth
    You are using an 1600 dollar headphone in the gym? :-D ... Haha nice job right now i imagine someone's wearing the utopias while doing cardio .... wow what a picture in my mind
  7. MrPanda
    We have a guy at our incredibly loud, obnoxious, LA Fitness using a pair of Utopia's with the Woo portable tube amp. Rachael Ray and Ed Sheeran are constantly blaring ads every 45 seconds on the PA above... The guy is always wearing a Mercedes tshirt too :)
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  8. BunnyNamedCraig
    That’s incredible....using a Utopia in the gym is a TRUE audiophile. Take note y’all!

    Edit- did you mean Lana de Rey? Or Is dude listening to cooking shows on there. Please tell me the latter...
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  9. dontfeedphils
    This man should be arrested lol. I don't even let my cats get close to my pair.
  10. MrPanda
    Nope, Dunkin' Donut pushing Rachael Ray...
  11. BunnyNamedCraig

    Man now I want doughnuts. Thanks a lot
  12. swmtnbiker
    Just one reason I don't go to the gym. :wink:
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  13. Wildcatsare1
    Another great review in the latest The Absolute Sound by Steve Stone on the Clear!
  14. NickedWicked
    Just got a mail from my dealer, said that I'll get a brand new one to replace the one that I had with some production issues, but it's in back-order since they are still sold out. Very nice service! Shame about the availability, the Clear is Clearly in crazy demand worldwide.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2018
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  15. endressth
    Anyone heard the professional version with the reddish design? Differences?
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