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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. LordBorg
    Thanks for the reply. I found some 2.5mm cables for the Clear/Elear but they're so expensive that I thought I'd just have the short cable that came with the Clear modded. I was wondering if that cable would work as a balanced cable just by replacing the existing 3.5mm with a balanced 2.5mm one...
  2. LordBorg
    Yes, I do that alternating between the Clear and my LCD-2C and Aeon Flows... they're so different that IMO they complement each other... I use the ones that I feel like at that moment and depending on the kind of music I'm listening to as well.
  3. RedVelvetLuna
    Any idea where to buy these? Looking through authorized retailers, only one even carried them, but are out of stock until the end of May and I need them by the end of April. According to Focal's website there isn't a store within 100 miles of me that even carries them. Any help would be appreciated, thanks <3
  4. kino lau
    I'm finding myself completely lost in the music like I haven't in years...

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  5. devilboy
    I went back and forth with a borrowed Elear and my LCD 2 Fazor. I heard much more detail with the Elear. They made the LCD sound veiled. I don't just mean high frquencies either. It was much easier to follow bass lines with the Elear.
    Can't wait for the Clears.
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  6. Ekul61
    No doubt. Classic rock = planar
    Jazz = Clears
  7. kino lau
    This morning, Talking Heads was slamming hard enough that I was afraid I was going to break something. New cable made a world of difference. The Clear's have plenty of hard-hitting bass. I'm recognizing that if I'm not hearing something that I thought I should, it's because it's not in the recording. I'm loving having my entire library to choose from on my laptop instead of scrolling through my DAP. I really do lose track of all time once I put these on my head though...lol.
  8. hannahjherself
    Has anybody weighed up the Clears in comparison to LCD3s? I think of my LCD3s as my perfect headphone but I find myself tempted by the descriptions of detail in the Clears. Aside from wondering if I need another pair of headphones around that price, I'm wondering if I will find them harsh and a bit cold in comparison? Or whether I am going to get a completely different experience in the mids and high mids, particularly around orchestral music.
  9. DavidW
    I'm listening to a hi res version of Art Blakey's Moanin' (the 2013 remaster). It's a classic track on a great album. When listening tonight, I'm hearing Lee Morgan's trumpet breaking up at punchy passages. Listen beginning at time stamp 1:17 and let me know if you hear any break up of Morgan's trumpet? I do and need to know from others who have this classic album and the Clears if they hear the same thing.
  10. Wildcatsare1
    Just listened, at around 1:17 Lee is blowing staccato, no break up, at least on mine. I listened at fairly high volume and couldn’t replicate any breakup.

    On another note, I’m finding the Clear to be the perfect foil for my (new to me) Abyss 1266 Cans. Both have great articulation, are musical and impactful, one planar, the other dynamic, the best of both worlds.

    Happy Easter & Passover!
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  11. endressth
    I am really impressed about the clears, i even prefer them to the Utopia....utopia sounds a bit too revealing, especially on bad recordings...and you have to spent a lot more money ... The Elear is nice, but lacks upper midrange. The clear is among the best over ear headphones in the world and worth the price
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  12. BunnyNamedCraig
    Glad you’re enjoying them! They have a ton to offer. Checks off so many boxes I feel
  13. snafu1
    Is it like a thumping/knocking sound in the left channel? Because I do hear that starting at the 1:17 point.

    You post caught my eye because previously I was experiencing a intermittent breakup with any music or source on my Clear's right channel. I was in the process of contacting my re-seller when the problem just went away. It's been a couple weeks and they have been performing fine. Since I bought an extended warranty I'm going to keep this pair.

    By the way, this is a cool album I haven't heard before.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2018
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  14. Matro5
    That's a nice duo!
  15. bgbkt
    Are there any news of Focal Clear closed version coming anytime soon? I enjoy Clear at home a lot but miss them a lot at work :smile_phones:
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