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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. ubs28
    No distortion here with Blade Runner 2049 first track.
  2. Drewligarchy
    Thanks - which amp are you using
  3. ubs28
    Chord Dave.
  4. Drewligarchy
    I (think) my previous pair wasn't as good - but I think its the amp overloading. Replicated on my AFOs. I think the additional distotion I was hearing is just part of the track - after comparing to V281 and Auralic Taurus MKII.
  5. ubs28
    Could be. What you can do is trying some sine sweeps at very low frequencies and try if you can hear the driver rattling.
  6. joseph69
    Much, much better? There shouldn't be any crackling noise whatsoever. Don't you think? I had both the Utopia/Clear out on loan and ever experienced this issue with either. I've never experienced this on any headphone I've borrowed/owned.
  7. Drewligarchy
    Completely agree. I think I had a situation where there were both problems with the headphone and amp - or perhaps the issue with the amp cause the issue with the headphone with my previous set.

    I also didn’t phrase as well as I could - I’m not getting any cracklings but (thought) I still heard some distortion. It’s difficult to tell as there is some intended distortion on the track what’s caused by the track and what was caused by the headphone amp or headphone. I’ve seemed to isolate the issue to the moon audio 230had, so have moved that out of my setup and have had not further issues.
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  8. devilboy
    Don’t want to change the subject but I heard that two groups within Focal designed the three headphones. One group designed the Elear and Utopia. The other designed the Clear with a different objective in mind. Don’t know how true that is, just sayin.

    I’m currently auditioning the Elear and will try out the Clear in a week or two. Frankly, I prefer the clarity and speed of the Elear to my LCD 2 F.
  9. PopZeus
    My sorta ballpark comparison would be that the Elear is an upgrade to the Philips Fidelio X2 sound. An audiophile basshead's tuning, with some non-fatiguing sweetness up top. The Elex and Clear are closer to refined version of the Sennheiser HD650. Neutral warm without the roll-off at either end of the frequency graph. I have no first-hand experience with either the Clear or Elex, but I did EQ my Elear to sound like the Elex based on the FR graph and it reminded me of the HD6XX (also, their graphs are awfully similar).

    The Utopia seems more like it's for bass-thin, analytical fans? This is the price range I have the least amount of time with. Also, I really find analytical tunings to be very fatiguing, so I avoid.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
  10. ubs28
    The Utopia (with high-end cables) has more bass slam and has a better defined bass than the Clear. So not sure what you mean that the Utopia is for bass-thin, analytical fans?
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
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  11. Ekul61
    Certainly a debatable thought. I’m not sure many that have listened to both would agree with you. Ask Tyll from Inner Fidelity.
  12. ubs28

    Well, Tyll is probably running the stock cable and also a different setup than mine.

    It’s simply down to speed and resolution of the driver which allows the Utopia to have more slam as the bass of Clear sounds more like a “blob” and “softer” to say it like that.
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  13. kino lau
    One thing that often forget when I'm listening
    What are you using for a headphone cable?
  14. Ekul61
    Sounds like u have a nice set up. But with a balanced cable and a Violectric 280. The Clear bass is more enjoyable and real to life than the 800S and Utopias.
  15. up late
    and that is also "a debatable thought"
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