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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. bgbkt
    I'm interested in this combination as well if anyone tried it. FYI - Cavalli CTH is not balanced amp, just balanced connector for convenience.
  2. snafu1
    Yeah, I was looking at the Cavalli also (though the balanced connector on the front is there as a convenience, it's not balanced).
    I'm also very tempted at the price drop on the Woo WA7d amp ($799).
  3. givemetacos
    Incredible setup. Would you mind comparing SR-009 with the Focals (Clear and Utopia)? I have auditioned both Clear and Utopia and own some Stax lambdas, but haven't heard the Omegas. With all those headphones being detailed oriented and very clear and transparent, is the biggest difference the dynamic impact factor? I imagine the Clear/Utopia have a more visceral weight and feel to the sound compared to the SR-009 light and airy nature?
  4. llamaluv
    That's exactly how it played out for me, too.
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  5. franz12
    I am impressed. Probably need to drop good 50k to build your rigs. Given the depth of your wallet, I wonder why you are not interested in high-end 2 way speakers at this moment.
  6. Drewligarchy
    Looks like I have a faulty clear. Drivers are bottoming out at way too low a volume. Listening to Bladerunner 2049 soundtrack. Ha that’s what I get for showing off.

    Listened to the Utopias and there fine. I have never heard distortion like that before. Like lightning crackling. Guess I gotta exchange my clears.

    In regard to your question about a 2 channel system, I do have some decent speakers (meridian dsp 6000s), but they are mainly used for home theater. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment in NYC with my wife and 2 year old son so I don’t really have the space for it nor the ability to listen to it the way I can listen to headphones.

    Maybe something to consider if I move out of the city into a house, but honestly, just really like headphones!
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  7. franz12
    Gotcha. When I lived in NYC, I was able to hear somebody singing from the upper floor in my smallish 1-bedroom apartment. Never dreamed of any audio equipments, as I already had too many stuff in my small dark room.
  8. ubs28
    I must say that the Silver / Grey colour looks better than expected after using it for a couple of days. Glad that I didn’t go for the professional version.
  9. Paulo Abreu
    Man, my home rig gets dust every day more and almost exclusively play on social occasions ... I admit I’m also a headphone guy, they are so convenient

    Ps: Btw, incredible rig. I just own one set of IEMs and Clear, where I live, giving the importance and value most people give to having a high quality audio device, I’m considered a weirdo :wink:
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
  10. lentoviolento

    i see you have afo too.. how do they compare? is it clear better than the afo? thx
  11. Jasonaudio23
    I found focal Utopia boring
  12. snafu1
    I think I also have a bad set of Clears. I get intermittent crackle/breakup in the right channel. Looks like I have to contact my dealer and see about getting these repaired/replaced (they're 2 months old).
  13. Luke Thomas
    Mine did the same. You should get replacement
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  14. Drewligarchy
    Still need to spend more time with the Clears and the Utopias - and at that point I will provide more in depth comparisons.
  15. Drewligarchy
    I just got a replacement set of Clears (I am using the Clear Professional) and the crackling issue is much, much better.

    I was getting crackling mainly on film scores. On the Bladerunner 2049 soundtrack it was really bad - loud, loud clacking.

    I listened to Cliff Martinez "Game Night" no distortion (first track). I listened to War Anthem by Max Richter (which seemed to be the distortion test track for the Elears), at a reasonable high volume, and distortion at all.

    I am still, however, getting some light distortion on Blade Runner 2049 (first track). It's a very light static. I also get this when I adjust the volume pot - so it almost sounds like a dirty volume pot. Thing is, I tried it on all my other amps with the same behavior - so its not the amp.

    Can anyone listen to the first track on Blade Runner 2049 and tell me what you are hearing?

    At least for now, these seem better than my previous set - but still issues on that album only.
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