FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

  1. canali
    FLC S9?...how about the long over due Celeste..any update on release there?
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  2. JerryLeeds
    Hey everyone... just checking on something..

    I just got a null Audio cable with the UE TF10 connectors ... is the orientation the same? I mean the red dot on the new cable pairs with the R on the earphone housing ... or are the +\- pins/polesreversed?

    The build quality on this cable is great
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  3. csglinux
    The UE connectors aren't quite the right size. They're slightly too thick. You'll need to file them down slightly or you'll permanently damage the sockets on your FLC8S.
  4. JerryLeeds
    Already handled the filing ... just double checking if the red dot on the new cable should line up with the R on the earphone housing or should it be flipped because the pin +\- poles are wired differently.

    I guess I have it correct because it sounds just fine

    BTW: These tips seem to last a bit longer than the comply ... enjoying them even during nyc subway commute

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  5. csglinux
    You can check your polarity with the following test tracks:


    If your polarity matches L and R, then the first (center) track should sound like the noise is coming from directly between your ears, and the second (twisted) track should sound like it's coming from outside your head. This is the first thing I check after having soldered up a new cable :wink:
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  6. Choruptian
    May I ask how?

    Will this negatively affect the IEMs over time or is this only a concern if you're going to change back to cables with the proper sized pins?
  7. Signal2Noise
    No two UE TF10 after market connectors are the same though. I have one set that were very tight to put on the blue FLC8S and am afraid to remove them now. Another NA set I purchased later has a 2 pin connector that fit almost perfectly on the red FLC8S.
  8. Ziggomatic
    It stretches the sockets out just enough so that the original cable fits noticeably looser. I went to aftermarket cables a couple years ago, and other than the stretching issue, I haven't experienced any negative effects. FWIW - not that you were asking me. :)
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  9. JerryLeeds

    I used a nail file (or at least a small fragment of one) .. carefully sanding ... not much was removed ...

    Afterwards the cables just popped in ... this cable is much much better then stock or the flc8s upgrade cable ...I will probably not have to change the Null Audio cable for a very long time
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  10. fahadj2003

    shed some light on the 'modded black' part?
    whats the mod?
  11. csglinux
    I couldn't find a happy ground with either black or gray LF filters, so I ended up putting a tiny (< 1 mm^3) piece of acoustic damping foam in the black LF filter. It lifts the sub-bass more than gray, but doesn't let it bleed into the mids like the stock black LF filter does.
  12. se7en7
    Has anybody got the silver flc8s upgrade cable for sale? Or an equivalent that is okay pin and fit wise for flc8s?
    Pm me please thank you.

    Needs to be 3.5mm
  13. Thearcade12
    I am looking to upgrade my tips, currently looking towards spinfits. Not sure which one is better the original one or the newer double flange. Comfort is my first priority.
  14. BB 808
    Have you tried lendmeurears.com?
  15. csglinux
    I'm a big fan of both the single and (newer) dual-flange SpinFits. They're both very comfortable. The dual-flange gives better isolation and slightly tames the treble energy. I'd buy both - this basically.gives you another tuning option for your FLC8S. They aren't the cheapest tips (dual flange are $10 per pair), but being silicone, they should last.
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