FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

  1. Thearcade12
    Which one of them fit better? I slightly prefer dual flange because it's newer, but also concerned about comfort because of it's non traditional design.
  2. csglinux
    The dual flange are more likely to work for more people, on more IEMs, because they seal better and have a longer reach. They also come with little silicone adapters for IEMs with thinner nozzles. So there's no need to buy different model tips for different IEMs - these same tips should fit on almost every IEM out there!
  3. Thearcade12
    Ok so dual flange it is then. One last question, it comes in different configuration as there is 220, 230 and 240. All are dual flange.. which one will fit?
  4. csglinux
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  5. Thearcade12
    Ok so i have decided against going for aftermarket tips. I am fully satisfied by sound of the stock tips and every tip alters sound in it's own way even if i change the size. Only concern was comfort because sometimes i have to fiddle a bit to get good seal but that's it.

    Spinfit regular increase treble energy and double blade decrease it. Therefore it changes the stock sound in one way or another and i rather not change the stock sound.

    I switched back to black medium sub bass because i like lean sound signature. Red plug bass sounds a bit artificial by boosting sub bass too much. Initially i liked that but not in the long run. I love the addicting fast bass now. Yes enjoyment factor decreases a bit but my ears can't adapt to slow bass for some reason. Haha.
  6. Ultrainferno
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  7. Thearcade12
  8. Choruptian
    For another experience shared:

    I got my Null Audio Arete cable today (Half-Nylon / Half-Clear - Smoked Black).
    Immediate and well worth improvement to the microphonics that the stock cable suffers from.
    Easy to replace the cable. Spent 5+ minutes getting one of the connectors to let loose, just continuously tweaking at it without much force. Inserting the new cable was very smooth with much less force than what was required to get old one out.
    Excellent premium looking cable with extremely easy handling due to the nylon sleeved part of it. Somewhat heavy 3.5mm right angled jack, if it's plugged into something, it's unnoticeable.

    That's as much of a review I can give it.
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  9. Thearcade12
    How does look on flc8s? Can you shows us some pic. Does it improve sound in any way.
  10. Choruptian
    Here you go!

    2017-11-15 06.49.21.jpg

    For slightly better contrast albeit also slightly out of focus.

    2017-11-15 06.45.15-2.jpg

    Whether they improve the sound besides reduction in microphonics is beyond my ability to detect. I'm sure somebody else can chime in on this.
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  11. FlyingRhino
    They look great! Thinking of buying the same cable. Does it improve the fit? I have a bit of an issue getting one side to fit properly and having to constantly readjust
  12. Choruptian
    It has hard plastic around the ears, it's slightly hard to see in the picture but this prevents it from needing any form of re-adjustment. Assuming this is what you meant by fit.
  13. FlyingRhino
    I see them. Can you change the shape of the plastic to fit your ear?
  14. Choruptian
    I haven't tried to make any permanent changes to them but it seems to be like it should at least be possible due to it being a single molded piece of plastic. It doesn't seem like a necessity either way to me because they have very little force on the ear thus becoming unnoticeable when wearing and otherwise doesn't really stretch vertically which to my imagination is what the fit problem comes from.
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  15. FlyingRhino
    great thanks

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