FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

  1. Ziggomatic
    Ordered these on your advice, and, after listening for an hour, I agree with what you said about them 100%. Thanks for the rec.
  2. JerryLeeds
    I just ordered the small size of these ... looking forward to trying them
  3. JohannLiebert
    Anyone able to compre the soundstage of the flc8s with akt8ie or stagediver sd4? The latter ones have the most realistic soundstage in iems I‘ve heard and sound very spacious too. I‘D like to know how the flc8 compares.
  4. Thearcade12
    I would also like to see some comparisons, especially between flc8s and andromeda.

    Perhaps @csglinux can chime in..
  5. csglinux
    I don't think I'm the best person to talk to about the Andromedas. They're good IEMs, but they didn't work for me. They do a great job of pushing the resonance peak out beyond 10 kHz, but what seems to dominate for me is the mid-bass bloat. Some love it - but all it does for me is provide a greater appreciation of the low-pass filter in the SE846 and the front and back tunable DD vent ports on the FLC8S. I love my rumbly sub-bass; I'm not so keen when it bleeds into the lower mids. And you'll have to love the tuning that CA gave it, because you can't change anything but your eartips! Both measurements below used CP100-M SpinFits.

    You can see the main problem with the Andromedas right here:

    Boxy, metallic housings with short, stubby nozzles. A lot of people are going to end up fighting the ergonomics. My good buddy, @moedawg140, really likes the Andromedas' sound so much that he has pursued multiple attempts at custom tips in order to get a good fit and seal. (I don't think he's been entirely successful with any so far though?) Moe had to have some emergency surgery recently:


    But I'm hoping he'll be well enough to jump back on this thread soon and give you his thoughts on the Andromeda.

    Just FYI, Ken at Campfire Audio is working on some new IEMs that look like slightly re-tuned Andromedas with (mercifully!) longer, slightly thinner nozzles. I had a couple of opportunities to hear some prototypes and they sounded really promising. It might be worth holding out for Andromeda 2...?

    I can't comment on the Stagediver SD4 - I've never heard it. I've also not heard the akt8ie, but I did write a review of its successor, the Xelento, that included a comparison against the FLC8S:

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  6. HiFiChris Contributor
    Will that model fully replace the Andromeda or will they continue making it?
  7. csglinux
    My understanding was that these would be new models - so they probably won't be called Andromeda ii :wink:
  8. Thearcade12

    I get it. Seems like more mid bass then flc8s which is a no go for me. Recently I changed the black sub bass plug to red one. My gosh the fun factor has quadrupled. I remember when i tried it last time, it enhanced the bass too much but not this time. I guess it has to do with burn in as clearity is increasing while bass is reducing gradually as it is getting closer to 500 hour mark. It makes the bass slower but it's a nice trade off for the fun and excitement I get while listening to my favorite songs again. The red plug just fits in really well now like a peice that completes the puzzle.
  9. originalsnuffy
    I had been mulling putting the red ULF filters back in. That last comment by Arcade kicked me into high gear and just did it.

    So far I agree with the observation that after break in the extra bass does not seem to tax the IEMs as much as when I first used them. The low bass seems more natural than the last time I tried the red filters.

    Also maybe I am getting more open to more bass as I have been putting my LZ-A2 and Trinity Icarus III into my rotation more. Both are more low bass forward as a general overview.

    Well in the case of the Trinity unit I am using the gunmetal filter and with those they area bit more bass forward. Can't speak to the other filters for the Icarus III.

    The Icarus is really pretty good and I can't understand why Trinity is killing them. But the FLC8S is a special unit. For those who care about such things I think the Trinity Icarus III sounds a lot like the LZ-A4 but for me fits better.

    But the FLC8S is super comfortable, at least with the JVC Spiral Dots in my case.

    I will concede that I was using a different DAP the first time I tried the red ULF filters, the Shanling M2. The M2S does have a different sound and that could also be a factor.
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  10. HiFiChris Contributor
    That's what I get, however will they stop making the Andromeda when the new model comes out?
  11. csglinux
    I don't know the answer to that one, but I'd guess not, considering the Andromeda has been pretty successful for them.
  12. Roscoeiii
    There a thread on these anywhere yet?
  13. csglinux
    Not that I'm aware of. The ones I heard were early prototypes with what looked like 3D-printed, rather than machined-metal nozzles.
  14. Prashanth R
    Hi people !

    I got these iems a while back, after a lot of googling.. I was wondering, what volume do you use on your DAPs with these IEMs?

    Ps: I'm on Gunmetal + Grey + Red
  15. Pakalini
    When FLC9 coming?

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