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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. audio123
    told ya better than the pinnacle p1 way back. It better than Nova too. FLC8s is so far the best iem below 500 usd. Extremely regretful selling them
  2. canali

    didn't you buy the fidue a91?
  3. Brooko Contributor
    Oh please - when making these sorts of statements, can you add an "in my opinion".  I'd personally take the Nova, the ES2, the Alclair Curve and the q-Jays over the FLC8s.  Its a fantastic IEM (versatile and very cost effective) - but best under $500 is subjective - and for my tastes there are better out there [​IMG] 
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  4. 1TrickPony

    I couldn't help but notice that every now and then you'd bring up the alcair curve as a measuring stick vis-à-vis other iems. curious how that compares to the flc8s, for comparisons sake... ( just to be on topic lol)
  5. Brooko Contributor
    Curve has the more traditional slight dip at 1 kHz, nice transition to upper mids, and good treble extension with a small peak at 7kHz (Nic probably wouldn't be a fan).  What it doesn't have is the bump between 1-2 kHz the FLC8S has (which can't be removed by changing filters). Its the only thing on the FLC8S I'm not overly crazy about - and hence why I often wore it with no treble/HF filter (removed the bump).
    The curve is probably one of the most under-rated but brilliantly tuned IEMs in my personal collection.  I've often thought about going back and doing a retrospective review on it.  The longer I've owned it (and yes it is mine) - the more I've come to appreciate it.
  6. canali
    flippin' cheap, too: new US250..
    well 'cheap' meaning against the current trend of $1-2k iems
  7. willowbrook
    Looks very...uncanny...something like alien technology. Makes me feel nauseous just by looking at someone wearing it [​IMG]
  8. audio123

    yea but flc8s is a must for collection
  9. Brooko Contributor
    Also most comfortable IEM I've ever worn.  Literally disappears.
  10. Myllarguten
    When it comes to good noise isolasjon in my ears(large). Take some Comply tips and cut out the bores. Then put them on the FLC8. Then put on some Sony EP-TC50. Flip up the foam silicon of the EP-TC50 and use some silicon "sleep in peace" (purchased at a pharmacy) that you roll as a thin sausage and put on the outside of the bore of the EP-TC50, then flip the EP-TC50 back on.:kissing_heart:
  11. canali
    edit: i now see what you mean, having a better pic, willowdale
    ...yes, different for sure in design.
  12. originalsnuffy
    I must say that I thought the Pinnacle P1 was really great with the exception that I could not get sufficient bass for my taste.  I suspect it was a fit issue; I had a similar issue with the IT03.
    I have no issues getting a good fit with the FLC8S.  Spiral dots for me.
    I have yet to hear anything that I like better than the FLC8S at the sub $1000 price point; but then again I have not heard the units Brooko was referring to. 
    Then again, my taste runs somewhere between "reference" and "fun" whereas I perceive Brooko preferring a more classic "reference" sound signature.  I tried his preferred FLC8S tuning (minus various filters) and it had too much treble for my taste.
  13. 1TrickPony

    Brooko is a big fan of bright iems, though he has a good ear for "natural" sounding iems, hence him recommending me Earbuds like Zen2.0 (can't wait to get them shortly).

    Got to admit that the pinnacle totally surprised me with its immersive soundstage (the 3d "middle of it all" experience on select recordings). Though the FLC8S just brings this consistently without fail.

    just curious in hearing what happens next...
  14. MarcusTheGreat7
    Tested a couple combinations today.  Was using Red/Grey/Gold for a very long time.  Green was too hot for me in the upper end, but Red/Grey/Grey felt.... weird.  All Grey also removed that sweet extension down to 20hz, reminds me of BA bass (not a good thing).  Finally settled on Red/Clear/Grey.  Sounds very neutral, but while the low end moved down in level a tad it still is very clear and keeps the rumble I know and love.  Highly recommend giving Red/Clear/Grey a shot.
  15. audio123
    same here. It is unbeatable really below 500 in my opinion.
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