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Fir Audio Thread - Discussion and Impressions

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  1. 8481
    Around the end of July.
  2. bogdan belonozhko
    Universals are slated for September through dealers, Customs are around 2.5 weeks right now from time of impressions.
  3. IneffableMusic
    This company impresses me more and more and beyond how any iem company has before by a long shot too. The m5 seems like it could be one of the best iems to date with the tribrid tech plus tubeless AND custom or universal at that plus a MUCH needed iem termination upgrade (who wants to spend thousands on an iem for their 2 pin cable to need replacement), also the cable looks super pliable and just has a unique look, 3d printing seems to half production time compared to competitors as well as improve accuracy and have a more precise look. I could go on and on. The hype is real for me to see more impressions and reviews on the m5 so I can buy them haha
  4. 8481
    Yup pretty much in line with what I heard from my local dealer. :)
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  5. chungjun
    My order for M5 (customs) are in.

    FiR M5, I heard you and can't seems to get you out of my mind. Your sound signature is right for me. For hybrid design, it certainly is one that I felt implemented in a mature tasteful manner (i.e. all that driver tech come together well, coherent and not trying to "outshine" the other).

    Thanks to @mvvRAZ for willingness to share some of his insights. My reading of FiR Audio's operating ethos, their visions and also correspondence with FiR's support has been inspiring and instill confidence. Local dealer, Music Sanctuary has been a great pleasure to work with.
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  6. mvvRAZ
    Happy to have been of help! :)
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  7. chungjun
    Curious... given that FiR iems adopt "tubeless" design - I'm curious how consistancy of the inner workings between customs vs universals build are achieved?

    Do customs vs universals build share the same amount of "air space" within the shells? (customs would vary depending on individual ear shape and size etc? No?) Or these "air space" size/amount within the shells are technically irrelevant/ negligible?
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  8. normie610
    Exactly what I was thinking about. Perhaps there is a standard inner chamber with same shape & size which houses the drivers and the custom/universal shell is enveloping the chamber. Pure speculation here though.
  9. IneffableMusic
    They have dampening inside to prevent reflections so acoustics are out of the equation as much as possible. I'm not sure if they do other stuff as well like having them all be the same shape inside like normie610 mentioned but I could see that making things work as well
  10. CYZZM
    M5 ordered. Should get them in around 2 weeks. Thanks so much for giving me the special artworks @bogdan belonozhko!!! Great company to do business with! I will post some impression with SP1000+AMP pair up when I got them.
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  11. mvvRAZ
    Great choice, I'm curious how they'll sound on the SP1000. I recently got the 1000M and so far I'm loving the combo
  12. nxq64
    Nice, would there be a chance that there would be delays though? Ordered mine a while back ago and still waiting
  13. 8481
    I asked my dealer on the status of my order, they said they'd check with FiR but no reply yet, I'm expecting some delays now lol.
  14. CYZZM
    According to my previous comparison, I believe that the 1000M and 1000 are quite similar but do have some difference due to the different material used. Well, AK says they are the same, but just like SP1000 SS/CU/Black copper, there are differences inside that AK did not mention. SP1000+AMP will certainly have more powerful bass, large sound stage, and better treble extension.
  15. chungjun
    Good to see there are others on board as well! More should have a listen at FiR audio's lineup. Exciting times!
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