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Fir Audio Thread - Discussion and Impressions

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  1. mvvRAZ
    I tried the M5 with the SP1000M but the improvement over the SR15 was marginal. I asked Bogdan about it and apparently they have a circuit that's there to minimise the effect of the source on the IEM - it's nice that they're consistent in that sense but I also find it limits their performance somewhat, compared to what it could be at least

    The good news I guess is that I finally found a negative to the M5 :D I really like experimenting with my IEMs and tweaking their sound and performance so I'm not the biggest fan of that
  2. TooPoorForHiFi
    What are the dealers for US market? I'm interested in the universal M3.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
  3. nxq64
    Really love the sound! Been waiting for so long and I can't wait to relisten to all my songs on the M5!
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  4. 8481
    Asked my dealer when I should be expecting my order, 2 weeks later still no reply from FiR, it’s already mid-September. I wonder when I’m going to get my order now. :/
  5. Evoke
    That is what I feel too. M2 is just so airy and wide. M3 is fun sounding but the bass might be a bit too much for some. Can't wait to hear the final tuning of the FIR lineup.
  6. 8481
    Alright Bogdan has since contacted me and sorted the issue out. Looks like there will be delays for the universal M5 for up to 2 months. Props to him for sorting this out really quick.
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  7. chungjun
    Oh? Production delay? Hmm... hopefully things will pick up pace and more will get to hear what FiR has to offer.

    On the custom front, FiR team is doing some gorgeous work! Matte finish done right and oh that gold plating! (not mine, though I wish it is)

    Photo from FiR’s Facebook.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
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  8. joshuachew
    My babies have arrived..

    upload_2019-9-20_13-9-58.png upload_2019-9-20_13-9-58.png upload_2019-9-20_13-9-58.png upload_2019-9-20_13-9-58.png
  9. chungjun
    Congrats mate! Those are simply gorgeous! First saw it on FB post by FiR and damn - I was stunned - customization / personalization at its best! FiR has it nailed!

    Just so happen my initials are CJ... and I’m :alien: green with envy! How did you get that gold plated JC initials done?!?

    Expecting my M5 sometime next week, excitement is high!
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
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  10. eldss
    Yes, where did you get your custom initials in that metallic finish? Very nice by the way
  11. joshuachew
    I got it specially custom made based on my initials. I have those initials on all my IEMs. Even my full carbon fibre Roxannes from JH Audio.

    Another pic with the AK SP2000
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
  12. joshuachew
    Hi bro. Sorry I forgot to add your post to my reply above.
    Also to note, I see you also own a VE8. You will be very very well pleased with the M5. Its one of the best IEMs I have ever heard or owned. And that's saying a lot, I do own some highly regarded IEMs. VE8, SE5U, KSE1500, MH335DW etc
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019
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  13. chungjun
    Nice! The matte finish with your initials are classy and timeless. How’s the fit?
  14. kenjamin0523
    I just ordered M5 today. I’m immensely happy with custom service of Fir. Especially, thanks to @bogdan belonozhko, he answered any my single question, and offer whatever he has to make customers pleased. Hope they can keep up with the professional services
  15. chungjun
    Nice! Am I correct to read / assume you went for a custom build M5 (instead of universals)?

    Aaaannnnddd... another set of "jewelry" added to the collection! Just picked it up today. Happy that they fit like a glove and nicely snug - well build FiR Audio! (special mention also to local retailer Music Sanctuary for a quality ear impression). Will be busy listening to them tonight.

    Last edited: Sep 29, 2019
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