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Fir Audio Thread - Discussion and Impressions

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  1. mvvRAZ
    Yeah course, from what you tell me and having listened to the M5, FiR is catering to a large variety of preferences and sound signatures - I am still curious what the "house special" will be in terms of sound signature or a specific element though (the way for example Noble is famous for its mid-centric IEMs)
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  2. John2e Contributor
    Does anyone know when the new IEM case will be available? I have seen it on Instagram and it looks super nice! Also interested in the RCX (FirCon) to 2 pin converter's availability?
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  3. 8481
  4. saxelrod92
    So I was looking at 64 audio A12ts for a while now as a change of setup after I sell my current one. I managed to stumble across FiR audio after some people mentioned the atom modules, and now I'm buying into the hype after learning everything about FiR. Looks really promising to me, but since it is so new there aren't many impression/reviews of the different models. My budget allows up to 2k strictly, so the highest end model I can get would be the M4. Can anyone whose heard it give me some details on it's sound signature, frequency response, overall tuning and tonality? Even better if you could compare directly to a A/U12t since thats my other consideration. This would be my first ciem, since I am tired of heavy headphones making my neck sore, or dealing with glasses fitment issues, plus I play drums as a hobby. Universals don't fit me that great, at least not well enough when spending this much money (its fine for my 150 dollar final audio e4000, but for 2k it needs to be custom lol). Anyways any M4 impressions and comparisons to A12t would be awesome.
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  5. John2e Contributor
    I can really feel the emotional impact of the M5. I have been listening to the TOOL remasters and WOW. This band conveys emotions like no other. Their music is dark and full of angst and with the M5, I feel it. I feel like punching someone but those are the feeling the band intended to convey. I am afraid if I put on gangster rap, I might hurt someone :)
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  6. John2e Contributor
    Sending my Leo II for RCX termination!
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  7. eldss
    I had the A12ts for over a year and absolutely loved them. I lost them and was going to buy them again until I heard the M4s. The A12t probably has the best BA bass I've heard. It almost feels like a dynamic presentation. In simple terms, I would describe them as being fun and analytical in a way, because you get lots of details w/ those Tia drivers. I'd say they probably are a little more detailed or at least slightly brighter than the M4s (although I don't feel I'm missing anything w/ M4s). On the custom version, from memory I feel that the bass has slightly more qty than M4. Overall, they are fairly neutral I'd say. The M4, is very well balanced overall, I really like what Fir Audio has done with the tuning of their dynamic drivers. They have excellent extension (maybe better than A12t from memory), but are very well controlled for DD. I heard the Empire Ears lineup and while I generally liked them, I had issues with how slow and bloated the W9 DD can get. The M4s have excellent speed and are so well controlled. Where I'd say the M4s and really everything I've heard from Fir make a huge difference for me was on the emotional and engaging perception I get from listening to music. I believe it has to do with them having that tubeless design, so I imagine there is more air movement and also the sound stage is more 3D and natural sounding in a way. I'd audition them if you could, but honestly, I'm not looking back at the A12ts which are great, but I believe Fir audio is on to something here.
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  8. saxelrod92
    Wow, thanks for that impression! That helped clear up some of my concerns about the bass on the m4. I'm not a basshead, I actually like neutral bass tunings generally, as long as its full and weighted rather than thin and brittle. For example bass on my alpha prime is great, but bass on an hd800 crosses that line for me into bass light territory. Also these days I kinda prefer a slightly warmer sound, smoother treble, etc as long as clarity and most details are there. I actually don't want all the details possible lol, my daily usage is with music and videos that are well recorded but not ultimate resolution headphone quality well recorded. So slightly warm and smooth while being tonally natural and clear is what I'm after. I jist enjoy some good sub-bass rumble on some ambient electronic I listen to, otherwise I'm mostly a metalhead (more modern bands like periphery, shadow of intent, within the ruins). Then its just youtube vids and netflix.

    Sounds like the tubeless design mimics what an overear does in the sense of having a cavity for a driver to resonate within more naturally. It's real interesting to see how they figured out the tunings of their drivers when they just sit there in an open ear shaped cavity. Seems really promising as the next step in in-ear tech.
  9. 8481
    Did you send them to EA or FiR?
  10. John2e Contributor
  11. mvvRAZ
    Do drop some impressions for us once you try the pairing, I'm really curious to play around with some cables too but I'll wait till I can get my hands on them adapters
  12. 8481
    Thanks, good to know, my M5s are coming mid-September so I wanted to eventually get a 4.4 cable with RCX.
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  13. ngd3
    Got a demo set of M4s in today :)

    Only got about an hour of listening in today, but they are definitely excellent. Very clean sounding, I'll add impressions in the next few days

    A few side notes. The cable is excellent, just feels better than pretty much any cable I've ever used. Also, random but nice option on the universal - the nozzle is notched so custom tips should be possible
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  14. CYZZM
    Do you mind tell us when did you order so we could know how long it's going to take approximately?
  15. ngd3

    Comparing the M4s mostly just turned into OCD tip rolling on all my universals. I will say the M4s just sound so clean. Perceived soundstage is solid, maybe slightly smaller than the Trio. Vocals may be the best of the bunch, imaging is very precise. Will listen a little more critically the next few days and add more impressions
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