fir audio
  1. Sebastien Chiu

    FiR Audio E10 & E12 Tour

    Hello freinds! Happy to announce I'll be bringing a few FiR audio tours over the next few months to you all with the support of @bogdan belonozhko! We're kicking things off with the E10 ($1,299) and E12 ($1,799) - two excellent single DDs from one of my personal favorite brands in our space...
  2. FiR Audio Electron 12

    FiR Audio Electron 12

    Introducing the Electron 12 (e12), a revolutionary leap in the world of In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) that defies all expectations. Our groundbreaking SwapX technology sets it apart, allowing you to switch up the look of your IEM with ease using user-replaceable faceplate designs. Customize your...
  3. Audio46

    The Black Friday Specials for 64 Audio and FiR Audio are currently underway at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of 64 Audio and FiR Audio Black Friday savings are here! Enjoy 20% off 64 Audio (excluding Volür) and FiR Audio IEMs until Monday, November 27th. Available online and in-store at Audio46. SHOP 64 AUDIO> SHOP FIR AUDIO> SHOP ALL BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS>
  4. danielik

    Paris Audio Video Show 2023 impressions

    I attended the two-days Paris Audio Video Show 2023 this weekend, and I would like to share my impressions with the forum. Please be patient as it was my first show, this is my first post, and anyway I will express only personal opinions or emotions - no absolute judgements, I am quite novice in...
  5. Audio46

    FiR Audio IEMs are Back In Stock at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of FiR Audio Our first batch of FiR Audio IEMs came and went ....but now they're back in stock and ready to ship at Audio46. Experience the Krypton 5, Radon 6 Limited Edition, Neon 4, and more for yourself! SHOP FIR AUDIO>
  6. Audio46

    FiR Audio IEMs Arrive at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of FiR Audio FiR Audio was founded in 2018 by two brothers, Bogdan and Alex Belonozhko, and their friend Daniel Lifflander. Between them, they have over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing some of the most advanced in-ear monitors while they...
  7. FiR Audio Radon 6 (Rn6)

    FiR Audio Radon 6 (Rn6)

    The Radon 6 is a Limited Anniversary model, limited to 300 production units world-wild. Celebrating 5 years in pursuit of the ultimate in-ear monitor listening experience. We’ve applied everything we learned from Frontier Series and mindfully retuned our popular 6-driver model and arrived at a...
  8. Andrew DiMarcangelo

    Fir Audio's World Class IEMs Have Arrived at Bloom Audio

    When we heard Fir's lineup at CanJam NYC, we were smitten. The Radon 6 in particular really knocked our socks off with its thunderous bass, extremely addictive slightly-warm-of-reference tuning, and incredibly detailed sound. And Fir's Kinetic Bass and Atom Venting are not just marketing...
  9. Bellos Audio X2

    Bellos Audio X2

    Bellos Audio X2 Introducing the Bellos X2, a Custom In-Monitor that can be built in a matter of a few days. While packing industry-leading technology such as our patented 3D Printing technology, ATOM Venting system, and the ultra-durable RCX Cable. Build Time Get your X2 shipped in a matter...
  10. FiR Audio Krypton 5

    FiR Audio Krypton 5

  11. MusicTeck

    Don't miss the upcoming launch of FIR Audio's Frontier Series IEMS!

    We're stoked to announce that we now carry FIR Audio! Be the FIR-st to get your hands on one of these stunning IEMs 😌 Check out the upcoming launch of FIR Audio's highly anticipated Frontier Series FIR Audio Frontier Series: Xenon 6 Universal IEM A full-range IEM that brings the scale...
  12. bogdan belonozhko

    Fir Audio VxV DROP

    Eyes here for the VxV deal to top all VxV deals: All the versatility and musicality of a streamlined M5 for US$799 (UP US$999), less than half of the M5's price. The VxV promises pressure equalization and a specialized tubeless sound chamber on top of five Drivers: One dynamic driver and Four...
  13. Ike1985

    Fir Audio Thread - Discussion and Impressions

    I have not seen a Fir Audio thread yet and they are surely working on top shelf hybrid IEMs, please discuss impressions and thoughts here. I am interested in their electrostat/DD/BA hybrids. Each of these are the best at what they do, dd lows, BA mids and quick and precise estat highs. High...