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Fir Audio Thread - Discussion and Impressions

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  1. kenjamin0523
    My M5 is universal, I will order custom later if it suit my sound taste.
    Your custom looks fantastic. Hope to hear your feedback soon kk.
  2. 8481
    My dealer just informed me that the universals have a new shell.


    Looks a lot nicer IMO.
  3. TooPoorForHiFi
    so they ditching the Metal Faceplate ?
  4. 8481
    I guess so
  5. IneffableMusic
    Oh my god that looks so much nicer! That looks amazing
  6. mvvRAZ
    This design is next level, far better than the old one
  7. 8481
    Guys, seems that I have jumped the gun. Bogdan has cleared up some confusion, seems that this isn’t the new universal and it’s just a custom made order. There was some miscommunication with my dealer.
  8. IneffableMusic
    Maan, I'm not a fan of the copper faceplate. I'm probably going custom if I get the m5 anyways but the wood looked super sharp
  9. chungjun
    Hi @John2e , being one of the early adopters of M5 - wondering what's your take on the M5 today and whether you ultimately went for a customs?
  10. John2e Contributor
    They are my only IEM ATM
    I use them about Three hours a day
    The fit and feel of the universals for me was perfect and I have no need for customs now

    I have had my Leo II converted to the fir interface formerly known as FIRCON

    Very happy with the Product and the customer service

    For Rock music I highly recommend them !!!
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
    8481 and chungjun like this.
  11. 8481
    I mainly listen to rock, can’t wait to pick up my plastic ones this Friday c:
    John2e likes this.
  12. John2e Contributor


    Let us know what you think
    8481 likes this.
  13. twister6 Contributor
    As some of you probably remember, I reviewed M5 back in April, before CanJam SGP when I had their pre-production tuned pair for testing. Well, now I got the final tuned M5 and the difference and improvement is so noticeable that I had to rewrite most of my review. Enjoy the new read here. Also, please take a note of eartips selection mini-guide in Sound Analysis section, it is very crucial if you want to adjust the bass slam. Oh, and the shells below are 3D printed, it's universal demo version of their CIEM.

  14. John2e Contributor
    Hi Guys

    I was texting with Bogdan and he indicated there would soon be a head tour for FIR Audio. I am not sure of the terms yet or what models will be available for home audition but it is going to happen!!! I am very eager to have a few more impressions/discussions of these excellent IEM's. I know a bunch of you are as well from all the PM's I've gotten. You gotta hear them ....


  15. John2e Contributor
    Hi Ken,

    I see you got your universal M5's. I also noticed you no longer have your Noble Khan's. Per our PM's I know you ordered the customs as well. I guess you like the sound :)
    Could you please give your opinion and why you got rid of the Khan's (my second favorite IEM )

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