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FiiO X7 Mk II 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM + ESS9028 PRO + Balanced + DSD + BT 4.1 aptX + Dual mSD + Dual Band WiFi + Opt Out

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by superuser1, Jul 6, 2017.
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  1. tjl5709
    If you use the line-out to A5, you are using the X7 DAC, and gaining more power (and I assume cleaner) for driving larger, more inefficient cans.

    If you go the Q5 route and use coax/optical out of X7 into the Q5, you use the DAC in the Q5 (bypass X7 DAC) and gain whatever benefits, if any, it provides over the X7 and then uses the same amp module as the X7 to drive your cans.

    Again, the X7 has a fine DAC, I would go the route of A5 and use a player like neutron to give you more flexibility to tweek the sound.

    I use the X7mkII with a Shure KSE 1200 IEM and the sound quality and detail that it provides me are unreal. It is 90% of my home unit. For my portability needs, I am done chasing "better" as I cannot see gaining anything significant over what I have or need sound wise. The X7 buggyness is another issue.

    Again, you did not mention what cans you have or what you are trying to achieve. Your "Better sound" statement needs to be clarified as it is ambiguous. What is your kit currently? What is it lacking to meet your needs? PM me if you care to. Good luck hunting.
  2. Azirius
    I’d be tempted to sell my X7 and get a Q5 instead. I would not have to worry about laggy, ageing Android firmware. It’s just effort. I’m just too lazy. I don’t see the point in owning both. As far as I can tell the Q5 is an X7 without a screen (that’s obviously a gross simplification :p).
  3. Elric
    if you want more snap in your X7 you could check out the fidelizer ROM for the X7 or X7 mk II. over at http://www.fidelizer-audio.com/portable-products/

    It is tuned for performance, The advanced rom - purist is really good.
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  4. Judge584
    I'm confused, is the ROM free or not?
  5. Elric
    the basic ROM is free, the advanced ROM is not, the basic ROM does tune up the X7 quite nicely speed wise and application wise. the enhanced, and the Advanced ROM takes that up several notches and adds tighter system tweaks and customization from extending battery life, to completely isolation the OS from the music app and giving even greater stability..

    To be honest, it depends on how far you want to take the mods. For many people the basic ROM is all they may need. It comes down what do you want from your X7 and is it worth it for you to buy the enhanced or Advanced ROMs
  6. Elric
    The Free release for the original X7 is here:


    The Free release for the X7 mk II is here:


    BTW the best person to talk to about this is @WindowsX here on the forums, He is the one who made these ROMs.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  7. Judge584
    Many thanks.
  8. dsrk
    I sent my X7II for repair and they replaced it with a new one. It came with the latest update 1.07, I installed the old FiiO Music but ViPER Effects which I already purchased asking me to purchase again. How can I contact them to get this resolved?
  9. Elric
    Our VIPER effects are keyed to the X7 you purchased them on against a hardware key I think. :frowning2:

    Technically it means you need to rebuy them I think.

    But wouldn't sending email to support@fiio.com get you an answer? They won't back in their offices until after the 18th tho.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  10. dsrk
    Thanks, I will drop them an email.I thought it would be linked to Google account but it's not.

    Couldn't wait that long, purchased them again.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  11. dsrk
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2019
  12. 3StarJ.R.
    I've owned the x7II for a couple of weeks and have a question about downloading my playlists from spotify premium for offline use. When you download, the files go directly to the 2 gig ram and fills it quickly. Any settings I'm missing and or haven't found to direct spotify download to the internal memory or better yet my sd cards? I'm on a steep learning curb with a "smart Dac/amp" having started out with a x3II and an x5II. With those two having no WiFi, I would have to build my playlists on my PC which was laborious. Would be nice with the x7 to have offline access to my spotfiy library which is extensive. And as all Fiio owners know getting detailed info from their website is almost non existant. Any advise will be greatly appreciated..
  13. Darren Cotter
    What's the reason your X5iii gets more use than your X7ii? I've got the X7ii and have had the X5iii in the past, but never at the same time. It might be nice to have a smaller DAP for the gym, trips away etc.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
  14. BobSmith8901
    I have the X5III but the Spotify Premium app should give the same options...

    In the Spotify Android app, hit the little ||\ icon at the bottom, click the gear icon, go to the very bottom, under "Other" click Storage and it should give you options for what ever storage the app has recognized as available. In my Spotify app it gives me the choice between my two SD cards and the internal storage (not the tiny slice the FiiO gives for installing apps--that's the 2Gb install space--This internal storage space on my X5III is around 26Gb--I think the X7II's internal storage is larger.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
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  15. Brooko Contributor
    Size (portability) and tonality. I personally like the warmth and richness. I also used Viper a lot but with latest fw dropping it, I’ll have to see what other options there are. If Neutron is more stable with jkhubas new kernel then it’ll still be my preference
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