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FiiO X7 Mk II 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM + ESS9028 PRO + Balanced + DSD + BT 4.1 aptX + Dual mSD + Dual Band WiFi + Opt Out

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by superuser1, Jul 6, 2017.
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  1. Rizob
    Has anyone had luck using the USB DAC feature with the Nintendo Switch? I know the that the Switch does work with certain devices, but when I connect the X7ii it switches to USB DAC mode but doesn't output any audio. I have tried connecting directly to the Switch's USB-C port whilst un-docked, and I have tried connecting to the USB socket on the Dock as well.

    I get the same thing happening when I connect the X7ii to my Surface Pro as well, although it does work when I connect it to my Xperia phone.
  2. Old Man Craig
    I use the Line Out - optical output in my car and coax output to an Oppo HA1 (just to test things as I'm learning to use the X7mkII)
  3. JaviAl
    This clearly means that new firmware is a downgrade with less and removed features because they don't fit in the new generic FiiO Music app design. All users prefer more features than a new design. However, FiiO is evaluating the possibility of re-adding these features in the future, because initially has not intention to add those removed features to the firmware or maybe to improve the firmware. They are simply evaluating the possibility to, maybe, improve or add new features to a future firmware, but he does not seem to have much interest or enthusiasm in doing it reading this.

    The last complete list of bugs, issues and removed features in the new January 2019 Firmwares Upgrades:
    • Incorrectly plays DSD256 sounding very distorted with lots of Really Load white noise (like a wrong tuned radio).
    • Missing support to M3U8 playlist files, CUE files, etc. Not able to find or play this files.
    • No gapless on DSD or lossy formats.
    • International characters (like ñ, á, é, ü, etc.) are showed with Chinese characters.
    • No volume limiter option: removed.
    • Navigation is much harder. Hitting UI elements to move back screens takes way to much effort (more clicks or taps) and results in incorrect inputs. In the older firmware, you could just go back to the main screen to pick playlists or your library, now it takes a good 4 or 5 clicks/taps to get back to that main screen.
    • No VIPER effects: removed because the agreement of cooperation between FiiO and ViPER's Audio has expired.
    • A lot of sortings issues: lists not correctly order alphabetically specially in storage mode.
    • Resume options removed: Only one resume option.
    • Scrolling issues when using the letters on the right of the scroll-list.
    • Missing information about bitrates during play, etc.
    • Missing option to find album art.
    • Find Lyrics doesn't works very well.
    • Album Art is not through the whole screen, that was more beautiful.
    I am very disappointed with FiiO. I was not expecting this.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
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  4. Brooko Contributor
    So roll back to older Pure Music app.
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  5. Darren Cotter
    Can you roll back just the music app? If so, how do you do that?
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Yep - contact FiiO asking for the version of the apk you want to roll back to. Download to device. Install using ES Explorer
  7. Darren Cotter
    Thanks. Now I just have to get my new FH5's to fit.
  8. majo123
    I'm thinking of possibly rolling back the app also now as the above list of bugs is very frustrating at times.
    as @JaviAl posted the navigation key at the top is constantly freezing and at times non responsive , letters search on folders non responsive at all, general fluidity of scrolling can be jumpy and iratic, at least the old app was reasonably fluid and responsive with no real general use bugs well for me anyway....I think the most frustrating bug is the back key at the top as at times it just doesn't respond at all!
  9. Darren Cotter
    I think it's laughable they can release something like this to the public.
    majo123 likes this.
  10. majo123
    I have to admit it makes me wonder especially when I have a shanling mo that cost me £99 and the UI is a smooth as can be , and yes not so much going on and basic but even so if they can do it with such low cost then it definitely raises eyebrows.

    Edit ...I will say though I still can't fault its audio and I will live with the small issues but it is frustrating and annoying that such a great sounding device is getting let down by quite a few minor bugs.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
  11. peter1480
    Along with the X7ii at work I use a Pioneer XDP-30R on my commute, they are chalk and cheese I love the sound of the X7ii but the UI of the 30R is just so good! I wish Fiio would get their act together!
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  12. Darren Cotter
    It's not funny any more. There is usually a few bugs introduced with new firmware from FiiO, but they have outdone themselves this time, with a whole application receiving bad comments.

    I'm done with FiiO. It's up for sale and in the time being, I'll use my Questyle QP1R and keep an eye on the market. iBasso DX220 or Hiby R6 Pro look interesting.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
  13. majo123
    I have been following the hiby R6PRO thread and it does look very good so far and also the upcoming dx220 not much info there but looking promising .....come on fiio you can sort this out! you make great hardware to rival them all put in more effort on the UI ....I can understand teething on a new dap but not on a top of the line established product. I'm still sticking with it as it is still a fantastic dap but i too am debating.
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  14. Darren Cotter
    Mine just went on eBay. Onwards and obviously upwards, as far as firmware is concerned.
  15. JaviAl
    I'm looking for those too.
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