fiio x7 mark ii
  1. JP281


    This dap is in good condition and will come with all accessories along with stock am3a module and extra leather and clear case. I can also include a 256 sd card at no charge. Have no need for daps anymore so letting this go for a low price. This is a previous flagship from fiio and works great...
  2. FiiO

    FiiO X7MarKⅡ Big discount

    Heavy news comes-- FiiO X7MarKⅡ has 48% discount, only sells $348.38 now...
  3. Paulo Abreu

    (SOLD) FiiO X7 mk2 + AM3A + AM5 + FiiO K5 docking amplifier

    Perfectly working and in mint condition, not a single scratch, looks as new. K5 is a very convenient companion to X7 mk2 as a headphone amplifier, SE RCA outputs L/R for home system and as a charging station. Included is the AM5 amplifier which I found to be an overall great performer and with...
  4. T

    Creating playlists on a PC - Fiio x7 Mark ii

    I understand how to create playlists on the Fiio x7 Mark ii but I would like to do it faster and easier on my PC and then drop it onto the x7. Is there an easy way to do this either with Fiio software or a third party? All my music on my PC is lossless and in one clean folder and the same...
  5. Victorfabius

    [SOLD!] FiiO X7 mark II w/AM1, AM3A, & AM3B - $450 OBO

    Hello! I have this DAP up for sale to fund a purchase of the Massdrop Zeus. It's my favorite DAP by far, but it's not perfect. 1. It has an intermittent drop/cutout of wifi. and 2. I had problems with app storage (though I did not think to use ES File Explorer to move the apps, which is...
  6. buonassi

    SOLD: Fiio X7ii w/ stock am3a module

    first owner purchased new late feb 2018. Comes in original packaging with accessories as shown. Pretty much mint condition with the exception of silicone case which has a very slight tint to it being handled. Very slight probably doesn't even come out in the pics. Used daily for 1 to 2 hours...
  7. Victorfabius

    [No longer available] FiiO X7 Mark II w/AM3A & AM3B

    Note: Price negotiable. It includes PP fees and shipping cost to ConUS. For HI, AK or international shipping, cost will be borne by the buyer. I’ve got a second hand X7 mark II from another Head-Fier a little while ago to see if I liked it better with the AM3B. I still prefer the iBasso, so...
  8. blackgreen15

    Fiio DAP advice request

    Hi, new member here. New to the head-fi world in general, but I am so happy to be here. I have been using an X7 first gen through a Vorzuge Pure II+. I have the AM2 module on the Fiio, but the Vorz just sounds amazing with everything I have. I have Beyer t1 first gens, HD800, and Focal...
  9. makne

    *SOLD* Fiio X7 mark 2 / X7ii

    I'm considering selling my lovely Fiio X7ii with AM3A module, to move over to wireless when OTG. The unit is just a few months old, only few small signs of wear that are inevitable. I've had no issues with it, have taken good care of it and comes with all stock accessories and packaging + an...
  10. Rlin987

    Sold - FiiO x7 mark2

    Selling PERFECT condition, full set of Fiio X7 markII, including AM2A module and K5 dock. All of them are with original packaging and accessories. All INDOOR usage, always in leather case. SOLD For sale only, and pm me directly.
  11. T

    Onkyo DP-X1A Or FiiO X7 II? Which is better?

    Hi all, as the title says, I'm curious to see opinions. I'm hoping to buy one of these two, but I'm not sure which. I've heard great things about both, and that the first generation of each had issues that have now been solved. I want one of these two because I know for a fact that I'll be able...
  12. scholl43

    iPod Classic Replacement Recommendations

    I'm surprised every year when my 160GB iPod classic doesn't die, but the failing hard drive and unreliable battery life makes me think it's nearing it's end. I started reading up on possible replacements a year ago, but it kept going. I'd love some recommendations with the following...
  13. teletinandrei

    AK70ii or AK320

    Hey guys, This is my 1st post here, so i'm ready to be kicked in the balls :) I've been reading and watching reviews like crazy for the past 2 weeks and have gathered some very precious info but the more i read the harder it gets to filter. I'm looking for a dap and a pair of good iems. I...
  14. RamblerBoy

    Fiio x7 mark ii - output impedance - Shure SE846

    Hey guys, I have a doubt.. is it advisable to plug the Shure SE846 having impedance of 9 ohms into the Fiio X7 Mark II having output impedance of 1.2 ohms? Will it really alter the the sound properties of the Shure SE846? Please do reply, i am really interested in buying the Fiio X7II. Thank...