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FiiO X7 Mk II 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM + ESS9028 PRO + Balanced + DSD + BT 4.1 aptX + Dual mSD + Dual Band WiFi + Opt Out

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by superuser1, Jul 6, 2017.
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  1. russell finch
    I have this issue with card 2 as well, and this morning Neutron crashed for the first time ever whilst playing. It seemed to coincide with a "low battery" notification, but I may be wrong. Latest FW upgrade seems to have given us replay gain but little else to be positive about. I'd stick with the old FW if you can.
  2. LudoLVG
    I never downgrade a firmware. I think we lost all the data on the dap ? (Not the memory cards i guess)
  3. Darren Cotter
    Sorry, didn't mean to come across as confrontational. I was just trying to show how sure I am this new player is pants and it's not just me or my X7ii.

    I'm going back to 1.0.6.
  4. Llermo
    As already commented, my main problem with the upgrade is the EQ.

    The EQ is a very important part of a player. I used the Viper EQ with Fiio player and worked very well.

    I think if Fiio planned to remove Viper without asking users they have to offer a very good alternative, and seems clear that the new EQ is not.

    So, thanks for the upgrade, some things are great, but please fix the EQ or the player can be useless.
  5. Elric
    Dear @FiiO,

    I understand that your "agreement of cooperation " with VIPER's Audio has expired.

    With your company knowing that that was going to happen, You, as a company, should have informed both existing customers and potential customers that this was happening, both on your own forum and here on head-fi. That way people like me would not have so very recently purchased a product (say, within the past three weeks) that was not going to have the very functionality they were purchasing it for. That is tantamount to lying to your customer base.

    I am very annoyed about how much money I just spent on my X7 mk II, to not have the functionality I was purchasing it for.

    So, here is a question, when will all of the functionality that VIPER's Audio provided to FiiO Player be added back into it?
  6. Old Man Craig
    @LudoLVG and
    Did Neutron work OK in 1.0.6? Did you try to uninstall and reinstall Neutron after "upgrading" to 1.0.7?
  7. Darren Cotter
    I've just downloaded Hiby Music. It's very responsive and the EQ works perfectly. It's obvious after 5 minutes that FiiO has tried to copy the layout with its own app.

    For those in the know, are there any technical reasons to use FiiO's music player, when/if they get it fully functional, over Hiby Music's app?

    FiiO, why not use the money you are saving by not using Viper and enter into an agreement with Hiby and get them to help you? Or better still, we should just download Hiby Music for free?
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  8. LudoLVG
    No i did not try to uninstall and reinstall but Neutron makes an update after the fw update (not related through)
    Neutron worked great on 1.0.6
  9. 13-7
    Hiby Music doesn't circumvent Android's SRC.

    The only 3rd party app that is definitely able to do so is Neutron.
  10. 13-7
    Been using Neutron since they added full compatibility for Fiio DAPs and performance is the same as before for me.

    Are you using the latest optimized build of Neutron found here (NeutronMPGooglePlay_NEON.apk) or the unoptimized one from the Play Store?
  11. LudoLVG
    I guess the normal one from play store...
    Will download this one but the register is going normal ??
  12. 13-7
    Yes, it works like a normal update and uses the same licensing routine.
  13. LudoLVG
    Should I unsintall Neutron normal before or the NEON version will erase it ?
  14. Darren Cotter
    Thanks. I've tried to Google it, but what is Android's SRC?
  15. LudoLVG
    @13-7 I make the install. I will see if it is better; thanks
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