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Fiio X5iii Custom Kernel and Scripts | 2016MHz CPU | 20% RAM increase | Undervolting | New DAC drivers | and much more

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jkbuha, May 3, 2019.
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  1. kaosnews
    Well I can only say that it also maybe depends on your player. I was unfortunate that I had a 'inferior' player which I also couldn't overclock to 1.7GHz (more info: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fii...dual-card-slot.828402/page-1000#post-14924078). It became extremely hot when connected to a charger or when trying to change firmwares etc. Sold this player and returned to my trusty X5 II. After a few months I bought a new X5 III and this time it was not a problem to overclock and it also didn't become very hot. And it feels like a complete different player.
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  2. trgz
    Ah, it was a 'smart charger' (didn't FiiO say they supported these) which hadn't been an issue before but that does sound a possibility - thanks
  3. trgz
    Ah, thanks. I see that there's a NB ref in the 'About Device' that says L211a and that link you posted mentions a L311a (typo perhaps, or coincidence?). Is there any way to tell what they are inside (other than opening up) or how to tell supported clock speeds? Will this kernel, even at the slowest settings, be an improvement?
  4. WitzyZed
    I’ve handled three different X5iii ‘s, two of which I remember the build number @Preachy1 you can chime in with yours I don’t recall, but mine is R132a & my dad’s is L211a. Both of those two handled 2016 fine. (jkbuha’s is L311a).
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
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  5. WitzyZed
    benchmarks alone are never the whole story, but there are geekbench and antutu benchmark results on https://kernelmods.com, which tell a very similar story to the ones I did on 1.2.4 stock and custom kernel @ slowest and performance setting. IE, measurable performance increases.

    just for example these graphs are from antutu’s CPU test.

    here’s sloppy stock kernel barely getting the most out of the CPU:

    and here is the custom kernel running at the same base frequency of 1416 MHz, with the CPU behaving appropriately:
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  6. trgz
    Hmm, where should I be looking for this? I only see on a FiiO logo on the back panel (the front, or face(?) is all plastic touchscreen)

    Agreed, I game a lot (despite my age :wink: ) and benchmarks aren't perfect, but those two examples are certainly interesting.
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  7. WitzyZed
    Logo (Rockchip 3188) 87A887C0-23AF-417F-9E5F-753A35AB8C01.jpeg

    No logo (rumored to have rockchip 3188T)
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  8. WitzyZed
    But again, it’s possible the differences aren’t clear cut; and some devices in certain markets might have the T variant and some don’t, despite the lack of logo. I say this because your player and my dad’s both are L211a, and his had the logo.
    Don’t wanna be talking too much out of my...depth with all this. Who knows.
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  9. trgz
    Np, no doubt it will remain a mystery :)
  10. ghosthost
    @jkbuha... so I know I said I'd pass along the info on the battery months ago, but amazingly, FiiO has STILL not managed to figure out how to get a replacement battery to me after nearly six months. (Grr.)
    Having said that, here's the best I can decipher what's printed on the dead battery... in hopes you can figure out anything that will make adaptive charging a reality on the player in the future:

    On one side, AFC 12.92W 4.3V However on the other side, there's a bar code with what seems to be conflicting info:
    AEC604495 (?) 3400mA
    6436K08481 3.8V

    Bear in mind some of the above was VERY hard to read even under a magnifying glass (that last 5 in the upper-left series on the bar code side, for example) and I can't claim more than semi-accuracy.

    Does any of that make ANY sense whatsoever?

  11. MinnieOne
    I'd laugh if it wasn't so darn frustrating dealing with these companies. Looks to me like they use the same battery and just print one spec and number on one side and a different one on the other. You could try going here https://www.mouser.com/Power/Power-Management-ICs/Battery-Management/_/N-6g7mc?P=1y9iw3b and plugging in what you know to find a battery.
  12. trgz
    My rusty electronics memory seems to recall that P(watts)=I*V (amps*volts) and 12.92W does equal 3400mA*3.8V - maybe the 4.3V is a max charging voltage? Anyway, a search on the US eBay site for 'aec battery 3.8v 3400' gave some promising results but I'm really no expert, though I can say that I recently had to source a smaller battery for a GPS unit and I found that getting the right size was a nightmare (I had to opt for a battery with lower amps in order that I could get one that fitted). Sorry i can't help more.
  13. ghosthost
    Thanks to you and @MinnieOne , but at this point my only real impetus to post isn't so much to bitch about the missing battery but to provide jkbuha with the info so that hopefully future versions of his kernel can implement adaptive charging and prevent others' batteries from blowing like mine did. For the record, the x5iii runs pretty well without the battery installed on the K5 dock (aside from some weirdness when powering off and on).

    Edit: having had a look at eBay, I can say that at least *SIZE*/*SHAPE*-wise, the BL-T20 battery looks closest using those search parameters, but the connector is another story and I suspect it's a custom assembly for FiiO specifically.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
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  14. jkbuha
    Unless I'm very much mistaken, most - if not all - of the X5iii's have an RK3188T chip, not a RK3188. To prove this, anyone who knows how to use adb commands just needs to plug in the cable just after powering the device, adb shell into the player and run 'dmesg'. From the ensuing logs, both standard and modded kernel will show 'Contains RK3188T' in the first few lines. In fact, if anyone just has RK3188, please reach out :)
  15. shiro75fr
    Hello, few months ago i had to change the battery of my fiio, i used this one.

    It fit perfectly, you just need to move from the old battery the circuit who is up to it

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