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Fiio X5iii Custom Kernel and Scripts | 2016MHz CPU | 20% RAM increase | Undervolting | New DAC drivers | and much more

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jkbuha, May 3, 2019.
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  1. Powderphinger
    Had a few "anamolies" today with the player.... both from cold start up(s).

    ***Player booted up quickly but never received the "3.3 optimization done" message. Tried to reboot and the unit was froze up. Did a hard reset and it rebooted normally.

    ***Hooked the player up to a Bose Wave unit. Booted up the player and although it started up normally, it didn't want to play the first selection; like it was temporarily froze up. However, it quickly began playing after a few tries.

    These are the only issues thus far under version 3.3. No over-heating, no black screens, no failure to boot up.

  2. illi4
    I know this is offtopic, but many people here seem to use UAPP. Have anyone got hardware fast forward working in there? Fiio music still doesnt work done for me after all the attempts
  3. TiborG
    Only the FiiO Music ignored the hardware forward and backward buttons. Foobar, UAPP, Gonemad, Neutron and the regular Android player responded immediately. Always. Also DSF files. When I found enough free time and finally checked all ID3 tags in the albums, he converted all .ape, .wv, .m4a to .flac and split SACD.iso images into separate files, FiiO Music responds correctly. Gonemad, Foobar and others have an adjustable Crossfade if it suits you and works properly with forward and backward buttons. No click and popping while switching.
    It's a nasty and long job to clean tags, shrink images albums to meaningful size (I just need 500x500), search all, jpg, jpeg, .png.
    But a mess in music databases is probably the biggest source of problems.
    MP3Tag, FastStone Viewer are free and also the best software. CueTools under Win, or Flacon under Mac or Linux to split iso. Foobar2000 for ReplayiGain processing into tags.

    It's up to you. You can make it through some rainy weekend.

    You don't need more tags, just to produce problems with scanning and playback
    Here is the biggest mess of iTunes, webdownload, HDTracks and so on
    Mp3Tag - View - Extended tags. You don't need anything else

    And then start by resetting the media database FiiO, UAPP etc

    My last letters on this theme, I swear ..
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
  4. TiborG
  5. illi4
  6. jkbuha
    Dear Head-Fi community

    Almost a year to the date when the first version of the custom X5iii kernel was announced, prispewnic and I are proud to announce the launch of a new website (https://kernelmods.com) that hosts all the links to the custom kernels as well as more info regarding the features and performance of the kernel. Going forward all new releases will be posted here and on kernelmods.com.

    This is also an opportunity to announce the release of the latest version of the kernel, V3.32, which has some urgent fixes for the AROMA installer. This had to be pushed out before V3.4, as a lot of code changes are going into the latest version so we'll be needing more in-depth testing.




    Version 3.32
    Fix: Minor AROMA Bugfixes
    Enhanced: Updated hosts file - 137409 exceptions for no spamware, faster browsing
    AROMA: expanded list for players automatic download

    Thanks and Rants

    Thanks again to prispewnic, without whom this project would have stopped evolving a long time ago. He's been a massive help and inspiration on this project, and it's thanks to him now that we also have the website running.

    Thanks also to @WitzyZed who helped immensely on benchmarking the modded kernel against the baseline version as well as providing updated howto documentation to mod the kernel in the first place.

    Please do browse all the sections of the new site, and feel free to PM me on any suggestions on how to improve the site.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
  7. Moragersky
    Wow! Great jkbuha! Your work has been amazing. Now I really enjoy my fiio X5iii. I hope you can do something similar to X7 one day. Greetings from Chile.
  8. jkbuha
    Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras...

    Sadly FiiO has not yet released the full kernel code for the X7, so it's not possible to build an X7 custom kernel until this happens. Maybe if other people besides myself ask for the full source code to be released then FiiO might realise how valuable (commercially) it is to have this code in the hands of people who can make these players even better than they are...
  9. Moragersky
    Hi jkbuha, I’ve had some problems with my device. Since I updated kernel 3.31 the device gets stuck in welcome and then turns off. After switch it on many times I get the main screen and I can use it but I turn it off and the oddisey starts again. I re-installed the kernel, a previous one and the latest one, even I installed a official one from the upgrade tool and then I installed the 3.3 version and again, stuck in welcome screen. What can I do? What’s the problem?
    Thanks in advance.
  10. Moragersky
    At the beginning I thought it was the frequency, i’ve Tried the three of them and nothing happens.
  11. jkbuha
    Don't worry - this is normal and happened to me a couple of times in the past. The data or system partition would have become corrupted, needing a full wipe.
    Reflash the player using the FiiO Windows tool to 1.2.1 or 1.2.3 (my preferred base), then reflash kernel 3.3.2 from kernelmods.com. Choose the 1416 or 1704 version just to be on the safe side.
  12. WitzyZed
    Just reminding anyone who's got the custom kernel & TWRP installed, if you get notified of the 1.2.5 official firmware update via OTA, you cannot do the update without stock recovery in place. The 1.2.5 update appears only to integrate whatever fixes are present in the Google Play/Android version of FiiO Music (1.1.3). Nothing system-wide. You can take "miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements" at the end of patch notes to mean anything or nothing. If you use exclusively FiiO Music and need Pure Music, and want those fixes, then you will have to use the android installer tool to replace stock recovery image, before the OTA zip can be used by technical support application. Otherwise, 1.2.3/1.2.4 users with custom kernel in place, best to just skip the update. Cuz it certainly doesn't look very necessary.
    jkbuha likes this.
  13. kakkun
    When installing, I get a message saying "set_perm: some changes failed", and I don't seem to get the reboot prompt after I've installed it.
    Can anyone help me troubleshoot the install?
  14. WitzyZed
    Hey, install kernel 2.8 first.
  15. WitzyZed
    If you get the optimizations done prompt with 2.8, you should be good to go for 3.32, & will get installer status: 0 from the aroma installer
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