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Fiio X5 3rd gen || 2x AKM 4490 || Balanced Out || DSD || DXD | DTS | Android || Dual Card Slot

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. ghosthost
    @jkbuha... after extensive testing with 2.5 and the earlier beta of 2.6 you'd posted for another member, my earlier problem with the freezing, crashing and rebooting does seem to have been the result of my unit being one of the ones with the lower-grade VCOs rather than an issue with the startup scripts not completing. At this point with the new 2.6 release installed, the player seems very zippy indeed and stable, so far. I still have an app or two to test that was giving it headaches earlier... I will, of course, report back with any issues. Many thanks for all the hard work you've put into this project.

    In layman's terms (software I understand, but the hardware terminology is a little vexing), what is it about the earlier settings do you suppose affected my unit so negatively?

    - S.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2019
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  2. jkbuha
    Put simply, the CPU and DDR ram in some devices could not take high clock speeds, and the previous versions of the kernel did not implement a mechanism to drop the speed in case of math errors.

    I've now implemented some checksum logic to reduce speeds if any math errors are encountered (think of it as an anti-lock system) but the algorithm might not downclock in time for Android to throw an issue, in which case the kernel reboots. If you get any issues, PM me and I'll give you a new build with lower clock speeds.
  3. west0ne
    Is Root needed for the scripts to run and for the features they bring to work.
  4. jkbuha
    Not in this case. The scripts run in init.d stage, which is executed by the system daemon on boot.
    That said, I feel it always helps to have root to give you better visibility and control on what's going on.
  5. ghosthost
    Gotcha. So... some variation in quality control in one/some of the chips, then, I take it. The biggest problems with 2.5 seemed to have occurred with the Castbox podcast app. I'm assuming that given the complex nature of that app's UI and the background tasks it's performing (artwork downloading, subscription downloading, etc.) that it was driving *something* way too hard... frequent lockups and app crashes rather than Android itself crapping out. Intriguing...
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Neutron works really well so far with X5iii and new 2.6 Kernel.
  7. TiborG
    Congratulations, very nice progress. Interestingly, Wifi while playing over Foobar2000 on a minidlna server is nice to have a connection in Linux. After scanning the server when playing shuffle, playing for the next pause breaks up to a par in a milisecond - 5 meters from the router. 1 meter from router without pause - as well as from SD card (uncompressed PCM 44.1 kHz). Overall lightning response to such anemic hardware - my deep bow, comparable to my Samsung Galaxy S6 (root and lightweight to bones). If you are able to make some progress in the stability and performance of the Wifi connection in Version 3.0, TIDAL will be happy to use it. Spotify is smooth for long time.
    Do you think the Wifi performance is reduced in FiiO firmware due to possible audio component interference?

    UAPP is a bit more leery, but the screenshot says clearly.

    UAPP network playing.png
  8. nekromantik
    Are you not getting the random issue where neutron closes itself after a track finishes?
    Used to happen all the time even before custom kernel and ROM.
    Still happens on latest Fidilzier.
  9. Brooko Contributor
    Not on my unit. Played about 4 hours last night. Not a single hitch
  10. Ghost Of Lundy

    I’m getting that with 2.6 even after clearing
    Cache and Davike cache amd lettong it pretty much run all day. and And I’m using regular Fiio1.2.2. I’ve reinstalled nuetron. Crossing my fingers
  11. jkbuha
    I use Neutron a lot and it's never closed since the LMK (low memory killer) parameters have been optimised. Then again, with only 1GB of RAM you're going to be pretty tight on what programs you can run concurrently.

    What I'd suggest - if you have root - is to load up kernel adiutor and experiment with the LMK settings tab. You can choose between conservative and aggressive and see what works best.
  12. jkbuha
    That's an interesting point. The wifi chipset in the X5iii is not the best (and that's putting it kindly) but I suspect the major issue is how the antenna cable is run through the sides of the player, possibly due to component interference but (I strongly suspect) also due to the short run given the outer perimeter of the player . Also 5GHz is not available, so - yeah, Wifi performance is reduced.

    As of V2.5 the kernel now supports westwood tcp congestion instead of reno, which will improve things considerably, but we're still restricted to the limitations of the hardware.

    Very happy to hear you're getting lightning UI response, especially with Tidal/UAPP.
  13. TiborG

    First I was suspected of Wifi antenna (I have already repaired badly connected contacts in 2 notebooks) but within 1 meter of the router is a very good connection. I did not have any TIDAL functionality, it was just an estimate about how to play in my weak WiFi network without audio compression.
  14. nekromantik
    @jkbuha if first boot after flashing kernal you had to restart before scripts finished.
    how can you re run them?
  15. jkbuha
    Don't worry, they run automatically by the system init.d daemon every boot.
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