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Fiio X5 3rd gen || 2x AKM 4490 || Balanced Out || DSD || DXD | DTS | Android || Dual Card Slot

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. TiborG
    FiiO RM1.jpg
    And $ 24 for FiiO RM1 has stayed on a premium quality candy bar.
  2. TiborG
    My USB output to the NX4 DSD via FiiO Music, Videolan, HibyMusic, Spotify and Foobar Perfectly without adjusting. UAPP as well. Deadly silence background. Free Spotify sounds good. When connecting NX4, the UAPP attempt will be set as the default USB DAC driver. Reject him always !!
    UAPP has too many settings, and it's also a bit of a surplus. Do you have the USB cable undamaged? Connecting and playing with your smartphone is OK? It's a bit hard to take bend. With setting on UAPP / USB Audio Tweaks - Use USB DAC - adjust to NO, playback smoothly, and will not spoil when Topping is connected. Try it this way. I have Stock firmware, kernel, no TWRP or SU. I have no problem with system speed.
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  3. WitzyZed
    I don't quite follow your text or point. Why would I spend $20+ for something without a screen when it now functions better controlling from my phone?
  4. TiborG
    The FiiO link on the smartphone replaces the FiiO RM1 Bluetooth dial-up device. RM1 is about $ 20.
    After using the USB output from FiiO to Topping, FiiO can not be taken from any source - USB charger, powerbank. I hope to recover after the battery is fully discharged. Last time, he got up
  5. WitzyZed
    Right. Sorry with translations we're probably talking past one one another on that point.
  6. fokta
    the Spotify glitch is fixed using Fiio Cable..
    but the device always restart the when opening UAPP..
    GRRR....:angry: create a new problem by solving a problem... typical.....

    Edit : the trick not to make X5iii restart, is. turn off the NX4DSD, before enter UAPP. .

    Additional. was trying fiio Amp Q1ii, a good combo.. X5iii-USB-Q1ii... the bass is more than with NX4
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
  7. WitzyZed
    A PSA about making playlists in the new fiio music app...

    Don’t even try. Broken as all get out.

    Trying to add things in the order you wish to play them? Not gonna happen.

    You get everything inverted.
    Unlike in previous versions which at least offered you options for sorting playlist items, that’s just gone to the wayside.

    A friend of mine and I often queue up the same songs so we can simulcast across the country.

    If I select items A, B, & C from an album, they are put in the order C, B, then A in the playlist they are added to. What a headache.
  8. almo89
    Thanks. It turns out that I needed to install the "Driver Install" file from the TWRP file. I was able to update to the newest kernel. Thank you to every one that has contributed to this.
  9. nekromantik
    im waiting for updated fidelizer rom
  10. p0k3m0n
    I am newbie, so sorry for stupid questions: I need working EQ in Spotify, what I should do?

    1) do I need a root? or not?
    2) what EQ I should install? I know that are many of them. ViPER is most common, but I am not sure that I really need so power solution. Mayby something lighter exist?
    3) I use 1.22 firmware.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
  11. Thx1326
  12. Thx1326

    Definately appreciate all of your work and am getting to the point where I am considering implementing your "improvements"... I have a few direct questions:

    If I root my X5 do all of your mods:

    1. Will I still be able to use Pure Music Mode just as I do now?
    2. Will I still have access to all of my Viper Effects?
    3. Should I have to change anything at all with my player?

    Thanks in advance.
  13. WitzyZed
    1. Does not affect pure music or android mode in any way insofar as your access to one or another
    2. If you are still running fiio firmware 1.2.1 or fidelizer 1.2.1 and have the fiio music 3.4.3 app, your vipereffects remain unperturbed
    3. Rooting your player is separate from jkbuha’s kernel. The kernel involves flashing a new recovery image over the stock recovery, so that you can install the new kernel. In the custom recovery you can also install root with SuperSU

    If you have windows operating system the steps are very simple.
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  14. jkbuha
    Hi all

    After much testing and iterative development, V2.5 of the modded FiiO X5iii kernel has been released!


    1) New awesome interactive-X governor - smooth fast responsive interface
    2) BFQ scheduler - better handling of multiple and large files on SD card
    3) New overclocking frequency - the FiiO now runs at 1752MHz (which is the theoretically the fastest possible stable frequency given the crappy voltage oscillators surrounding the CPU)
    4) New script optimisations - player really feels even faster now
    5) Too many other changes to mention...

    TWRP version:


    Install over vanilla 1.2.1/1.2.2 or Fidelizer ROM.

    Many thanks to prispewnic from 4PDA forum for the tireless suggestions, script work and testing

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  15. ghosthost
    No problems installing, but I do notice that the unit seems to have some issues now re: multitasking. on rooted 1.2.2, using Neutron MP as my player; launching anything else seems to cause the player to stutter. At one point last night (probably when Darker Pro autolaunched - it's a screen dimmer/overlay app), the unit crashed completely.

    Any thoughts?
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