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Fiio X5 3rd gen || 2x AKM 4490 || Balanced Out || DSD || DXD | DTS | Android || Dual Card Slot

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. takwing1hk
    Other than tuning or changing the kernel for better battery life, optimization etc, is there anything we can done on the sound quality / signature, something like what the Fidelizer ROM is doing?
  2. jkbuha
    Yes, and there are two methods, specifically which I wanted to discuss in this forum among true audiophiles:

    1) Third-party plugins (a la Viper4Android)
    These are user-(or system-)libraries that are inserted via an apk or installation method that, depending on how the ROM is configured, can alter system-wide sound. Originally I was trying to get these to work with the FiiO, though subsequently I've learnt about the audio distortion they introduce, particularly because of downsampling and/or bandwidth reduction to process streams in as much real-time as possible. In theory these can still work, but the base ROM (not the kernel) needs to be configured to allow third-party software to mess about with audio_effects and audio_policy without being blocked. Previous versions of FiiO's X5iii (and X7ii) ROMs prevented this, but now that the V4A partnership has ended, it should be possible for these third parties to work provided the restriction has been lifted. I asked @FiiO about this yesterday but haven't yet had any response. If anyone on 1.2.2 has managed to do so, please let me know.

    2) System library modifications (a la soundfx)
    This is quite a controversial (ie: love it or hate it) process, but has been successfully demonstrated on other forums. I have the files required to do this, but have refrained from doing so because (i) I've been busy on making the player faster and better, (ii) there's a purist angle here that I'm not entirely familiar with. All Android-based players have a sound-envelope that can be (and usually is) modified by specialist hardware vendors, such as FiiO, IBasso, Cayin, A&K etc. In theory it's perfectly possible to substitute these files from the different players and see how they sound, but crucially the sound envelope should normally be tuned to match the characteristics of the underlying hardware. Also you'd need to backup the original sound libraries (or reinstall vanilla) if you're not happy with the 'imported' sound.

    So, I can do 1) depending on how much FiiO have changed in 1.2.2. And 2) easily, but I'm reticent to do so because - well, it's pretty clear from the rationale above.
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  3. jkbuha
    One other point. I'm not entirely sure Fidelizer's modifying the sound signature on his ROMs. I use his ROM and haven't noticed any differences in audio.
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  4. WitzyZed
    I’d like to just share a pipe dream of my own...

    Dolby Atmos, has been flashable by zip on rooted phones, & I’d be curious to discover if FiiO music app, VLC, or another third party player could take 6 channel flac (even lossy 5.1 dts ac3 or what have you) and make this work in playback. I don’t own a surround sound system but have several multichannel rips from concert dvds and stuff like that, I’d love to be able to enjoy on my X5, even as just a gimmick.

    But for now my X5 is as robust a stereo playback device as it’s ever been, so I’m not complaining !
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  5. TiborG
    DLNA (with JRiver Media Center) on both Windows and Mac OS X works well through Foobar and UAPP. But the max stream under Windows 10 is mp3 320. The PCM 24bit or 16bit to WiFi is not possible. FiiO Music will properly download the audio library structure, but it will drop when you try to play. Gizmo for JRiver (mp3 stream) is the best, fastest, most reliable.Probably poor performance wifi antennas, when I'm within 1 meter of the router, there is no problem or 24 bit PCM.
    Under Linux Arch through minidlna there is a smooth PCM 16 bit stream, a max 44.1 kHz source. Except FiiO Music. Maybe after the update... I tested it for stock firmware.
    The USB output works well, and Fio Link, after stuttering at the beginning works. USB OTG keys are also instantly recognizable and replayable
    To try new music, DLNA is a great tool, if the SD cards is full
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  6. fokta
    Just Update to FW 1.2.2
    I find it a bit faster, but not smoother...

    hmm.. I found that the noise is quiter... still need more time to listen it...
    Anyone experienced this?
    I am using UAPP and Spotify.... the noise notice quieter is when using Spotify....
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  7. TiborG
    My system is fine - always the first step is to turn off the animation in the developer setings. I also feel that the sound has been cleared. First I noticed that I have to give about 10% of the volume, but it sounds nicer. But similar feelings I had too much to believe in my unhealthy hearing.
    It's on DLNA - VLC is probably the world's master in streaming, it has also played my 96 kHz tracks ..
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  8. fokta
    Wow... nice suggestion, I turn off the animation as you mention.. its faster..
    BTW, I also force stop, email sync, Update, Keyboard etc.. quite good..
  9. TiborG
    And after 2 days go back to Settings / About Device, 3 x tap on Device Name (FiiO X5) and the google boulder is elegant from the machine. Thanks to FiiO for this trick.
    530-550 Mb free RAM on such anemic machine always feel
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
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  10. almo89
    I'm trying to follow the newbie steps to install the kernel. I just installed the new firmware that Fiio released. I'm having problems trying to get the Fiio start up in bootloader mode. When I plug the USB into the Fiio and try to start it in bootloader mode, the blue light on the Fiio turns on, but nothing actually happens. I'm able to get into bootloader mode when the USB isn't connected. I'm not exactly sure what the issue is.
  11. takwing1hk
    If I remember correctly, when X5 iii is plugged into USB and bootloader mode is started, the X5 iii screen will still be black. Yet, you should see 'Found One Loader Device' in your PC app.
  12. almo89
    The Android Tool shows No Found Any Devices. I'll try again tomorrow. Thanks.
  13. WitzyZed
    With your player off, just hold down the previous track button as you insert micro usb. You should hear a connection chime and your player remains off. You should not see any lights on your player or your screen. Have you installed the windows usb drivers from FiiO?
  14. chechu21
    I don't know if it's a crazy question but Is it possible to change the warm sound signature of Fiio X5 III to approach a more neutral/bright signature?
  15. x RELIC x Contributor
    Cut out the internal amp by adding a more neutral portable amp to the line-out. It's the amp that's overly warm in my experience. Or, use EQ.
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