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FiiO M9 , Android based Hi-Res smart DAP with 3.5/2.5 powerful output|AKM4490 X2 |WiFi|aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)|USB DAC|USB AUDIO OUT

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. FiiO
    The delivery of M9 and SK-M9 start today and we will share a daily delivery updates on a separate post. If you are interested, check with our local sales agent (at https://www.fiio.com/wheretobuy) for its availability.

    If you want to have a listen on the M9 first so as to make wiser purchase decision, welcome to join the review tour on Head-Fi at: https://bit.ly/2OuxMQd

    Last but not least:
    To celebrate its release, we are giving out one M9 (Black) to one lucky fan on our Facebook page at: https://bit.ly/2pSQ6nk
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/FiiOAUDIO https://twitter.com/FiiO_official https://www.instagram.com/fiioofficial/ https://www.fiio.com http://fiio.udesk.cn/im_client/?web_plugin_id=24494&group_id=47899&language=en-us
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  2. Sven2015
    Is it possible to install 3rd party apps such another, better music player?
  3. zhubajie
    Please, pretty please, don't be lazy and read the thread.
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  4. Brooko Contributor
    At the top of each page is a search this thread box. If you put your query in there - you'll get something like this:

    And that will lead to this : https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fii...dac-usb-audio-out.886226/page-6#post-14440730

    I still don't know if its fully answered - but then, no-one has the unit yet so I don't think anyone has tried.
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  5. seanwee
    I don't think installation of apps is possible, I suspect its like the Hiby R3 which has preinstalled streaming apps but the user won't be able to install anything else.

    @JamesFiiO can you confirm if its possible?
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2018
  6. redrich2000
    Couple of possibly newb questions... so you say it's Tidal offline capable, does that mean you can simply click the button in the tidal app to download for offline streaming like you do in the full tidal app (assuming you have storage installed and are connected to wifi)?

    Secondly, will the volume/play/pause etc. buttons on BT headphones work when connect to the M9?
  7. dsrk
    The specifications say installation of third party APPs but not sure all APPs.
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  8. seanwee
    Yeah only whitelisted apps.

    I'm thinking that these apps will be included in the firmware files itself.
  9. masterstroke
    Hi there. Interesting & informative thread from you all.
    This is currently on UK Amazon at a very reasonable £229.00
    Question for James: Is there any possibility of MQA to go along with Tidal please?
  10. Thesonofkrypton
    Was there no pre release units going around for review? Not a peep online. Specs obviously sound good. Wondering how it would fare with something like a HD660s.. (150ohm).
  11. davidcotton
    It's listed on amp3 in the uk with 10 percent off if you are interested. 10stay at check out brings it down to £206.00. Not a massive saving, but every little helps!
  12. trompetu
    Is there any way(potential custom firmware etc) to have two apps output sound at the same time? eg: relaxing music and an audiobook at the same time.

  13. vault108
    Why wasn't this posted? https://www.fiio.com/m9_faq
    Based on the info on Fiio website, M9 should be available on US websites on the Oct. 22.
    I can't wait to get it.
  14. dsrk
    On a PC it's possible but I don't think it will work on these DAPs or phones.
  15. masterstroke
    This from the excellent Audiophile World Oct 14: 'Also, I just recently purchased the new Fiio M9 portable digital audio player from B&H Photo Video. I also have the M7 and this latest model is five levels better than the Fiio X3-III. Featuring the latest design language, a touch screen interface using a modified version of the Android OS, this DAP and excellent internal components. My decision to purchase the M9 is because my desire to further promote the notion that we don't have to spend a small fortune to obtain 90% Fine Audio Listening performance.

    Now most audiophiles are aware of the Assei Kansei Microdevices AKM4490EN DAC IC and the models that now feature a pair of the legendary DAC chips is the Fiio X5-III and now the M9. There is an advantage with the M9, which is the System-on-Chip. Samsung supplies both the M7 and M9 with a Samsung Exynos 7210 SoC, which in turn improves the processing performance and battery life of the DAP. I will review the M9 in due time and I have yet to finish my notes on the M7, which also launched this year during CamJam 2018.'
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