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FiiO M6-Ultra-Portable Inexpensive Smart Hi-Res Player, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, FiiO Link, USB DAC, USB audio out, aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA/SBC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Dec 12, 2018.
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  1. greenflash
    Yeah! NewPipe was one of the apps I really wanted to be whitelisted, it's a great idea in fact, as it won't rely on your google id, it stores your choices locally in a favourites file. Great idea and it's quite snappy!
  2. greenflash
    Yeah Neutron and Poweramp trials don't seem to work at their latest version. Gotta dig for older ones. If a licence can be recovered that's valid, else.. well I don't like trials in general :)
    Something very strange, VLC is installing but it swaps its icon with SambaPlayer. Lol something's going on. Maybe some reset is in order. Anyway both work fine !
  3. greenflash
    Hey @FiiO can you check if you inverted the SambaPlayer and VLC player icons? That seems to be the case :wink:

    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
  4. Urnamaster13
    Has anyone tried, what is maximum size of card safe to use in M6 ? is bigger memory card having any effect on performance ?
    i want to try if can use a 256 GB card on it...will card speed have significant effect on performance ?
  5. greenflash
    An interesting addition is doubleTwist Pro.. But I don't seem to be able to get any apk to work.. it launches the installer and it quits immediately.
    Have any of you had luck with this app and which apk did you use? Thanks!
  6. cristox
    Some of you seem to know which apps are white listed.
    Is there a list or something?
  7. superuser1
    I can't seem to get Neutron to work. Just hiss all the time. I installed the arm7 version but no luck. Any recommendations please...
  8. abitdeef
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
    superuser1 likes this.
  9. greenflash
  10. greenflash
  11. abitdeef
    I don't know, I just picked that one and it worked. And it sounds great with neutron
  12. davidcotton
    So if I wanted a small compact player that supported audiobooks (and I see that smartaudiobook is on the whitelist now which is great) would the m6 still be worth a look? Got a hiby r6 which is fine but a bit big. After something reasonably small so I can shove in the pocket and forget about it at work. Got the shanling m0, nice player but no audiobook support despite a)being requested and b)promised, Sony A35, again no podcast/audiobook support which is annoying as it would be perfect otherwise. Would be using custom art fibae 2's and blacks with it.
  13. mikp
    what is the common scantime for the library? Tried the sandisk 400gb that is 90% full, or 14.000 tracks, and with fiio or poweramp it takes ages as in hours. But with jetaudio it took 13min to rebuild library.

    Im waiting for a samsung evo plus 512, dont know if that will make any difference.
  14. greenflash
    Yeah that Neutron does work!
  15. greenflash
    Did you try Simple ABP Free or something like that? I think it's for that.
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