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FiiO BTR3-The World' First Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier, SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA (LHDC)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Aug 8, 2018.
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  1. psikey
    He must have a faulty one. Mines not dropped signal once to my LG V30.
  2. hotdog108
    I'm the commenter above your comment, I agree he must have a faulty unit. Mine didn't have those issues even before the firmware upgrade.
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  3. Darkestred
    I have to agree. I thought the ES100 did a better job with bass but now i am not too sure. I will go back to testing both units but the BTR3 has been my daily driver and trying out the ES100 last night felt like the ES100 was missing something.

    I don't think i have a faulty unit but i have seen some issues with bluetooth. Sometimes i can cup the device and it cuts out, others not. More times than not this happens. Which may not seem like a big deal but a hand on the waiste or however my body brushes against another body part etc will cause a slight hiccup from time-to-time.
  4. shigzeo Contributor
    I've read all your comments and have tested and re-tested the BTR3. Again: 60 metres of line-of-sight, and it connects up to 10 metres. But when I use a power tool or chisels or grip tools for work and hobby (furniture making), it cuts out. I'm also comparing it directly to the uBTR and AirPods, which are now my benchmarks, and next to those two, BTR3 is a good step down.
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  5. jeffri
    Did you test the range of different codecs? I.e aptx vs ldac? The less bandwidth of aptx might help with the range.
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  6. MayorSimpleton
    I have to say, I have 4 of these things now - including the BTR1 and the bluetooth on the BTR3 is the most stable yet. It definately handles the rush hour commuter train better than the BTR1 did.
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  7. psikey
    Your not taking into account the BTR3 you tested is likely faulty considering no one else seems to be having this problem. Internal BT antenna may have come loose (assuming there is a wire with micro mmcx type connector onto the circuit board).
  8. redrich2000
    I feel like the volume dropped off with the firmware update, is that possible?
    I need it maxed with the phone also maxed to get good volume. If it is possible to tweak the gain that would be good.
  9. Fire8Fly
    Hi Folks,

    Is there a option to remove the battery so I can leave this in the car? Any specs on operating temperatures?
  10. shigzeo Contributor
    I didn't find any meaningful differences in range, SBC, APTX, or LDAC. All extremely good line of site and mediocre to normal otherwise, but when touching skin or squatting whilst working or holding hand and power tools in the hand constant cuts.
  11. jeffri
    Oh, cool, thanks :)
  12. 24thchromosome
    Anyone here using the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 phone running the latest MIUI 10 global ROM and able to get LDAC working when paired with BTR3?
  13. Sp12er3
    ^have you tried configuring the Bluetooth and pressing the cogs?
    If still no option to check LDAC on even there, we may be just out of luck. (also Xiaomi user)
  14. Sp12er3

    Zeos of ZReview just did a Bluetooth receiver shootout of which the BTR3 (and uBTR) are in. Scroll to 26:45 for it, but watch the whole video (long, I know) if you're considering cutting the cord. It's a practical usage review, (not sound) so Z is good for that.
    TLDW (Conclusion): 38:13

    Also Fiio, please change the volume up/down long press to next/prev track please. The way it is now is damn annoying. Who the heck think reversing that is a good choice? The Q5 doesn't do that, right?
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2018
  15. PeterMac
    Exactly minus button skip to next song :) total wrong.

    Anyone open yet BTR3 to see their components, battery etc. ?

    It drive my HD600 which are 300ohm easly, volume are very very high, I even not max out because It's too loud.
    With HD 660S should be piece of cake.
    You have to set volume up also on source player to have higher volumes.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
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