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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Kwangsun
    Odd. My filter is gold colored. Are there slight variances in the Fidue A83 builds? 
    Getting a Linum BAX for mine. 
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I paid $110 AUD because of the weak Australian dollar. Its cost $79 USD.
    Not sure about any variances, my right side grill is worse and more a gold colour.
    I think sometimes the glue they use to seal the grill on can stain the grills.
    Check this out, turning green. 
    Honestly, that is not me causing it, no other IEMs I own do this.
  3. Kwangsun
    Mine have been gold (yellow) since the day I had them. 
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    *And it was at this point the thread went silent, while onlookers began questioning H20's hygiene*
  5. reihead
    ^^ LOL


    Even when the use of my A83 has been low mine has develop same colour as you describe H20Fidelity, but just in one of the earpiece. Does that means one of my ear is not as clean as the other?  :rolleyes:
  6. Midgetguy
    Lol @H20Fidelity. I haven't looked at my grilles for a while, maybe I'll give an update on the weekend if it's still relevant to the conversation.
    The ability to swivel does really help in the case of the A83, more so than for some other IEMs. Good looking cable too.
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor
    When my A83 were new, I noticed the right side (pictured) had some glue marks on the outter edge of the grill where it was put on at the factory, if you look close the glue is mostly around the outter edge of the grill. I did try and clean the excess glue with some methylated spirits on a cotton bud though stopped in case the grill fell out completely. Eventually, that right side has now discoloured. I don't want to disturb it any longer. 
    I hope Fidue's next model hybrid with removable cables can swivel, it helps alot, fit and comfort.
  8. JimmyTryhard
    Haha yeah, I've noticed that my grills have had some type of staining since the day that I received them. The first pair that I had also had some stains(possibly glue?) on the grills as well. They don't seem to be earwax as I gently clean them pretty often and the stains the remain. I haven't really thought much of it since it doesn't seem to have affected the sound. Mine are also gold colored.
  9. Kwangsun
    So I've noticed that with comply foams, the sound improves significantly. I feel like they're now up there with the best of my UIEMs. In fact, I'm starting to like them a tad more. The vocals are very clear and fairly clean (though I think that the M200 will give them a run for their money, and has very clean mids). I'm going to go to a shop in Seoul to see if I can't demo a store unit to compare side by side to see if mine are indeed defective, but as far as I can tell, they sound like they should (I think). 
    Just one thing that bothers me. Does everyone here experience driver flex upon insertion with using silicone tips? with the comply tips I've gotten near zero flexing but with spiral dots, I experience driver flex quite often. 
  10. JimmyTryhard

    My pair that isn't defective doesn't flex at all no matter which tips are used. On the other hand, the pair that I did find defective had flex issues no matter what the tips were made of, even comply foam tips.
  11. redrising98
    Bought a pair and got them yesterday.  First pair of hybrid IEMs; I was debating between these and the FLC8s but the price and mmcx ultimately made me choose these.
    Have to say first impressions are very good.  No issues with comfort using heir style silicone tips though I do find the 'wing' design somewhat odd.  I did switch to westone ADV cloth cable (copper only I assume) with soft instead of stiff ear guides that improved comfort.  Bass impact is almost revelatory coming from multi-BA setups.  Clarity is just the right balance between resolving and harsh.  Soundstage is very good with distinct placements.
    I have noticed some sibilance the 't' and 's' sounds can often be somewhat harsh/over-emphasized.  Has anyone found a way to correct/minimize this?
    I read that these were designed with a dip in the upper mids/lower treble to help with this issue so could something like the FLC8s or Dn2000j without the dip have even more sibilance?
    Oh running these out of a pono using a 75ohm impedance adaptor to minimize hiss or straight out of my idevices (5s and shuffle).
  12. RyanRoloYo
    I just want to say that I have had my pair for about a year now and they are holding up extremely well.  Usually by now my IEMs have at least some cosmetic damage, but these have zero.  With how much I've used these at home and out and about, I'm just amazed there are no issues.  Seriously.  I've never had an IEM that has lasted this long without having any problems.  Props to Fidue!
  13. jon parker
    I think this needs some clarification:
    Sibilance and 'T''s and 'P' issues happen at the source and are mainly to do with the artist being too close to the mic or not using the best material pop shield and similar
    IEM's don't posess a fault that can reproduce this issue from their own side with music
    Because these IEMS are very good quality, well tuned but have an over all 'bright' signature you will find that these type of faults may be revealed on the recording more than with other headphones. 
    Vinyl rips tend to suffer more from sibilance than other types of recording
    Anyway  -  I LOVE my A83's - the bass blew me away as well  when I first heard them :)
    To add: Especially during the Mastering stage: the sss's are one the hardest issues to avoid (in general) and deal with when they have occured without overlly effecting the other aspects of the audio - Im kind of surprised that this issue seems to have escaped so many recording engineers during sessions? :)
  14. redrising98

    Interesting and thanks for clarifying. That being said is there any way to clear it up on this end? I guess probably not without reducing the overall detail/clarity.
  15. Midgetguy
    Ehhh, I don't totally agree with that, though you're in the right direction. You are fully entitled to your own interpretation of it so I won't argue with you, but that's not how I think of it. In my interpretation, you definitely aren't totally wrong, it does have a little something to do with the recording from the artist. But the IEMs also do make a difference. Absolutely nothing to do with having a faulty IEM like you said. But the tuning is exactly the reason. Even if you have a perfectly flat recording, a brightly tuned IEM can emphasize the treble region to the point of sibilance. So it's much more of a combination of sound signature tuning and recording quality.
    I dunno how to reduce it personally since I didn't change the sound sig on mine, but it will reduce the overall detail and clarity. The extra treble presence is what helps with that detail/clarity.
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