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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. garcsa
    North or South?
  2. Midgetguy
    If it's South Korea, maybe you'll have more luck than NY. It is one of the most technologically advanced nations after all.
  3. JimmyTryhard
    I would have a very difficult time believing that he somehow moved to North Korea. More importantly, it would be difficult to find a reason to WANT to move there in the first place.
  4. Midgetguy
    Look, some people like the essentially martial law lifestyle alright? [​IMG]
  5. Kwangsun
    Why would I move to NK from NY!? WHY!?!?!?!?!?
  6. Midgetguy
    Ummmmm.....you hate freedom? I got nothing lol [​IMG]
  7. Kwangsun
    Like the strange Spanish dude? he's like the international ambassador of friendship or something for NK. So funny. 
  8. Midgetguy
    You can have friends in NK? [​IMG]
  9. Kwangsun

    That fat b@$t@rd says that he has many many international pals who would like to work and live in NK. By many I mean like... 10k morons. There are significantly less people who would prefer to live in NK vs watching the Gangnam Style music video.
  10. Midgetguy

    My crappy-ass video review of the Superlux HD668B has more views than he has international morons. Which is pretty sad.....in terms of the fact that it's not a large number to boast about and the fact that out of the several billions of people in the world not living in NK, only 10k want to move there. Also worth noting is that the number of people who currently live in NK and don't want to live there anymore probably outnumber his pals that want to move there [​IMG]
  11. Kwangsun
    There is a saying here in Korea, "3rd generation is the weakest link". Kim Jong Un is the very epitome of this statement. Look at the way he plays the leader. His grandfather was actually pretty good at controlling the people and brainwashing them. Technology wasn't what it is today and that made it possible to control all the information going in and out of the country. Also, SK wasn't much better off so there was plenty of room for propaganda and false promises. 2nd generation Kim Jong Il had some problems. His regime had to implement lots of public executions, especially dealing with religion and the emergence of underground markets. But he never executed family members or top brass in his inner circles. Kim Jong Un is just riding out the images of his father and grandfather, particularly the latter. He wants to be seen as a sort of reincarnate of his grandfather. That fat slob. He's a psychopath. So far he's killed of top generals and family members, as well as hold mass public executions. His biggest disadvantage is the inability to control information entering NK. Chinese smuggle in all sorts of SK pop culture and media into NK, as well as cellular phones and other electronics. NK people are starting to realize that life is indeed better beyond NK. They're people with sense. 
    The fat spanish dude? not so much. He's running the other way. There is an American GI who defected some 50 years ago to NK. I'm pretty sure he was a moron as well. 
  12. Kwangsun
    I think that the Chinese should smuggle in a couple of DX80s and Fidue A83s across the border. That should really open the NK's ears. wink wink
  13. Midgetguy

    They might need more than just a couple of A83s haha....
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor
    So the new cable came, I can confirm it increases comfort levels because the ear hoops are basically light-weight clear silicon tubing, the housing can now rotate which provide the correct angle to my ear canal, comfort has increased from decent to great. No cutting out or problems to mention. As for the sound I feel it sounds cleaner, more effortless like a touch of the grain has been removed from the mid-range. Its especially great sounding with DX80 and the Tralucent Amp I have here.
    ^ If you look close at the grill inside the blue shell I have no idea why its changing yellow and fading like that. its definitely not earwax.
    Possibly the extreme clarity destroying the factory coating off the grills.
  15. bimbim

    How much did u pay for it?

    Im thinking of changing my cable as im so frustated with the missing sound when turn my head to a certain angle

    P.s. Youre not the only who get That yellowing grill
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