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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. jon parker
    @ midgetguy - I think we said the same thing- You expressed the other aspect better though (from the IEMS side). Thanks !Reason I emphasised this part was...I had a bit of this in the recording studio this afternoon...until I moved the Mic (as lot of the frequencies where going over the top of the mic and not hitting squarely on the
     diafram thus causing some un-natural issues such as some ssss.
    Also this issue tends to happen more on vinyl. Sorry I cant remember the scientific reason but its something to do with the process of mastering FOR vinyl
    I agree with you about - like you say. Certain combinations sure dont help ! :)
    Also - your sound source can contribute to a lesser or greater degree - With sensative IEM's the amount of extra noise that comes from my laptop is crazy!! - Different DAP's have different sound signatures.
    Not sure you can easily get rid of it - IF it is on the CD/recording but different tips can also make a night and day difference in the over all presentation of the frequencies. Maybe some foam type tips might help ?
    Wish I could help more - I don't suffer from sibilance much myself... :/
  2. Brooko Contributor
    Jon's right in that it has to be in the recording to be audible.
    Then for it to be apparent to the listener, it has to be highlighted to an extent that it isn't masked by other frequencies.  This normally manifests itself in the 4-8kHz range, but can occur for some individuals outside (lower or higher).  Mostly you'll see it around 6-8 kHz.  Usually a simple EQ is enough to drop the frequency which is affecting you.  Individuals will have different frequencies which affect them.  I have a high tolerance, so it doesn't bother me unless it is really bad.  The peak for me is usually between 7-8 kHz. 
  3. redrising98

    Have found the tips that come with the phones seem to deemphasize it compared to the heir style tips I'm using now (harder/thicker wall and wider opening).  But there is better clarity as well with these tips.  Overall its not a huge deal; I'm not sure what you mean by you don't suffer from it though.  Do some people not hear the peak?  I guess I have to pay attention to notice it so I can ignore it but I assume we can all 'hear' it right?  I swear it's not in my head! :wink:
    Anyways has anyone compared these to the FLC 8s?  Have seen both compared to the dunu2ks but not to each other... strange
  4. Midgetguy
    I was thinking the same thing immediately after I posted it lol. Which makes me arrive at 1 conclusion: the answer is a combination of our definitions. Absolutely recording quality is part of it, but the IEMs do make a contribution to what you hear since it's what reproduces what's being recorded. So I think that between the both of us, we've done a good job in explaining sibilance [​IMG]. Basically if we simplify, it's what we've always known all along: recording quality and music reproduction equipment (DAPs, DACs, amps, headphones, IEMs) can all combine to change what you hear.
  5. jon parker

    @ redrising98 - with the DAP + firmware update+ IEM's + certain tips + high Res Well recorded & ripped audio No, I don't really get any sibilance issues. BUT with the A83's, sure sometimes they are BRIGHT - polar opposite of my Planer headphones :) - Also, I dont want to sound like a snob but as a sound engineer I do know enough about audio to avoid audio / equipment / certain recordings that are less than well done. Of course it could just be that I am an old fart and my hearing is gone! :D
  6. jon parker
    We are in accord sir  D:  [​IMG]
  7. desutruction
    How did you guys upgrade from the A83?
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    One does not simply upgrade from Fidue A83. [​IMG]
    I purchased two other IEMs I heard on home audition which I found to be an upgrade, one of them Aurisonics ASG-2 which has a completely different signature, thicker, warmer. And Tralucent 1Plus2 which I heard on our Australian tour and began worshiping.
    The differences are noticeable, but Fidue A83 is tuned in a way it never becomes boring to me, mainly the bite in its detail around the upper mid-range keeps me occupied, it reveals enough detail I still don't feel underwhelmed completely, that's a great thing. 
    If I hear something else which is consider an upgrade from A83, 1Plus2, ASG-2 and performs breathtaking excellent I will purchase that too. I am not made of money and I've demoed enough gear on tours and home demos that more money certainly does not  always mean better in portable audio. I would need to hear the upgrade in person before I dig money up from my backyard.
    But there is funds available if the correct IEM spellbinds me. [​IMG] 
    desutruction likes this.
  9. Kwangsun
    I went custom. Lol. 
  10. Midgetguy
    I didn't upgrade. Sidegraded. Some would say I've even downgraded. At this point, I'm listening around for be most amenable sound signature to my ears.
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor

    You should hang onto your 1Plus2 for two reasons.

    Firstly, while straight plugs work on the Tralucent shells it was designed to be used with right angle plugs, and importantly so. Even though you can sit the cable a certain angle the shells will cause discomfort as they have no support from the wire ear guides Tralucent cables provide and the shell won't align at the correct angle intended. (you can see the Tralucent cables on google)

    Secondly, the Tralucent cables while almost $600 USD each (last I checked) are a big 'big' part of why 1Plus2 sounds the way it does, also designed around its tuning. I've seen a few people use third party cables and I've tried them myself it's just not the same. Gavins wire used in his Tralucent cables is extremely pure.
  12. Midgetguy
    I'll be selling off my 1+2. It's not because the sound quality, it's proper fit. The shells are just too big, so once I get a good seal, they stretch my outer ear which is fine for like an hour, but not more. Can't wear for extended times. Which means they just don't get enough play time for me to justify keeping them around and denying them more use by someone else. Much like how a nice sports car is meant to be driven, the 1+2 is not meant to be sitting in a case most of the time, it's meant to be listened to. So I'll have send it out. Pondering selling the A83, but I think I'll sell the 1964 Ears Qi before that. Gotta recuperate some money to pay off loans haha. Oh how it sucks to be a student audio lover.
  13. LoryWiv
    64Audio A6. Loving it!
  14. Midgetguy

    I didn't realize 1964 Ears changed their name to 64 Audio. But I could agree, the U6 (universal version of the A6) was my favorite sounding one out of the ADEL lineup. When I listened to them, I felt like they are a bit higher in fidelity and resolution compared to the A83, but my main draw to them would be that I like the sound signature of the U6 more than the A83. However, the law of diminishing returns kicks pretty damn hard in such a comparison since the U6 is 3x the price and the A6 (being a CIEM) is 4x the price.
  15. desutruction
    Hmm... seems like more or less the only way to go up from the A83 is to go custom. 
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