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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. bimbim
    yea i agree on every review is based on the reviewer personal perception 
    i'm gonna try dx80 sometime later when the shop's demo unit is back and compare them 
  2. Wokei
    bimbim....hope you are enjoying YOUR DX90

  3. Hank_Venture
    A little over a year since owning and the A83's are still my daily drivers.They've been through a bunch but still pushing forward.
    The little gold filter piece inside the right monitor actually fell out over the summer, lost it but it still functions fine. Anyone know of a decent replacement I can put for it? 
    New cable might be in order for the holidays. 
  4. Kwangsun
    So my A83 seem to have issues. First of all, initial driver flex during insertion. It crunches and I hate it. SO VERY MUCH. I contacted Michael at Fidue about it and am waiting for his response. But with the darn thing past the 1 year mark I'm not sure if he could help with the driver flex. Second, fit is pretty terrible overall. And maybe that's the reason for my other complaint. The sound is so off and unbalanced. I honestly think mine sounds like crap. No joke. The treble is peaky, they're sibilant, bass is loose (not necessarily a bad thing) but the overall mids and highs feel off with the bass. Like there is no cohesion and I'm hearing it all in layers. Like something with a bad crossover. 
    Is anyone else having the same impression as I am? based off the positive reviews on these they sound like they may be defective... but I don't get how they can be so evenly (both sides) defective... they honestly sound horrible to me. 
    I am trying out various tips, including MS Spiral Dots, some Earmax foams, and M Spirals. Haven't had much luck. I don't think I can remember ever liking these. I should have returned them long ago...
    I think they have about 50 hours on them at most. Could it be lack of burn-in?
  5. jon parker
    I have large ear holes so its hard for me to get the best fit easily -
    There is certainly a difference in bass quality with careful placement (I was playing with this last night) but In general though they are fine -
    The sound itself I find phenominal - listening to some vinyl rips of Radiohead, it sounded as if they were in the room in front of me - exceptional 'out of head experience' with all aspects of the audio itself sounding perfect
    The tuning I find to be sublime (using DX90)
    Long story short, it sounds to me like you have a defective headphone...its possible we just have very different tastes in audio...but I can't see it somehow!
    I think mine have over 60 hours now
    There is a few potential issues - source material / player used / tip selection+placement / clogged up ears! that can have a bigger effect than one might suppose
    Impossible to say definitively but my best guess would be they are defective
    Sorry :'(
  6. Kwangsun

    Both sides equally defective? What are the odds? Lol. I think maybe fit and player might be to blame. I switched to my IHIFI770 and it's definitely better. But the highs feel a tad rolled off. Soundstage isn't bad, but a bit congested. Definitely not as wide as say... The IE8. More like my TF10. Detail and resolution are both pretty good. But the mids are a bit too recessed. I'm gonna take them on a long trip tomorrow and get to know them a bit better. After a year of purchase. Lol

    Thanks for your insight!

    Maybe it's the vinyl magic? Lol. I have the DX90 as well. My E9 amp doesn't seem to like the Fidues at all. Should try straight off my Grace...
  7. dbdynsty25
    This was pretty much the reason I returned mine.  I loved the sound when I could get a good fit, but the driver flex and the fact it took me way too long to get the headphone seated properly ultimately is what doomed them.  Quality sounding headphone, one of my favorites, but it's way too finicky to enjoy.
  8. jon parker
    Well, vinyl (that is ripped properly) does have lovely dynamics and yes, that warmer vinyl sound :) Sometimes it works really well to have warm sound, tube amp and lsiten to bright digital audio and vice a versa
    To be honest, there are so many variables that go into listening to and enjoying music Im amazed that sometimes I find any synergy at all!
    I think often its luck more than anything fidnign satisfaction with audio
    here are some of the stages off the top of my head (figuretivly speaking) to enjoying music/audio
    1, was the music recorded & mixed well?
    2, the mastering - 1980-2016 Brickwall compresssion? / digital mastering or analog mastering / 2015 HDTracks type of bright loud mastering etc etc
    3, quality - vbr mp3 or 24bit 192kHz ?
    4, the player - many parts working together to create a flavour or style of audio presentation
    5, headphones - as above  
    6, IEMs - burn in subtly changing how high,mids and bass work together & seperately 
    7, IEM's - tip selection and correct placement - even seemingly same material tips from different manufactures can sound very different
    8, The ears - physical - are they clean? - mental - try listening with no concentration !
    9, environment / mental state - Can make a huge difference - the state of your mind as you listen - commuting to work or laying back in a comfy chair after a good days work - how the music sounds different !
    10 Finally - SYNERGY - somehow ALL the above working together or NOT to present the final sound that appears to your mind through your ears !!
    Sometimes I put in my A83's and everything sounds mehhh - Sometimes, they take me to Audioholic heights of Nirvana!!
    End of the day...Its our ear 'conciousness' that perceives the audio itself but there are so many physical causes and conditions that have to come together to arrive at that moment of hearing!
    All good fun :D
  9. JimmyTryhard
    It's really quite weird; the first pair that I received was exactly like yours, but the replacement pair that I received has turned out to be phenomenal. The first pair had insanely loud driver flex, difficult fitting, cutting out issues, and unimpressive sound quality. I was able to get a replacement pair, and every single one of these problems has been absent in the second pair.
    I would be careful when buying the A83 as many many people have had very similar problems and usually need to test out a different pair to get the product that everyone has raved about. It seems that there are some sort of quality control issues going on in the Fidue manufacturing process, but when it is done properly, the end product is amazing.
    How is your pair a year old but only 50 hours used? Maybe it's an old batch? 
    Anyways, good luck.
  10. Kwangsun
    I had them for a year but never really liked them out of the box so didn't really use them.
  11. Kwangsun
    Well, good news and bad. 
    Looks like the seller who I bought the pair from is willing to service/replace them outside of warranty for a price. This definitely sucks, as there is no obvious way of knowing if a pair of headphones were just defective or crappy. Anyway, I'm gonna cross my fingers that it costs less than 60 for a replacement but have my doubts. 
    Now I just need definitive proof that mine are defective before I send them back to have them replaced. 
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I have had two pairs of A83 in my house at the same time, while thier sound was basically the same one sounded slightly more detailed but representing it in a harsh fatiguing manner. The other pair (my pair) were slightly less detailed (without that harshness) and wider soundstage to a noticeable level. This pairs vocals (my pair) were "ever so slightly" to the right as well. Tiny amount of imbalance. I am a high believer in slight product variation as I've heard it before between two sets of Westone 4, Ostry KC06, Brainwavz B2 (and a few others).

    I say try and get your pair replaced.
  13. Kwangsun
    80 to replace. Not bad! But I gotta confirm that my pair are bad. I should find a shop where I can try some Fidues out.
  14. Midgetguy

    Good luck with your search on the east coast! Cuz over here on the west coast, it's basically impossible haha.
  15. Kwangsun
    I moved to Korea. But yeah, still difficult.
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