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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I'd never heard of ASMR,  it sounds very interesting, though straight off the bat I can tell you gentle whispering isn't something I enjoy from some past experiences, it may actually do me more harm than good.
    I am quite sensitive to subtle sounds. I'll stick to goosebumps and engaging (brief) body rushes. There was a certain rig I had (a few actually) I could bring on instant goose bumps using some Andrea Bocelli tracks at will. A83 / Alien was (is) one of those combinations, though like I mentioned it appears my body/brain has become immune overtime and doesn't become as thrilled now, any goose bumps are a lot smaller or very faint.
  2. myemaildw
    stop going off topic, discuss it in pm messages like all civilised people do
  3. Zankes
    Just let them discuss this topic is dead anyways most of the time so it will liven up the discussion. They are doing it in very civilized manner anyways unlike your comment.
    My Spiral Dot MS size arrived today, I personally feel that I picked the right size as the isolation feels better and fit is very good. I have only tested the tips home, but I feel that the isolation has improved and I am excited to see what they feel like in crowded bus for example. The worst tips I tried were where I heard baby cry over my music.
  4. Midgetguy

    Implying they're being uncivilized is a bit uncivilized considering how politely they're going about this don't you think? Besides, it's all related to sensations felt while using the A83 anyway.
    Seems my wiggling is like @Brooko's first pair of A83 where the sockets weren't loose, but the connectors were loose in the sockets. I got a cheap lunashops cable a while back to test my first pair and it's now worked quite well on this second pair. The connectors are very secure in the sockets this time and I'm not having any cutting out issues yet.
  5. JimmyTryhard
    Nice! I think that based on three total anecdotes now it seems that the issue of cutting out and cable looseness is mainly due to the stock cable itself rather than the mechanism of the housings. I'm assuming that you don't have the "newest" batch version where the cable sockets are recessed, because you seem to have not had trouble with your aftermarket cable.
    When you say MS, do you mean Medium? Is there a Medium-small size or something? But yeah, good luck, I personally just switched back to spirals AGAIN from sony hybrids... For some reason the hybrids sounded extremely sibilant one day and found that the fit was less consistent than the spirals, probably because the rubber chute of the tip doesn't really fit the A83 well(it requires a bit of a stretch that may create a crooked shape). Spirals are probably one of the most compatible silicon tips I've used so far.
  6. divineness
    Ms is the middle child of medium and small. There is also ML for the medium-large crossover. Not many companies offer middle sizes to the standard sizes, so the spirals deserve some slow clap.

    Sent from my E6533 using Tapatalk
  7. Zankes
    Yeah Medium Small. I had hard time deciding which would be suitable for me. Small felt too small and medium felt too big when I used other tips, but with these I tried my luck with medium small and bam perfect.
  8. Midgetguy
    By my own definitions, which you've probably come across already earlier in the thread, my first set was version 2 (died from loose socket, wasn't a cable issue) and my current set is version 1, which had a cable issue, fixed by switching to a cheap lunashops cable.
  9. SyntheticShotz
    I believe I have version 2 (locking tab with chin slider) and I have the same issue as you, where the connection was loose. I did cut off the locking tabs, but wiggling the A83 doesn't cause the cut outs. I've been using a Shure cable for over four months now and no issues other than the need to cleaning the mmcx connectors once in a while (which is a long time). This is for the right side, by the way, the left is completely fine.
    A long time ago when you mentioned your problem with the version 2, I originally assumed it was a cable issue, but then I believe you tested it by switching the cables and one side just died. Is the cutting out just specific to one side?
    Regarding tips, I use Complys and Sony hybrid isolation tips for isolation, but I use the JVC Spiral Dots since I don't use the A83s in loud environments anymore (they are also comfortable).
  10. Sam L
    oh... my...  goodness....
    48 hours, 23 different tips, a submitted RMA, then a last ditch effort at tweaking the memory wire differently along with a previously untried RHA large double flange and NOW I see the light.
    wow wow wow... these things are absolutely fantastic!!!
    Hisoundfi likes this.
  11. Paulus XII
  12. JimmyTryhard
    no need to scoff at this man's joy! [​IMG]
    Tip rolling is definitely a must with them. Glad you found something you like.
  13. Paulus XII
    No pun intended [​IMG]
  14. tantalus007
    Finally got my jvc spiral dots after 2 weeks of waiting and imo these have a better fit in my ears giving the a83's a fuller sound and not as sibilant as before compared to stock large silicon tips and non comply foam tips (paired with ibasso d-zero mk2). Its actually as if im listening to a whole new iem. [​IMG]
  15. JimmyTryhard
    I'm about to pull the trigger on a new Fiio X5ii. [​IMG]
    Anyone have thoughts on the A83 + X5ii pairing? Currently, I'm using a DX50, but I have grown a bit annoyed at the drawbacks it has(especially the ear blasting POP sound upon powering the device on). I hear that there isn't any hiss or background noise on the X5ii either.
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