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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. dbdynsty25
    I used this combo for a few weeks and love everything about it.  You'll be extremely happy with it.
  2. JimmyTryhard
    Just got my unit; it's a thing of beauty.
    Sounds great too!
  3. ardacumhur
    I wish I can say same for isolation/fit
  4. Elric
    Hello JimmyTryhard,
    I have an X5mkII,  I will have a pair of A83's on friday.  I will let you know how they sound.
  5. JimmyTryhard

    Oh, when I said 'my unit came in' I meant I received the X5II already.

    So far, I've really been enjoying it :D

    The X5II solves all of my problems from my DX50, and it also sounds noticeably better! With the A83's, I find there is for some reason less harsh treble on my X5II than my DX50 and a noticeably more 'refined' sound. It's not something I can put well into words exactly, but in conclusion, it brings new life into my music experience.

    Currently listening to as I type:
    Clocks Go Forward by James Bay

    The guitars... :O mesmerizing...
    Elric likes this.
  6. LoryWiv
  7. garcsa
  8. Midgetguy
    I wanna say mine was a dead left side, but can't be sure off the top of my head. It turned out to be the socket itself in the body that was loose and wiggly. I tested my left and right connector in the working socket and it was tight in it and worked. But my current version 1 is the loose cable connection Brooko had which was just the cable needing to be swapped out.
  9. datranz
    I currently have a pair of dn2000, jvc850, and ma750. All have very different signature, does anyone know how a83 compare to any of these? I'm curious if I should add a pair of a83 or I should wait the new dunu 4 or 5 driver iems.
  10. Elric
    I am enjoying my new A83's,  however I am experiencing severe driver flex in the right IEM.
    I do the same thing that H20Fidelity does when putting in my IEMs.  This is not making a difference.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to dress this (besides returning them).
    I have already parted ways with my UE-900(s) and returning them would leave my without any headphones, which would be very sad [​IMG] 
  11. Elric
    I apologize, I had been responding to an earlier post of yours.
    I have really been loving the A83's on my X5 mk II (although the driver flex is annoying as all get out...)
    Listening to Joe Satriani has been simply amazing.  I have been losing myself in the music.
  12. Brooko Contributor
    Comply Sports Tips (S400).  Porous foam basically allows them to breathe a little.  Should eliminate all driver flex.
  13. Elric
    I will try that.
    I will also say the my Norne Audio Therium cable sounds a heck of a lot better than the stock cable.
    I picked this up at the July Seattle meet-up for my UE-900s.
    If I have to RMA my a83's I am afraid of getting the 3rd edition of them.  I don't want to be stuck using the stock cable when I have this one...
  14. Elric
    Sadly I have discovered that comply tips irritate my ears,  My ears are still itching after taking the tips out half an hour ago.
    I have emailed the retailer about this,  Their response was rather flippant that driver flex is normal for these iems and that I should use comply tips as well.
    They do not wish to take responsibility for this problem.
    I am really loving these iems, but this is really frustrating.
  15. JimmyTryhard

    Slow down!

    I had the exact same issue. The first pair of A83's that I received had some EXTREME driver flex on only the right unit; this proved to be very irritating to the point where I couldn't properly use them.

    I was able to request a replacement pair at no additional cost from my seller on Amazon, JCN Digimart, and the second pair that I received turned out to be conpletely flex-less on both sides. I still use this same pair daily with no flex at all.

    No matter which foam/silicon tips I used, no matter what angle I tugged my earlobe on insertion, no matter what my first pair had frequent and extremely loud driver flex.

    I strongly recommend that you ask for a replacement from your seller. Best of luck!
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