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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. Elric
    Funny you should mention JCN Digimart...
    That is my retailer.
  2. Midgetguy
    They really should help you out with that sorta stuff. Because let's be honest, what IEM is supposed to have driver flex? Cuz I sure as heck have never heard of any audio product where the manufacturer highlights "immersive driver flex" in the list of positive things.
    Elric likes this.
  3. JimmyTryhard
    Driver flex is really an underobserved phenomenon with IEMs; it should be made a definite goal that any IEM with a dynamic driver is designed to never have driver flex.

    From what I have read and observed about the A83's, driver flex should not be a common occurence and it is unlikely that a properly working unit will flex often.

    My flexing unit only flexed on the right side, which is also a strange noteworthy thing; back when I had it, I observed that the moulding of the acrylic red part of the housing appeared to be slightly misaligned with the marking of where the vent was supposed to be. It's possible that the vent simply didn't get manufactured correctly.

    I also really hope that JCN Digimart didn't refurbish and resell the bad unit that I returned... Elric I sincerely hope that you weren't the victim of such a business practice.
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Moisten the tips slightly before inserting - it helps
    If you persevere with the foams - your ears should get used to them over time
    Ultimately though - up to you if you want to persevere with it.
  5. SyntheticShotz
    I don't think the presence of driver flex itself is a problem with IEMs. However, in Elric's and Jimmy's cases, they seem to have much bigger issues. I personally would try to talk with JCN and reiterate that the driver flex is abnormal to a problematic extent (so your driver flex is different from normal driver flex). If I try to put the entire A83 into my ear canals, then I start having driver flex. However, the A83 fits pretty shallow in my ears, so I don't even get to that point. 
    I agree with Brooko's advice. Any chance of irritation will stop after you get used to foam ear tips, although that takes some dedication. Since my skin is very oily, including my ears, I risk wearing out the foam tips more if I don't wipe the insides of my ear with some paper.
  6. Elric
    I tried some Comply's again it's not that they don't fit, they fit pretty well.  It's the itching that is coming with using them. and lasts a long time after taking them out.  It's like an allergic reaction.  I can't find any info on their website as to whether or not they are hypo-allergenic.  Does anyone here know?
    I have some Spin-Fit tips which I like,  I am also going to be trying out spiral dots, monster gels and Sony Isolation Ep-exn50 shortly to see what other tips I like.
    I am also considering getting some UM 56 tips made.  They were recommended to me by bimmer100 (who also turned me on to the A83's)
  7. Nitemare3219
    I did a lot of looking around online yesterday at various headphones. At first I thought I wanted to go with the IE80's, and then the SE535's (but quite expensive)... and then I stumbled upon these, which received a lot of praise for the price and seemed like it would fit my audio tastes. I also peeked at the DN-2000J (lack of replaceable cable and pure Chinese quality look killed it for me), the RHA T20, and Westone W30... but for the price and review praise, it seems like the A83 has won.
    Just ordered an A83 from Amazon from JCNDigiMart - will be here tomorrow. JVC Spiral Dots (large) will be here Wednesday, and I hope I got the correct size (large) - several people said to get a size up since the flanges are small on the A83 and a tight fit is crucial.
    This is my first IEM over $23 (I used the cheap Monoprice ones for awhile, and recently have been using Brainwavz Deltas). I never understood why people would pay so much for little earphones that, to me, couldn't sound good since they are just so small... plus prone to getting lost, broken, etc. Well, I came to the realization that I listen to music through my IEMs more-so than my HD 598's anymore because I prefer speakers when I typically listen to stuff. I am hoping to be in for a big surprise to say the least.
    I mostly enjoy the sound signature of my HD 598's, except for the severe lack of bass, and it seems almost too detail-oriented. I listen to EDM and trance primarily, followed by rap/hip-hop, country, classic rock, and rock. A lot of EDM vocals are female, or high-pitched male, and apparently the A83's shine here. I do have some concern for the bass. My car's Harman Kardon system has very boomy, sluggish bass compared to anything else I've ever heard. Sometimes this really makes tracks I am familiar with sound very off! I don't want the super tight, lifeless bass of the HD 598, but I don't want a boomy mess either - where do these fall in that regard? Also, for EDM purposes, should the A83 shine pretty well? I want to hear clarity and detail in the music, but I want it to be fun to listen to - perhaps the most important thing to me overall. So are these the right choice?
    I only plan to drive these through my Note5, and maybe my PC's Xonar Essence STX (if they sound good enough to warrant using them at home). As of now I only use IEMs when at the gym (weightlifting mostly). This cable looks tough, and replaceable, so I'm not too concerned about that. Is sweat/moisture a concern for affecting sound quality, especially if I use them for anything beyond lifting (such as cardio)? I really want a quality set of IEMs and have them last. Speaking of such, how is the Fidue warranty process? Though I hope to never use it!
    I'm stepping into the realm of decent audio finally, so much of this is new and confusing, especially sound signature description terms... I swear I see a new word every other post!
  8. Midgetguy

    First, while I agree with the general stereotype that lots of Chinese stuff is crappily made (and I'm actually Chinese, but seriously there is so much terrible quality stuff from there), The DN2000s strike me as relatively well-made, though could be better-relieved at the joints.
    A large chunk of my library is electronic music (stuff that falls under EDM, future bass, glitch-hop, whatever, I've stopped categorizing beyond electronic :p) and I feel the A83s are very good at this genre. And the great thing is that it is great at many genres so it's enjoyable for many different tastes. For EDM, the A83's bass is full, but not boomy. It offers good punch without going overboard, though I think it might feel a little slow at times.
    I haven't personally had any issues in terms of sweat and grime, but I don't use mine in that way. Some do claim that the connectors will need occasional cleaning in that usage capacity. I do have experience with the warranty process though. Basically, first contact is the retailer. But if that fails for some stupid reason, then just contact Michael Lin at Fidue. His personal service is fantastic, his distributors can be questionable, but him personally, he will do all in his power to make you glad you chose Fidue.
    Terms and descriptions in the audio realm don't get any easier haha [​IMG]. I still have no idea what I'm talking about, but some people across several of the threads I show up in think I give some decent contributions. So to those people, thanks for thinking I'm knowledgeable [​IMG]
  9. dbdynsty25
    Driver flex happening in one ear and not the other isn't really an indication of anything other than all ear canals are different.  One side might get a better seal upon insertion resulting in the flex whereas the other side might not be quite as good allowing the air to escape.  I certainly have more flex w/ more IEMs in my right ear than the left which lets me draw that conclusion because I usually find the Sony Hybrid tips the best.  So they just fit my ear better I guess...on the right side.
  10. JimmyTryhard
    Congratulations! I hope that you really do find satisfaction with your decision. Make sure not to get sucked into the hype, though! [​IMG]
    I personally enjoy EDM tracks with female/high pitched male vocals as well, and I can definitely attest to the A83's ability to reproduce these beautifully. However, I do think that the bass/low end of the A83 is definitely not the main focus; for those used to boomy big bass, the only slightly bumped up low end on the A83's may even seem lacking compared to car audio systems and just typical consumer products. Be prepared to give the sound signature at least a few days or even weeks before making any major judgements. In my experience, I used to listen to a lot more electronic music, but have found myself converting to pretty much purely vocal-focused music since getting the A83's. If there's any one major strong suit of them, it's definitely the vocals. One recommendation I can give that combines a bit of electronic and vocals would be an artist such as "CHVRCHES".
    As for workouts, I don't really see you having success with taking these to the gym haha, and I don't think that it would be a good idea to bring a 300 dollar pair of earphones into a gym scenario. The cable is definitely tough and may hold up in such an environment, but I don't think it would be a very good idea as it is not designed for this purpose. Sweat and moisture are also probably not a good idea to introduce to these earphones. You can definitely try, but I just don't see it playing out very well. Also, I really don't see them fitting well enough to participate in strenuous exercise unless they fit particularly well with your set of ears.
    Also, one piece of advice that I can give you based on personal experience is to definitely remember not to give into hype. Try not to come into this with any predispositions about what you may or may not hear. The A83 is definitely one of those earphones that require time and patience to become accustomed to; you can't even expect your first experiences with them to be positive at all. However, if you do stick with them for some time, most people fall in love with what they hear and have a hard time putting them down(including me [​IMG]). Good luck [​IMG] 
  11. Midgetguy
    +1. The bass definitely isn't the main focus, but it does sound great though. I've listened to more electronic stuff recently that has vocals and the A83s do make those sound better. Sometimes there are tracks that have a bit more sibilance though and that can take you out of the experience for a little bit. Good-sounding IEMs for the price. I do pamper mine quite a bit though as I mostly use my less expensive gear when I'm outta the house
  12. Nitemare3219
    Boy, thanks for the info everyone!
    I haven't had any issues with damaging my IEMs working out. I'm pretty careful with how I treat my stuff. Biggest thing in my eyes is making sure they're protected when I'm not wearing them.
    That is definitely something I will try to do... not fall into the hype. Reading about these did get me pretty amped to hear them! I will try to put them on with an open mind and see them for their true colors, better or worse...
    I just made a pretty impulsive decision though. Reading about the Westone W30's got me really thinking. For $399, I almost didn't want to touch them... but a few people reviewed saying that the treble and highs blew them away, more-so than the A83, and even outmatched their bass - they were really fun monitors, and that's what I'm after. I ordered a set off BuySonic, their last set, for $302 shipped. I toyed with the idea of ordering on Amazon to have a more lenient return policy, but don't want to be that guy... I'll sell the W30's if they don't end up working out. Hopefully I'll have both sets this week to compare. Shall be interesting listening to a hybrid and full BA IEM to see which is better to me. People also did mention the Westones are the most comfortable IEMs they've ever used - pretty important! Numbers wise, I am almost inclined towards the A83's (but I don't know too much about the numbers), but who knows... the W30's might be the ticket.
  13. Zankes
    What is driver flex?
  14. friedrice2307
    Basically, as the nozzle seals with your ear, and you push it further in, pressure builds up in the IEM housing, and the pressure is partially relieved by warping the least rigid wall of that chamber, which would be the driver.

    I copied that from another thread. But from my understanding a83 does not have driver flex because it is ported.
  15. Brooko Contributor
    It can have initial flex (mine does) if using silicone tips with very good sealing properties.  I prefer to use foam, and now get virtually zero flex.
    So very tip dependent - and possibly related to individual units.  Has never really worried me though.
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