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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. ZzmadzZ
    Absolutely sums up how I feel. However, I get why some people prefer iem sound to speakers. Iem probably sounds more intimate as the sound is directed straight into the ear drums. But a properly set up speaker system will have a much greater instrumental imaging due to the greater soundstage perceived by our ears.

    But again, I prefer iem cause I do not want anyone to know that I am jamming to crappy songs :ksc75smile:
  2. proedros
    @Ethan Groover @Jack Vang , so are you going ahead with a EE demo tour as mentioned sometime earlier or still just a thought ?

    would be great for us EU weirdos to hear the new lineup
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  3. ctsooner22
    Again, please read what I posted about you not hearing a properly set up system. When you do, then you can make that comment if you still feel that way. Not even trying to argue, just saying that I don't know one person who feels that way who has heard a decent system set up correctly. Even Daniel agrees and he does this for a living. :). It's all good.

    Yes, I too like an active speaker for monitors. Dynaudio makes a professional line that would give you what you want and they are powered. I would stay away from their wireless option though as you loose way too much sound regardless of their marketing. If you just want sound quality, go with the Proac's. If you are in the market for any of these, let me know where you live and I can help you find a great dealer if you don't have one. I know quite a few :wink:
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  4. ironpeg
    I was amazed by my brother in law 2 channel speakers with just an hour of listening time. I've been craving for it but they just cost too much. I'm just gonna stick with iems for now.

    But... yeah, I think iems can't beat a proper set up 2 channel speakers just yet.
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  5. SeeSax
    I've been away from the thread for a week or two; crazy how life changes when the toddler starts walking. My listening sessions have gone from hours to seconds! Anyway, I digress. I posted up my Legend X review and it's probably pretty obvious how I feel about them. I should also mention that they caused me to sell three other pairs of IEMs because honestly, I don't know why I would listen to them over these!


  6. Sound~Patriot
    Awsome review! (and so true)... thanks for this :)
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  7. SeeSax
    Thank you, my friend! I see that you have the Legend X and are selling the Vega. That scenario sounds very familiar... :)
  8. Sound~Patriot
    I like the Vega a lot but i simply don't need it anymore :)
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  9. ctsooner22
    Great review BTW. Thanks for that.

    As you know, when you are ready, PLEASE let me know. That goes for any of you who are going to buy anything in the 2 channel world. I would love to help you out. Been doing that for over 40 years now. I am close with most manufacturers and top dealers around the country (US) and have in's with many distributors in all parts of the world. :wink:. Just love giving back and I realize that not everyone likes what I like. There is something for everyone. Just like I'm learning about the IEM world and have Nic to mentor me, there are so many small companies that you guys don't know about in the 2 channel world. I'm trying my best to help bridge that gap a bit as I intro some of the manufactures to the IEM ones. I honestly feel that if all the IEM makers had better sources and DAC's that they would take their levels even higher. If any of you have the ability to run your IEM's with a top DAC/Streamer or server combo ($10,000 and up usd), I promise you that you will be SHOCKED at how good they can be. My Phantom's just scale so high

    I just got another top IEM in and can't wait to play it on the Ayre DAC/Streamer. It should be a treat.
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  10. vilhelm44
    Cracking review, it perfectly sums these beauties up. I've read comments where people say that it feels like you're in the room and you can reach out and touch the instruments, I now totally get it...the music just comes alive with astounding texture and vibrancy. The 'wow' moments just keep on coming and long may they continue. Hands down the best purchase I've ever made!
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  11. SeeSax
    I agree, and thank you! The bass somehow always reminds you that it's there waiting to strike, yet doesn't overpower the rest. These are a technical masterpiece, even with the emphasized bass.

    Looking forward to the Legend XI, featuring triple dynamic drivers... Just kidding :)

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  12. vilhelm44
    Triple DDs? Can you imagine that...the bass already goes deep and hits real hard. I think our brains would leak out of our ears hehe. Amazing how fast the bass is on the X for DDs.
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  13. aaf evo
    LX arrives tmrw. The wait has been brutal!
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  14. Deezel177
    Awesome work, Collin; a thoroughly enjoyable and informative read. :D
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  15. SeeSax
    Thank you very much my friend!
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