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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. tim0chan
    It's definitely listed as 0.78, but if u can, test 0.75mm for me?
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  2. crinacle
    The frequency range numbers on the product box doesn't mean anything at all.
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  3. ctsooner22
    Nice amp. Peg, have you tried a Codex yet? Put that on your must audition list. I promise you it’s worth it. Ask @Ethan Groover about the Codex
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  4. tim0chan
    I second this, a 40000khz max may not mean good treble for example
  5. ironpeg
    Is it this one?
  6. ctsooner22
    YES, lol. :wink:....List's for just under 2k. I like it better than Yiggy, but some who are ardent Schitt fans will disagree. YMMV, but ask Ethan about this vs the Chord Hugo 2 vs Codex.... Not even close if you are able to get a balanced cable for the Codex. SHINES even more...MUCH MORE.
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  7. Sound~Patriot
    I can recommend the Hugo 2. The Legend X and the Phantoms... both sound incredible with Hugo 2 :) But i'll give the Codex a try @Highend in Munich this weekend. But it lacks DSD256 support, that was a show stopper for me. Hugo 2 supports 768 kHz/32 bit up to DSD512 and i love the crossfeed filters. Great combo with the Legend X... and with 450 g great mobility.
    Last edited: May 7, 2018
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  8. Old_Snake
    What near field speaker/monitor would the Empire Ear Zeus-R be most similar in terms of it's sound signature?
  9. eldss
    Alclair sells them for $60
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  10. Twitley
    Custom Art are cheaper $ 40 except they are in Europe, you must add shipping costs.
    I have a pair to sleep, she works very well.
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  11. NaiveSound
    No speaker can match iem imaging qualities
  12. ctsooner22
    Proac Response D2. It's one of the top small monitors under 5k,but must be mounted on special stands to sound their best. They are and have been used in some of the best studios in the world since the 90's in one form or another. I have owned the originals for years and loved them.

    Not true by any means. I get much better imaging from my Vandersteen Quatro's than I do my Phantom's which I dearly love. If you have the room set up properly and have the electronics, electrical isolated runs with the right outlets, power cords and power conditioners and then feed your speakers great source material, you will get much better sound than any IEM on the market today. My system isn't even close to what can be done today in high end audio. I'm about to have the best digital server made, but it's not finished yet. I just had to break down and sell my phono stage, turntable, arm, cartridge, ultrasonic cleaner, isolation platform etc, but when I had it, it was VERY special. I'm hoping my digital will soon get close to that. Think about what imaging really is. It's being able to locate the instrument or vocal and letting it play out in full bloom if you would.

    There are many speakers that are so highly detailed that we call them 'etched'. Tonally they are putrid, but they can often image like heck. Folks always say 'what pin point imaging'.

    Hope that shares why I feel a great 2 channel system can image better.
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  13. San Man
    That is simply not true. No iem can match a properly set up 2 channel system for imaging. Even a "cheap," properly set-up 2 channel system will easily out-image a pair of iems.
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  14. ctsooner22
    See my post above your's.... dead on!
  15. ncristia
    Sorry about your arm.
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